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The Sig Sauer ROMEO 5 is an affordable red dot sight for just under $150. Under normal use, it's perfect for casual use and occasional hard use. However there are some noticeable problems and glitches users have encountered. Some of the reported issues are based on personal experience and information gathered from online forums. 

Here are some of the Sig Romeo 5 problems you may encounter.

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Stripped Threads

sig romeo 5 problem
  • Issue: The optic body is made with 6061 T6 aluminum. It's not the strongest body, and the screw threads can easily strip when using steel screws if torqued too hard
  • Solution: Do not hand tight the screw. Always use a torque wrench to set each T10 torx mounting screw to 8 in pounds 
real avid smart torq wrench
sig sauer romeo 5
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Real Avid Smart Torq Wrench is highly recommended for mounting optics correctly

Source Of Power

  • Issue: Most people have complained about the low battery timing and poor battery contact. There might be a problem with the battery’s quality.
  • Solution: Replacing the old battery with a new one can resolve the issue of poor battery performance.

Reticle Brightness Level Is Not Enough

  • Issue: Many shooters face the problem of astigmatism regardless. However, the brightness level isn't enough under some bright daylight conditions. The dot appears dimmer if wearing polarized sunglasses.
  • Solution: If the lighting condition is too bright, you have to swap to another optic with much more dot brightness. Or use with a red dot magnifier


SIG ROMEO 5 in rain
  • Issue: Some shooters have complained about the Sig Sauer Romeo 5's durability. It can get damaged from a short drop or get scratched easily.
  • Solution: Handle the optic with care and avoid excessive abuse. The ROMEO 5 is not marketed to be physically abused like the Aimpoint Micro 


sig romeo 5 mount
  • Issue: Some users received a low-quality mount with their Sig Sauer Romeo 5. A poor-quality mount can affect zero retention. This problem can easily be solved.
  • Solution: Use a high end Aimpoint Micro mount like the Scalarworks LEAP, Geissele Aimpoint mount or LaRue Tactical mount. 

Sudden Dot Failure

  • Issue: Some shooters on online forums have reported sudden dot failure. Majority of users have not
  • Solution: Replace the battery and turn down the dot brightness when transporting to and from the range. Tighten the battery cap

Opposite Turret Adjustment

  • Issue: Some shooters report that the turret adjustment move the dot in the opposite direction of the point of aim
  • Solution: The direction label on the turret represents the direction of the shot group, not the reticle. This is not a problem with the turret, it's designed that way.

MOTAC (Motion-activated illumination)

  • Issue: The optic remains on when transporting to and from the range, and the optic is always on
  • Solution: If you receive a faulty product, the company should replace it under warranty. Otherwise, turn down the dot brightness to save battery

Overall the Sig ROMEO 5 is a great red dot sight for budget users. Even though there are some problems, but they aren't big problems that prevent it from working. For more, please check out our ROMEO 5 review