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If you have been searching for what red dots have rmr footprint. 

Here are 11 red dots with RMR footprint for direct mounting.

trijicon rmr vs sro FOV comparison

Top 11 RMR Footprint Optics

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Holosun 507C - Best Overall

holosun 507c ACSS model

The Holosun 507C uses the RMR cut optics footprint.

This red dot sight is the closest competitor to the Trijicon RMR with new features such as side loading battery tray, a multiple reticle system (32 MOA ring + 2 MOA center dot), ACSS Vulcan reticle and a much longer battery life.

holosun 507c red dot pov

The field of view is actually slightly bigger than the RMR with a slightly raised deck height.

This is one of the only optic that fits any RMR mount, and it's a better RMR alternatives than anything else.

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holosun rmr footprint

Also check out the new ACSS Vulcan reticle for 507C for much faster reticle acquisition

Trijicon RMR HD - New 3rd Gen RMR

rmr hd

The brand new Trijicon RMR HD bridges the gap between the proven durability of the original RMR design with the large window and top loading battery design of the Trijicon SRO. And it uses the same RMR footprint still.

The most significant change to the RMR HD is the 0.2" wider window design that finally satisfy what RMR fans have been wishing for almost 10 years.

In addition, the forward light sensor automatically adjust the reticle brightness so the use of weapon light or high contrast lighting condition at the target plane will adjust the dot brightness in real time.

Options available in 3.25 and 1 MOA dot sizes

Holosun 508T - 2nd Best

holosun 508t red dot

Holosun 508T red dot is similar to the 507C but with a slightly body profile differences. It's made of titanium material for more strength than 7075 T6 aluminum.

The user benefits from the extended battery life, thanks to the Super LED high-capacity lithium battery that can power the optic for up to 50,000 hours, making it an excellent choice for long hunting treks.

The solar panel on top takes over if the battery runs out. However, it requires button pushes to activate it.

It also uses the RMR footprint red dot adapter plates.

Trijicon SRO - Largest FOV


I always had a good time aiming with the Trijicon SRO. Its larger circular shape window allows for much faster target acquisition and dot tracking, and it makes me acquire target much faster and not lose the dot within the window.

The optic uses the same RMR footprint without having to invest money on new adapter plates.

trijicon sro vs rmr battery access

The top battery loading design makes it much more convenient to switch out the CR2032 battery than digging for a set of torx wrench hidden in my tool box.

This is one of the top red dot sights I recommend for competition shooting on pistols and rifles. Even though it's not duty grade like the RMR, but many people including me still carry it from time to time.

sro offset red dot

Reticles offered are: 1, 2.5 or 5 MOA center dot only

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Cyelee BEAR - Affordable Enclosed Optic

cyelee bear sig p320

The Cyelee BEAR 3 MOA red dot sight offers dependable performance, featuring a fully sealed case that protects its electronics.

cyelee bear p320

The optic uses a clamping mounting system, and the package comes with a RMR footprint adapter plate for the Cyelee BEAR to mount on.

cyelee bear pov

The sight comes equipped with 10 brightness levels to suit any lighting condition. It's plenty of adjustments.

cyelee bear fully enclosed red dot

The battery itself is remarkable for an optic in this price range.

It lasts over 50,000 hours and is a commonly available CR2032, easily replaceable from the side without optic removal.

Holosun EPS - Compact Enclosed Optic

holosun eps rmr adapter

I've had the chance to get hands-on experience with the Holosun EPS using the RMR adapter.

To mount this optic, use the RMR to K footprint adapter despite not having a native RMR footprint.

holosun eps vs eps carry top view

 It offers a choice of red or green dot colors and comes with dot size options of 2 MOA, 6 MOA, or a Multi Reticle System, providing different aiming options.

Holosun EPS packaging

I particularly appreciate the fact that the entire optic is machined from durable 7075 T6 material. This not only adds to its longevity but also gives it a rugged feel.

The IPX8 water resistance rating just means it can handle water pressure. For normal 

holosun eps green dot sight

However, The turret adjustment at 1.5 MOA per click can make achieving a fine zero a bit more challenging.

Each click tends to overshoot the adjustment I want to make, which can be frustrating for precision zeroing.

holosun EPS vs EPS Carry field of view

The optic only weighs about 1.4 oz. 

Its compact dimensions, with a window size of 0.63X0.91 inches and overall measurements of 1.62x1.19x0.99 inches.

Swampfox Kingslayer - Best For The Money

swampfox liberty

Swampfox Kinslayer is another affordable RMR cut red dot. The field of is as big as an Trijicon RMR. 

While most red dot sights on the market today offer some type of motion sensor and built in solar panel.

The optic offers 3 MOA dot, and it last as long as you want to run it.

Swampfox Justice - Best Tapered FOV

swampfox justice red dot sight fnx 45 tactical

Swampfox Justice features the same footprint as Trijicon RMR.

 This 7075 T6 aluminum body optic is a smaller version of the Kingslayer model, but with a tapered window to increase the FOV up to 1X27mm.

swampfox liberty vs justice

It's the first of its kind that increases the FOV laterally without increasing the optic width and it still fits the Trijicon RMR cut or mounting plates. 

Reticles offered are: 3 MOA center dot only

Cyelee Wolf X Pro - Best For The Money

cyelee wolf x pro

The Cyelee WOLF X Pro Compact Red Dot is compatible with RMR/SRO red dot footprints.

The built in Shake Awake motion-sensing technology is great for battery savings, but not necessary since it can already run for more than 3 years.

cyelee wolf x pro open emitter

With its 3 MOA Red Dot, you can achieve rapid target acquisition and precise aiming.

The optic has the same robust aircraft-grade aluminum housing construction, and it features a distinct red dot with 10 brightness levels, including two for enhanced brightness optics.

wolf x pro rmr sight

The Cyelee WOLF X Pro includes an optional Picatinny mount adapter for rifles or shotguns and has been tested for extreme weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance even in rain or snow.

ADE Valkyrie Gen 2 - For Beginner Use Only

I've had some experience with the ADE Advanced Optics, specifically the Valkyrie Gen 2 model with an RMR footprint.

The ADE Advanced Optics Valkyrie Gen 2 can be a decent choice, especially for newcomers looking to experiment with red dot sights on a budget.

Its affordability and compatibility are definite pros, but the limited battery life may not meet the needs of serious users. 

It's an excellent way to dip your toes into the world of red dot optics before investing in something more expensive.

However, there are a couple of cons to consider. The most notable one is the battery life, which lasts only around 800 hours. While this might be sufficient for occasional use, it falls short compared to other optics with longer battery life.

RMR Footprint FAQ

Does Shield RMSC Red Dot Sight Fit RMR Cut?

RMRcc vs RMSc footprint

No. Shield RMSC footprint is different from RMR footprint. 

The same goes for Shield RMS and RMRcc footprint

Does RMRcc Use The Trijicon RMR Footprint?

No. RMRcc doesn't use the RMR footprint. The two holes on the RMRcc are closer together to fit on subcompact pistol slides

See image below:

trijicon rmrcc vs rmr top view

Recommended RMR Adapter Plates For Long Gun Applications

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This guide also include mounting plates for other optics.