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In this Sig Sauer ROMEO 7 VS ROMEO 5 comparison guide, let's check out their specs, sizes, reticle, mount and how they feel overall on different rifle setups.

I bought two of them and tested them side by side. These are two different profile optics with things I like and dislike.

Here is what I found:

Sig Romeo 7 VS Sig Romeo 5 Comparison

The Sig ROMEO 5 is the budget clone version of an Aimpoint Micro style red dot sight, and the Sig Sauer ROMEO 7 is like the budget clone of Aimpoint COMP4.

The biggest difference between them is the size and weight. In order to better demonstrate their pros and cons, we have to break them down below:

Field Of View

aiming with one eye open
sig romeo 5 pov rain

The field of view is similar, but the ROMEO 5 is much better for maximum situation awareness, which the optic POV has less optic frame view obstruction. It's a great choice on many carbines and subguns,

The Sig Sauer ROMEO 7's red dot brightness adjustment is a user friendly design, but it blocks the user's situational awareness a little on the right side.

If you aim with one eye open, the ROMEO 5 is a better option.

Lens Tint

romeo5 pov red dot reticle on steel target

Both optics has slight tint, but they are not so distracting that obscures the target. In low light situations, having a light to positively identify target is recommended.

Reticle Clarity

When we compare the reticle clarity between Sig Romeo 5 and Sig Romeo 7, we have to first address users with astigmatism. Without fixing one's eye sight, reticle clarity doesn't matter.

Tip 1: A bigger dot appears rounder and much clearer under bright sunlight than indoor

Tip 2: Adjust the dot brightness is important under different lighting condition, so the emitter starburst doesn't obscure your field of view

sig romeo 5 red dot pov

What we like about the Sig Sauer ROMEO 7 is the brightness adjustment dial is easy to turn, and it faces the user. The adjustment dial provides rock solid detent feedback to work well in cold weather or anytime when wearing thick gloves.

Optic Mounts

sig romeo5 mount footprint

The Sig Romeo 5 can accept various aftermarket Aimpoint Micro mounts.

That means it can use American Defense, LaRue, Scalarworks, SLR and other Aimpoint Micro mounts will work with this.

Sig Romeo 7 features a completely different mounting footprint than ROMEO 5, and many Aimpoint Comp4 mount will work with it.

Battery Life

sig romeo 5 battery access

Both optics have long battery life over 40,000 hours. For users that swap out battery every year regardless, it's not really a big issue.

The Sig ROMEO 5 uses a single CR2032, and the Sig ROMEO 7 uses a AA battery (62000 hours at medium setting).

Both optics feature Sig Sauer's MOTAC system to save battery when they're sitting idle. However, when transporting it in vehicles, the reticle will be activated. If you're using these optics on a truck gun, just note that the reticle will always to triggered to activate due to motion.


romeo 7 turret

Sig ROMEO 5 and ROMEO 7 both feature standard 0.5 MOA /click adjustment elevation and windage turrets.

The turrets are protected with CNC machined extrusion to prevent the dial to be accidentally moved. The turret cap feature keys to turn the dial without any tools required in the field.

Which On To Pick?

Both optics feature excellent battery life performance and features the same 2 MOA dot reticle. If you want a lightweight low profile Aimpoint Micro alike setup, go with the Sig ROMEO 5.

ROMEO 5 is also a great choice for airsoft force on force training, even if it breaks it's only $150.

Sig Sauer ROMEO 5

SIG SAUER Romeo5 1x20mm Compact Red Dot Sight Optimized for TREAD, 2 MOA Red Dot, 0.5 MOA ADJ, M1913, TREAD LOGO, Black, SOR52010

Sig Sauer ROMEO 7

SIG SAUER OPMOD Romeo7 Full Size Red Dot Sight, 1x30mm, 2 MOA Red Dot, 0.5 MOA Adj, M1913, FDE, SOR71021

If you like the Aimpoint COMP4 type look on your rifle, then go with the Sig ROMEO 7. Both optics are great options for people who may not have the fund to buy Aimpoint Products, and they last long and they work.

Configurations On Different Firearms

Sig ROMEO 5 on DDm4 V11

sig romeo 5 with juliet 4 red dot magnifier side view


sig romeo 5 on cz evo with magnifier

Sig ROMEO 7 on KP9

sig sauer romeo 7 kp9