Here are 5 best QD end plates for AR15 upgrades or building a brand new rifle. There are plenty of options, and these ones are ergonomically friendly and snag free.

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Best QD End Plate For AR15

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Magpul ASAP - Best Sling Ergonomics

magpul asap sling

The Magpul ASAP plate was my very first AR15 sling plate. The welded ring attaching to the sling can swivel on the hook. It offers more than 180 degrees of motion, making it perfect for both left and right-handed shooters. 

Its main advantage is to reduce the chances of snagging and makes it easier to switch shoulders smoothly. It's specifically compatible with Single-Point type sling hook style attachments, enhancing the rifle's sling ergonomics.

The only drawback is that the metal ring tends to rattle, creating noise. Magpul also makes a QD version.

BCM QD End Plate - Best Quality

bcm qd end plate

The BCM QD end plate is similar to the Magpul ASAP. Since Magpul also makes the QD plate, I want to recommend the BCM product this time.

The end plate is a popular choice for attaching a sling to an AR platform, and many enthusiasts prefer the BCM Gunfighter Quick Detach End Plate.

Whether you're using a single-point sling or a two-point sling with rear mounting, this end plate is compatible. It's designed to accept standard QD push-button sling swivels, making it versatile and easy to use. 

Phase 5 QD End Plate - Best Aesthetics

phase 5 end plate

The Phase 5 QD end plate looks completely different than the BCM Quick Detach end plate, and it has a tilt for the QD sling attachment to go in. The slight 30 degree angle change makes it easier for sling rotation for ambidextrous use.

The entire plate is made with 7075 T6 aluminum, and it can withstand up to 200 lbs of pull.

PSA QD End Plate - Lowest Price

psa qd sling plate

Palmetto State Armory QD end plate fits tight on most AR15 lower receivers, and their QD plate works just as good as BCM and Magpul. PSA also makes many affordable AR15 rifles for the civilian markets. I highly recommend checking them out.

QD Plate FAQ

You can't go wrong with most sling end plates. Most them are sturdy and they serve the purpose of attaching a sling. The ones recommended above are snag free and they are the best.

Avoid using end plate that sticks out on the sides, which can sometimes rub on the user's hand, or they can tangle the sling when transitioning the rifle between arms.