Distance To Zero 22LR [Works Very Well]

Sighting in your 22LR shouldn't be complicated! In this guide, we show you what distance to zero 22LR that work very well for 22 pistols and rifles based on common bullet grain weight.

To save your time reading, the best distance to zero 22LR (Point of aim = point of impact) are:

  • 50 yards
  • 75 yards 

Once the zero is established with a particular 22LR ammo for a particular firearm, please get familiar with holdover.

Results differ for different barrel lengths, bullet weight, weather, scope heights and shooter errors

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Determine Your Furthest Target Range & Bullet Weight First

22LR scope pov

First, determine the longest target range you want to shoot. It's not practical to zero a sight to a distance that you don't plan on shooting at all or very rarely.

A standard 40 grain 22LR cartridge's effective range is up to 150 yards. (Most common to buy)

Please read about 22LR ammo types at the end of this article where we explain their ballistics

Bullet Drop Difference

75 Yards

36 Gr 22LR bullets

Cartridge50 Yd75 yd100 yd
CCI Mini Mag 36gr1102 fps / 96 ft lb / 1.2"1045 fps / 87 ft lb / 0 1002 fps / 81 ft lb / -3.2"
Winchester 1093 fps / 95 ft lb / 1.75"1024 fps / 84 ft lb / 0 975 fps / 75 ft lb / -3.84"

40 Gr 22LR bullets:

Cartridge50 Yd75 yd100 yd
CCI Mini Mag1090 fps / 103 ft lb / 1.3"1030 fps / 96 ft lb / 0 993 fps / 87 ft lb / -3.3"
Remington Thunderbolt 1118 fps / 115 ft lb / 1.2"1065 fps / 97 ft lb / 0 1020 fps / 94 ft lb / -3.05"
CCI Velocitor1220 fps / 134 ft lb / 0.88"1150 fps / 119 ft lb / 0 1085 fps / 114 ft lb / -2.4"
Federal Gold Metal Match990 fps / 84 ft lb / 2.5"960 fps / 81 ft lb / 0 925 fps / 77 ft lb / -4.8"

45 Gr 22 bullets

Cartridge50 Yd75 yd100 yd
CCI Suppressor905 fps / 81 ft lb / 0.7"877 fps / 78 ft lb / 0 855 fps / 74 ft lb / -3.7"
Winchester Super Suppressed1020 fps / 104 ft lb / 1.54"993 fps / 98 ft lb / 0 964 fps / 94 ft lb / -3.68"

If you don't have a scope yet, please check out our red dot sight guide on our site, or our best rimfire scopes guide.

Sub Sonic 22LR

Subsonic .22LR cartridges are typically more accurate than the high-speed 22LR because

Whether you’re are just doing plinking or getting rid of varmints the sub sonic 22LR is the best choice

  • CCI Subsonic (40 gr)
  • Remington 22 (38 gr)
  • Winchester Super Suppressed (45 gr)

High Velocity

The 22LR muzzle velocity has a lot to do with the weight of the bullet measured in grains. Higher velocity 22LR significantly reduces feeding issues on some rimfired guns, and they weigh around 30 - 32 gr, andthey are good for self- defense purposes and hunting small game.

Higher velocity 22LR generally have shorter bullet drop, but it varies based on bullet weight. 

These bullets' velocity starts to drop at 100 and 200 yards

Common FAQ

What distance do rimfire competition shooters zero at?

The National Rifle League (NRL22) does host competition events where the shooters can reach up to 300 yards.

Most shooters zero at 50 yards.

After accounting for wind & bullet drop hold, the shooter really has to know his/her equipment well for getting accuracy shot placement.

This is why rimfire training is a popular low-cost option for tactical precision centerfire competition, and it has also become a hugely popular discipline in its own right.

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