5 Best Large Size MOA Red Dot Sights - 6 MOA and Above

Large MOA size reticles are great for CQB pistol application, sight acquisition speed and shooters with astigmatism.

In this updated guide, we showcase some of the best reflex optics with large size MOA dots 6 MOA and more.

Let's check them out:

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Trijicon RMR RM07 - Best For Duty Use

Trijicon RMR on hk vp9 customized

Why Pick Trijicon - Trijicon miniature reflex optic is the king of micro red dots. It's by far the first toughest micro red dot sights still to this day. Perfect for duty carry, military / LE and competition.

The RMR Model RM07 6.5 MOA is the go to model for a large size MOA dot reticle.

Improved Accuracy - 6.5 MOA dot appears much rounder and bigger for eyes to pick up, and less starburst when brightness is cranked up (Not too bright)

trijicon rmr for shotguns

Built Stronger This Time - The RMR Type 2 is built to handle handgun slide G force than the Gen 1. The new battery compartment grips the battery tighter to prevent loose contact

Multi Color Options - Match your FNX45 Tac with either Black or FDE.

Slide Racking Assist - Racking the slide one handed effortlessly by pressing the optic against hard surfaces. This gives the shooter large surface area to operate the slide 

Trijicon SRO 5 MOA - Largest FOV

FN 509 ls edge trijicon sro 5 moa

What Makes This Stand Out? - The Trijicon SRO shares the same mounting footprint as the RMR, and the enlarged window frame helps shooters to reacquire and track the reticle way better than an RMR.

In addition, couple new innovative features make the SRO extremely user friendly. The SRO is by far the strongest large window sight among other competitors.

However, even though it's strong, but it's not as strong as the RMR for serious duty use to handle physical abuse.

Trijicon sro on fn 509 ls edge
trijicon rmr vs sro window size
trijicon sro parallax test

Bigger Window  - Fast follow-up shots, and never lose the reticle inside the window. When you pick this up the first time you just wish you had it sooner.

Easier Battery Access - Load/Replace battery right from the top! No sight removal or re-zero required

Vortex Venom 6 MOA - Best For The Value

vortex venom battery access

Why Vortex Venom 6 MOA - The Vortex Venom is a great entry level optic for anyone needing a pistol sight or use as an offset sight. It's super lightweight and affordable under $250.

vortex venom pov indoor

Wide field of view - Similar to a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro without the heavy duty lens hood. Get on target fast

Top-Loading Battery Access - Swap the battery right from the top similar to the Trijicon SRO removing the whole sight or having to re-zero the sight afterwards

springfield hellcat trijicon rmrcc

Why pick the NEW RMRcc - Built from the same grade features as the original RMR, the RMRcc is thinner and more compact for micro sized single stack CCW pistols, 1911 and 2011 style pistols.

trijicon rmrcc vs rmr

6.5 or 3.25 MOA - Two MOA sizes to choose from, 6.5 MOA is preferred for fast acquisition and pistol use.

Reduced for slimmer profile slide - Fits flush with slim slide profile guns. highly recommend milling the slide for this optic so it's deep seated on the slide for durability.

No accidental brightness adjustment - The new Button “LOCK-OUT” Mode secures the setting regardless of bumping or rubbing against clothing when concealed.

Durable for single handed operation - In situation where the shooter has to operate the slide with just one hand, racking the slide against the optic on hard surfaces come into play. The 7075 T6 forged aluminum housing allows the user to go tough on the optic

Sig sauer romeo 3 xl side view

Why Use Sig ROMEO3? - The ROMEO3XL open reflex sight is the competition for Trijicon SRO and other large window optics currently on the market. Its unique aesthetics and profile automatically scores it a high point on top of the reliability

MOTAC™ - Motion Activated Illumination System powers up when it senses motion and powers down when it does not

sig romeo 3 xl front lens

1X35mm Lens - Super large viewing window optimized for fast action, on the move competition shooting. Unbelievable performance when combined with a 6 MOA dot and a skilled shooter

Multiple Intensity Settings - Rapid target engagement under a full range of lighting conditions

Side Battery Loading - Side-loading CR2032 battery, allows for quick battery replacement without having to remove the sight from the firearm, or re-zero required.

C More SlideRide - Best Old School


Why this legacy optic still rocks - The C-More Slideride is one of the best open reflex optic for rifles and PCC. It's predominantly popular in the competition space with reticle sizes offering up to 12 MOA.

It's Available for both Aluminum or Polymer body, and it accepts custom and Aftermarket mounts.

Multi-Application Usage - Pick from 2 MOA all the way to 16 MOA dot size for a wide range of shooting applications including hitting targets over 50 yards

Wider FOV For Faster Shooting - Increase target acquisition speed with this large 29mm circular profiled Heads-up-display to instantly place the dot on the target while shooting on the move or transitioning

Retain Zero For Better Accuracy - Maintain zero relies on the quality of the optic and the tightness of the windage and elevation adjustment screws, using positive locking screws from both sides to 4X the tightness and rigidity for handling largest caliber to full auto fire

Common FAQ

Why Use A Large MOA Size Dot ?

Long story short, a large MOA size dot is much easier to pick up and above all, it's a much crisp reticle for shooters with poor vision and have astigmatism. (With corrected vision, the reticle will be even more crisp)

The typical smeared reticle or starburst effect is much less noticeable because the dot is bigger. Meanwhile if using a 1 MOA or 2 MOA dot, the starburst overlaps the whole dot, which all the shooter sees is the starburst.

The most popular large dot sizes are 3 and 6 MOA. 3 MOA is the middle ground.

See example below:

3 moa vs 6 moa dot sizes comparison

Pros Of Large MOA Size Dot

  • People with bad vision can see a much bigger dot
  • A lot faster to acquire
  • Dot emitter Starburst is less likely to overlap the entire dot
  • Less reticle tremor due to micro hand motion
  • Similar size to most pistol front sight post

Cons Of Large MOA Size Dot

  • Covers too much target at long distance