P365 Optic Cut Slide [Top 5 Products]

Tired of the factory P365 slide? If you want something a little different, this guide goes over the 5 best P365 optic cut slides you can buy online.

We picked these slides based on looks and optics compatibility.

ZEV Z365 Octane - Best Overall (XL model available)

zev z365 octane slide

ZEV is the custom Lamborghini for the gun world. This will transform your P365!

Serrated Slide - It keeps Sig's unique slide channeling serration for better gripping surface & reduces glare

Drop In - Works with all factory Sig P365 internal parts

Included Cover Plate - Remove optics if needed

Optics Compatibility - RMSc footrpint (Holosun 407K, 507K, Shield RMSc, Swampfox Sentinel, Sig ROMEO ZERO) 

XL models available

Live Free Armory LF365 Elite - Very Edgy Slide Cuts

live free armory p365 optic cut slide

Live Free Armrory LF365 Elite slide has that unique slide cuts to completely change the look of the Sig P365 with aggressive slide serration and edgy lightening cuts.

Tighter tolerance - Very clean machining lines with Cerakote finish

Better Operation - Positive shell ejection pattern, lighter and smoother recoil action

Long Lasting - 100% American made 416 stainless steel with 38 - 42 HRC for increased strength and durability

Optics Compatibility - RMS (Not RMSc)

Not compatible with P365 with safety

None XL 

True Pecision Axiom Slide - Best Aesthetics

true precision axion p365 optic cut slide

True Precision Axiom P365 slide features similar slide cut patterns like the ones we have recommended above. It's very much looks like a factory P365 slide with just a slight tweak to the design to make it more slick looking

Optics Compatibility - Shield RMSc

None XL 

Norsso Reptile OG - Aggressive Serrations & Look

norsso reptile p365 OG slide

Norsso Reptile just feels extra unique compare to other slides. The company offers tons of customizations to choose from to satisfy your dream builds.

Can't Stop Looking At It  - The slide features multifaceted contoured front and rear corners

Built To Last - Solid 17-4 precipitation hardened stainless steel with heat treated to an H900 designation

Top Serrations - Ergonomic forward and top serrations for easier press checks and slide racking

Optics Compatibility - Shield RMSc or RMRcc (sold separately)

Strike Slide - Mount Other Optics

strike slide p365 optic ready

Strike Industries Strike Slide for P365 is another signature look design from this company that makes tons of rifle and pistol accessories.

The slide cut has that edgy look that many Strike Industries fans love. One thing that this slide stands out from others is the weight and optional optic adapter plate to allow other optics to be mounted.

More Room To Grip The Slide - Additional grip tabs can be installed for better grip

Works with P365 SAS ported - The two large port relief cuts will highlight any styled barrel and also provides a faster cycle time with its lightweight structure and improved air flow.

Optics Compatibility - RMR, RMSc, RMS

Get this optic plate to make it work.

None XL