Trijicon SRO Review – The Largest FOV?

ruger 57 trijicon sro

In this Trijicon SRO review guide, let's take a look at this next iteration of the Trijicon RMR design

It features the same mounting footprint as the original RMR, and the new enlarged window helps the shooter to acquire the dot much faster fast.

Is it worth the money? Let's check it out.

Trijicon SRO Dimensions & Specs

  • Magnification - 1X
  • Dot Sizes - 1, 2.5 or 5 MOA sold separately 
  • Weight - 1.6 oz
  • Length - 2.2"
  • Width - 1.3"
  • Height - 1.4"
  • Body - 7075 T6 Forged Aluminum
  • Reticle color - Red
  • Adjustment - 1 MOA / Click
  • Brightness Lockout Mode - Yes
  • Battery - 1 CR2032
Trijicon SRO Features Chart

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You get:

  • SRO
  • Nice plastic carrying case
  • Trijicon sticker
  • Manual
  • Allen key
  • 2 Screws
  • Catalog
trijicon sro carrying case
Trijicon sro unboxing
trijicon sro packaging

Trijicon SRO Price

Trijicon SRO Adjustable LED Red Dot Sight, 1.0 MOA Dot Reticle, 2500001

The MSRP is around $530 - $599, But don't worry, there will always be better prices on the street once it's officially released.

Kenize Optics and Opticsplanet have them around $529 plus other deals

Core Features 

Trijicon SRO Window Size

Trijicon sro front glass
trijicon sro front and back
fnx 45 tactical trijicon sro

The primary features of the Trijicon SRO is the window size. (Specialized Reflex Optic)

Since many shooters try ways to improve pistol red dot tracking plus practice to get good, and some just struggle.

The Trijicon SRO is here to fix that problem!

For the most part, shooters generally miss the dot because they are just "a hair"  off center, then the dot disappear off the edge of the frame.

With practice, shooters can get good at picking up the sight fast with the SRO, but still requires practice.

FN 509 ls edge trijicon sro 5 moa

The SRO's large viewing window has no problems finding the red dot reticle right off the draw, on a presentation without any extra training.

Follow up Shots 

fn509 trijicon sro pov in action

Harder recoil guns and muzzle flip can make the dot disappear during fast follow-up shots.

With proper technique the shooter can maintain good grip, trigger control and get back on target consistently having the dot reappear right in front the shooter's eye even for crosseye dominant shooters.

With the larger window, the chances of losing the dot is significantly less than small optics.  

Same RMR Mounting Base

trijicon sro vs rmr mounting footprint

The Trijicon SRO has the same RMR mounting platform. 

So if your handgun slide has a cut for an RMR, then you can mount the SRO without any problem. The same adapter plates and use for the RMR are gonna look perfectly with the SRO.

In addition, you can mount the SRO on various mounts for rifle applications.

Dot Size Options

Trijicon SRO Dot Size Options

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Based on our testing, the Trijicon SRO 5MOA dot is the way to go for pistol uses because it's just big enough for your eyes to pick up and big enough to reduce starburst for anyone with astigmatism.

The 1 MOA dot is better for rifle applications as an offset red dot.

We have an article on the site that goes in-depth comparing 3 MOA and 6 MOA red dot, please click here to learn more.

Also check out other large MOA size red dot sights here if you would like.

Trijicon SRO Problems - Ejection Port Overhang

One thing to be aware of is the SRO optic could cause ejection malfunction.

Because the front of the optic overhangs the ejection chamber will cause the pistol to malfunction.

trijicon sro ejection port jam

Trijicon SRO Overhangs

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The Trijicon SRO weight is about 1.6 oz with battery installed. The weight feels the same as an RMR.

It feels comfortable when you pick it up, and it will not be a weight burden.

Battery Life

The Trijicon SRO battery life lasts about 3- years with a single CR2032 battery. What's new about it is that this optic is its top battery loading design without removing the sight like the RMR.

Top Battery Access Without Removing The Sight

trijicon sro battery access
trijicon sro on fn 509 slide
trijicon rmr vs sro side by side

One of the biggest features besides the enlarged window is the top battery loading design like the Leupold Delta Point, so you never have to remove the sight again to swap battery.

I often hated replacing the battery because I had to find my tools to remove the sight first. This new design completely eliminated that problem, and no re-zero is required.

Trijicon SRO Parallax?

The SRO is a parallax free optic at far distance, there are still a slight parallax shift when the target plane is at close range distance.

Please watch the video and see for yourself.

The shooter will benefit from the advantages of using the reflex sight, regardless of your body position if you can put that red dot in transpose it over your target. 

Lock Out Mode & Brightness Setting

trijicon sro side view

There also new illumination options including 2-night vision modes. But there’s also a couple of new modes of operation, the first one is "Locked Out".

It means is that the SRO’s going to use its auto-brightness mode, it will detect the ambient light and sets the dot an appropriate level.

trijicon sro FOV

In a lockout mode, you can tell it to do the auto adjust only until you unlock it. You can also use the "Lock In" mode if you would prefer to have your SRO set at say brightness level 6 and you don’t want to mess with auto brightness and you don’t want to risk the dot being adjusted by accidentally bump into the buttons.

You can lock that setting in so that you know it's going to be a brightness level 6. Just like the RMR, the 2 brightness settings and these new modes of operation are going to be controlled by these Bay very easy to use buttons on the side of the unit.

Trijicon SRO VS. Others Comparison

trijicon sro vs rmr

Essentially it's just like an RMR but with a bigger window and it sits slightly taller so you don't miss the dot on the top of the lens frame.


  • Less time finding the dot
  • Good sight alignment with most pistol grip including Glock
  • Easier while shooting on the move
  • Reacquire the dot after every shot 

The sight held the zero and I gotta tell you this feels better than the RMR and DeltaPoint.

Final Verdict


  • Enlarged window for easier dot tracking
  • Same RMR mount footprint
  • Top battery access without sight removal to replace battery
  • 5 MOA option is the best for dot clarity
  • Solid build quality


  • Large lens window overhang could jam on some pistol over the ejection port
  • Elevation and windage adjustments don't give positive click feedback
  • Lens hood not rated for duty use like the RMR (Not heavy abusive point impact on the frame)

There are so many new open reflex red dots out there on the market, and the Trijicon SRO is definitely a must have for competition shooters and range plinkers.

If you have to pick a large window pistol optic, the Trijicon SRO is IT! 

As far as duty usage goes, the SRO is not suited for conceal carry or duty use because the lens isn't made to withstand heavy impact as the RMR.

Trijicon SRO Adjustable LED Red Dot Sight, 1.0 MOA Dot Reticle, 2500001


I thoroughly test every firearm product before recommending it for civilian use. This involves personally purchasing or borrowing each product and rigorously using and testing them for content creation.