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In this quick guide, we are going to compare 6 MOA VS 8 MOA reticle to help you pick the right one.

If you understand the difference between 3 MOA and 6 MOA, then this will make lot of sense to you.

If not, we will explain it here

Major Differences Between 6 MOA and 8 MOA

6 and 8 MOA dots are all larger dots. They cover the target much more, and they appear much rounder and crisp for shooters with astigmatism under daylight use.

6 MOA indoor vortex venom 8 MOA indoor burris fastfire 3


6 MOA outdoor sunny day 8 MOA dot outdoor


8 MOA is about 2.7X bigger than 3 MOA, and it covers about a 3" circle at 100 yards. 8 MOA reticle is rare, and is not recommended for long distance precision shooting or identifying small targets down range even if it's paired with a red dot magnifier.

6 MOA is 2X bigger than 3 MOA, and it's the most common large size MOA reticle available for most micro red dot sights on the market.

Both of them are recommended for pistol and shotgun applications than smaller dots because they give the shooter a much more rounder dot under daylight use even when the brightness is dialed up all the way.

However, none of it matters if you have poor vision such as severe astigmatism, refractive error, glaucoma or other aging related eye health problems.

eye shape astigmatism

Undiagnosed eye related problems will affect dot clarity regardless dot sizes, color, reticle pattern or how good the optic is. 

Get your eyes checked will help you a lot if you haven't.

Schedule an eye doctor exam near you here


deltapoint pro on walther pdp 9mm

Features Walther PDP

6 MOA covers:

  • 6" diameter at 100 yd
  • 3" diameter at 50 yd
  • 1.5" diameter at 25 yd


  • Faster to pick up for close range targets
  • Less emitter starburst or reticle smear
  • Much bigger dot for shooters, less emitter refraction, a fix for astigmatism
  • Less hand motion translated to the reticle for steady aim
  • Similar size to pistol front sight post


  • May cover up too much of the target sitting far away
  • Not great for precision distance shooting even if mounted on a rifle
fn509 trijicon sro pov in action

Browse More 6+ MOA Red Dot sights here

Our favorite 5 - 6 MOA red dots:

leupold deltapoint pro vs rmr side by side


burris fastfire 3 8 moa side view

8 MOA covers:

  • 8" diameter at 100 yd
  • 4" diameter at 50 yd
  • 2" diameter at 25 yd


  • Bigger than 6 MOA 
  • Works better when the dot brightness can be set higher
  • Great for shotguns
  • Less reticle tremor due to hand movement


  • Not for long range shooting at all
  • Not many optics on the market offer 8 MOA size dot

Our favorite 8 MOA red dots:

Burris FastFire 3


How Does A 8 MOA Dot Perform At Night?

A 8 MOA dot is easier to pick up when there is enough ambient light to ID the target as well and what's behind the target.

However, if the brightness is dialed up too high, the emitter glare can take up a large portion of the screen, and makes PID harder for shooters with bad astigmatism. 

The solution is to PID without looking through the optic, and dial down the brigheness so the emitter glare doesn't fill up the field of view.

We have a detailed guide covering using a red dot sight at night, check it out here

Can You Shoot Up To 100 yards with a 8 MOA dot?

Yes, you can shoot targets sitting at 100 yards away with a 8 MOA dot, but the main challenge is: are you able to see the target once you put the dot over it?

The 8 MOA covers up about 8" of the target at 100 yard. Assuming the firearm is zeroed properly and using high quality ammo, It can hit within the 8" circle for targets about 8" or bigger.

However, if hitting within a 2" circle is what you want, then the 8 MOA maybe too big because it obscure the target. In this case, we recommend going for a 1 or 2 MOA dot.

When Is A 8 MOA Dot Useful?   

The 8 MOA is mostly used for IPSC and other fast paced competition shooting. It's not recommended for personal defense, and for the most part, it's helpful for shooters with aging eyes and astigmatic eyes.

As we mentioned above, the 8 MOA will appear much rounder even if the emitter starburst is there when cranking up the brightness.

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