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The Sig Sauer ROMEO 5 is an affordable red dot sight for just under $150. Under normal use, it's perfect for casual use and occasional hard use. However I have noticed users reporting problems and glitches.

So I decide to gather them and share some of my experiences with this optic.

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8 Sig Sauer ROMEO 5 Problems



Stripped Threads

  • Set each T10 torx mounting screw to 8 in pounds 

Source Of Power

  • Replace battery if its running low

Low Reticle Brightness

  • Dial up the brightness under sunlight


  • Avoid drop and rough handling as much as possible


  • Use a good aftermarket mount

Sudden Dot Failure

  • Definitely replace the battery if everything else is fine

Opposite Turret Adjustment

  • Turret direction is for shot group movement relative to point of aim

MOTAC Constant On

  • Do not store the optic inside a moving vehicle

Stripped Threads

sig romeo 5 problem
  • Issue: The optic body is made with 6061 T6 aluminum. It's not the strongest body, and the screw threads can easily strip when using steel screws if torqued too hard
  • Solution: Do not hand tight the screw. Always use a torque wrench to set each T10 torx mounting screw to 8 in pounds 
real avid smart torq wrench
sig sauer romeo 5

Source Of Power

  • Issue: Most people have complained about the low battery timing and poor battery contact. There might be a problem with the battery’s quality.
  • Solution: Replacing the old battery with a new one can resolve the issue of poor battery performance.

Reticle Brightness Level Is Not Enough

  • Issue: Many shooters face the problem of astigmatism regardless. However, the brightness level isn't enough under some bright daylight conditions. The dot appears dimmer if wearing polarized sunglasses.
  • Solution: If the lighting condition is too bright, you have to swap to another optic with much more dot brightness. Or use with a red dot magnifier


SIG ROMEO 5 in rain
  • Issue: Some shooters have complained about the Sig Sauer Romeo 5's durability. It can get damaged from a short drop or get scratched easily.
  • Solution: Handle the optic with care and avoid excessive abuse. The ROMEO 5 is not marketed to be physically abused like the Aimpoint Micro 


sig romeo 5 mount
  • Issue: Some users received a low-quality mount with their Sig Sauer Romeo 5. A poor-quality mount can affect zero retention. This problem can easily be solved.
  • Solution: Use a high end Aimpoint Micro mount like the Scalarworks LEAP, Geissele Aimpoint mount or LaRue Tactical mount. 

Sudden Dot Failure

  • Issue: Some shooters on online forums have reported sudden dot failure. Majority of users have not
  • Solution: Replace the battery and turn down the dot brightness when transporting to and from the range. Tighten the battery cap
do red dot work at night

Opposite Turret Adjustment

  • Issue: Some shooters report that the turret adjustment move the dot in the opposite direction of the point of aim
  • Solution: The direction label on the turret represents the direction of the shot group, not the reticle. This is not a problem with the turret, it's designed that way.

MOTAC (Motion-activated illumination)

  • Issue: The optic remains on when transporting to and from the range, and the optic is always on
  • Solution: If you receive a faulty product, the company should replace it under warranty. Otherwise, turn down the dot brightness to save battery

Overall the Sig ROMEO 5 is a great red dot sight for budget users. Even though there are some problems, but they aren't big problems that prevent it from working. For more, please check out our ROMEO 5 review