3 Best MP5 Optic Mounts – Works With HK Clones

trex arm with mp5 suppressed
Img Referenced TREX ARMS (Features Scalarworks Mount)

The MP5 is an incredible 9mm submachine gun, and in this guide we help you find the best mp5 optic mount to accept a red dot optic so you can aim fast and shoot fast.

What you want in a MP5 mount are the followings:

  • 4 or more points of contact
  • Perfect alignment to the axis of the bore without offset
  • Quality material that doesn’t flex during repeated recoils

The easiest way to install a sight on the MP5 is to install a claw mount on the receiver.

Our favorite is the Sphur Claw mount made from 7075 T6 Aluminum and you can get it here on OpticsPlanet.

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MP5 Rear Sight Base Rail Mount

This mount is unique compared to all other products on the market because the removal of the Mp5 rear sight is required.

It’s low profile so you can replace the rear sight and install any optic mount as close to your eye as possible.

It works with authentic HK Mp5, HK94, MP5K, SP89, HK SP5K, and other clones.

They offer different length as well, and you can get them here on Brownells

MFI Low Profile Picatinny Scope Mount

My personal favorite gun part for placing a red dot sight is to use an original HK optic mount.

It’s an HK universal mount that fits all Heckler & Koch weapon systems including clones. Get them here.

MFI Mp5 claw optic Mount

The only model it will not fit is the 22LR MP5, which also include GSG-5 and Umarex brands. If you want something that fits that please click here.

Ultra Low Profile MP5 Claw Mount

Ultra low hk mp5 optic mount

If you pay close attention to the top portion of the MP5 receiver, you will notice the extruded and dented spots, and that’s where the claw mount will go.

The sleek low profile design will fit all models, and it takes just minutes to mount on any HK rifles as a true one size fits all scope mount. You can get them here on HKparts.net

It’s compatible with:

HK MP5, G3, HK94, HK33, C93. HK93, HK94, and call clones such as Zenith and Omega

Spuhr Monolithic Top Rail

The Spuhr brand mp5 sight mounts have the highest quality in the industry. Their products are the top choice for long-range precision rifles. Spuhr has been a significant component of the tactical community for many years, and they only offer the best to the market.

Sphur mp5 claw mount

Their Lightweight top rail mounts for the MP5 stretch 125mm, 13mm tall, and it only weighs 4oz. It’s made from a single billet of 7075 T6 aluminum.

Get it from OpticsPlanet or Brownells.

Best Optics For MP5

Check Out: Best Red Dot Sights for MP5

By now there are tons of red dot sights on the market you can use.

Aimpoint Patrol is one of the classic red dot optics that just looks great on the MP5, but there are some great ones you can get without breaking the bank such as Holosun, SIG Romeo,  Vortex Spitfire.

If you want some high-end stuff, then Aimpoint Micro, EOtech, Trijicon MRO would be the choice.

Welded Scope Mount Adapter For The Mp5

MP5 Optic Mount FAQ

Can You Weld A Top Rail Adapter To The Receiver?

Yes, you could by welding the rail piece to the receiver, which requires taking it to a professional gunsmith.

Make sure the mount aligns with the bore as much as possible for accuracy.

Does The Mount Adapter Retain Zero?

To answer this question you need to make sure the optic mount adapter is secure on the gun first.

When securing the screws, please make sure its tighten down to 26 Inch-Pound each with Loctite.

If you don’t have a precision torque wrench, click here get it

The next thing is to make sure your red dot sight is locked securely on the mount.  As long as you accomplish those two things it will retain zero.

Which Optic Mount Height Is Best For The Mp5?

Based on the design profile of the MP5, a low profile absolute co-witness mount works great. You can cheek the rifle and see through the optic without any problem.

A low optic mount setup on the MP5 will co-witness with your iron sight. My personal preference goes with the 1/3rd height.