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holosun 507 competition vs trijicon sro

In this Trijicon SRO vs Holosun 507 comp guide. Let's take a look at why the Holosun 507 comp maybe a better large window optic than the Trijicon SRO if this is your first time buying a competition style optic for under $370 while the SRO costs about $600 or more in most places.

Trijicon SRO VS Holosun 507 Competition

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Holosun 507 Comp

holosun 507 comp view


  • Large viewing window for target acquisition
  • More affordable than Trijicon SRO
  • Lasts 50k hours
  • No lens overhang
  • No glare, No lens edge distortion


  • Too many reticle options without big dot options

Trijicon SRO

sro offset red dot


  • Large circular viewing window for target acquisition
  • Slightly taller window size than 507 Comp
  • Lasts 50k hours
  • Lens overhang on some guns
  • No glare, No lens edge distortion


  • Much more expensive

Holosun 507 Comp Specs & Performance

The Holosun 507 Comp in my experience is a direct competitor to the Trijicon SRO

Holosun 507 Comp

  • Window size: 1.1" X 0.87"
  • Reticle: 2 MOA Dot, 8, 20 and 32 MOA Ring
  • MOA turret: 1 MOA per click
  • Dot color: Red or Green (Sold separately)
  • Material: 7075 T6 aluminum 
  • Submersion: IPX67
  • Battery life: 50000 hours (CR1632 battery)
  • Mounting footprint: RMR
  • Dimensions: 1.8" X 1.3" X 1.3"
  • Weight: 1.7 oz

Trijicon SRO

  • Window size: 0.98" X 0.89"
  • Reticle: 1, 2.5, 5 MOA
  • MOA turret: 1 MOA per click
  • Dot color: Red
  • Material: 7075 T6 aluminum 
  • Submersion: IPX67
  • Battery life: 50000 hours (CR2032 battery)
  • Mounting footprint: RMR
  • Dimensions: 2.2" X 1.3" X 1.4"
  • Weight: 1.6 oz

Field Of View

The Holosun 507 Comp feels very sturdy, and its square shape viewing window is similar to Trijicon SRO's overall circular size window. As far as target acquisition goes, the top portion of the SRO is slightly taller, which gives more room to track the dot during recoil.

However, the compact window of the Holosun 507 does not seem small by any means. While shooting on the move at the range, I consistently maintained visibility of the dot. On occasions when I did lose sight of it, possibly due to poor footwork or trigger technique, reacquiring the dot was significantly easier compared to other optics I have used.

holosun 507 comp field of view

Another huge thing to point out is that the 507 comp doesn't have the overhang that the Trijicon SRO has.

So shell ejection jam will not be an issue for most handguns.

Lens Frame Overhang

The Trijicon SRO is known for its forward leaning lens frame overhang that can cause malfunction over the pistol ejection port on some pistols. One in particular that everyone talks about is the FN 509.

The Holosun 507 comp doesn't have this problem at all. Based on just looking at the optic, I think Holosun did this by use a side loading battery tray that takes the CR1632 battery, which doesn't take up too much space compared to the Trijicon SRO, so the nothing has to be leaning forward.

FN 509 ls edge trijicon sro 5 moa
holosun 507 comp no overhang

This means if you are using a custom gun slide with a forward mounted rear iron sight in front of the optic. The Trijicon SRO will mount work on them. The Holosun 507 Comp will.

So it's something to point out.


The Holosun 507 Comp weighs about 1.7 oz. While the Trijicon SRO only weighs 1.6 oz, they are both very light weight, and the difference isn't noticeable at all.


Both optics perform as expected if mounted properly on handguns. While parallax shift is definitely noticeable at closer distances let's say 3 yards. But at 10 to 25 yards, there is no noticeable parallax shift at all.

Both optics have 1 MOA per click turret value, and I noticed that the 507 comp just have better click feedback than the SRO. 

Battery Access

holosun 507 comp battery tray

The 507 Comp features the same side loading battery design as other Holosun pistol optics. The small screw can easily get lost or fell under the table, so be sure to keep an eye on it when taking it off to change the battery.

The Trijicon uses a top loading battery. It impresses me that the Holosun has kept the same battery tray design on multiple product models, and still was able to make the 507 Comp fit that design without dramatically changing specs.


holosun 507 competition reticles

What makes the 507 comp special is its competition reticle system (CRS). 

It has:

  • 2 MOA 
  • 8 MOA ring 
  • 20 MOA ring
  • 32 MOA ring

The optic is designed for competition use, and the ring reticle offers the shooter various needs.

Trijicon SRO just offers 1 MOA, 2.5 MOA and 5 MOA dot, and all three models are sold separately. So if you want 

holosun 507 comp fov

After testing it personally on the range and at home. I think for shooters with astigmatism, the 32 MOA ring has the best clarity without the center dot.

While I wish Holosun just release a 6 MOA model since most competition shooters prefer a big dot. The 8 MOA ring with the center dot actually mimic the feel of a 8 MOA dot, but not quite.

So out of all the reticle options, I actually like the 8 MOA ring with the 2 MOA center dot the most.

Reticle Brightness

The Holosun 507 comp offers 10 day light settings and 2 night vision settings. The buttons are easy to adjust.

Hold the "+" button to lock the setting, and hold the "-" button to change reticles. It's has no learn curve for existing Holosun users.

The same goes for the Trijicon SRO, but it has the auto brightness adjustment under sunlight or ambient light.

glock 19 sro

On a bright sunny day, cranking up the brightness doesn't really matter, because the sunlight can wash out the glare.

So far I have only tested this under day light, and I can confidently say that it's bright enough just like other Holosun optics I have tested on this site.

holosun 507 comp springfield echelon

Final Verdict 

The Holosun 507 comp is a large window variant based on their popular optic body design. A notable distinction being no lens overhang on pistols give shooters the confidence that they won't be dealing with ejection port malfunction.

While both optics aren't made for duty use, that's a tie in terms of durability, and both are still very sturdy for range use.

While the Trijicon SRO has been on the market since 2019. The 507 comp offers significant price advantage that opens the door for most shooters to enjoy without spending over $370.