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If you're looking for the best Trijicon RMR alternatives, we have a good list.

The wait is over The Holosun 407C, 507K and 508T are top notch RMR alternatives that many people love, and they are way cheaper and stronger.

Let's go down to the comparison chart and take a look.

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Trijicon RMR VS Holosun RDS Comparison Chart

PREVIEWProduct 1Product 2Product 3
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Trijicon RMR Sight Adjustable LED 3.25 MOA Red Dot Sight, Black - RM06Holosun HS407C-V2 Red Dot Sight, 2 MOA Dot, Black, HS407C-V2Holosun Holosun HE508T Elite Series Micro Red Dot Sight, 1x, 2 MOA Dot/32 MOA Ring, CR2032 Battery, Black, HE508T-GR, Black, HE508T-GR
BATTERY~17,000 Hrs
~50,000 Hrs
~100,000 Hrs
CONSTRUCTION7075 T66061 T67075 T6
WEIGHT (NO MOUNT)1.2 oz1.5 oz1.76 oz
MOA Size3.25 MOA2 MOA2 + 32 MOA Ring
MOA CLICKS1 MOA / Clk1 MOA / Clk1 MOA / Clk




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Holosun 508T - Best Overall

cz with holosun 508t x2

The Holosun HE508T is a solid Titanium made red dot optic for the Glock, which is about 30% tougher forged 7075 T6 aluminum optic

This means it’s significantly stronger than the old school Trijicon RMR.

Besides the beefy outer body construction, the optic also has the longest battery life up to 100,000 hours using a single CR2032 battery, which is 5.5X more than the Trijicon RMR.

In addition, the solar panel provides the optic with fail-safe battery source so it will always remain on.

But there is more…

The optic also feature Holosun’s Shake Awake technology, which activates the optic when it senses motion, and it turns off when remaining static. This feature saves battery juice even more and turns on based on the last setting recall.

Best for conceal carry because it’s the most durable optic, which also the width doesn’t stick out too much.

MSRP: $470

Best known price $399at OpticsPlanet

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Holosun 407C - Most Affordable

The Holosun 407C is the first micro size red dot from Holosun. The optic is solid and durable, and it shares the same mounting footprint as the Trijicon RMR. For all RMR users, you don't need to worry about Compatibility issues.

If the mount or the handgun slide can accept an RMR, then you can use the HS407C. The 407C is the base model, and it is the most affordable option (under $280)

It features the MOTAC techology, and core features that got HS407C so popular. If you're looking for an all in one package for a super durable miniature red dot without spending big money, the HS407C is the product you will not regret buying.

MSRP: $282

Best known price $239 at OpticsPlanet

or buy from Amazon

Preview Product Rating Price
HOLOSUN 2MOA Micro Red Dot System HS407C, Black HOLOSUN 2MOA Micro Red Dot System HS407C, Black No ratings yet

Holosun 507K - For Conceal Carry

holosun 507k x2 on p365 xl pov

The HE507K is the dedicated model for conceal carry users. The optic is slightly smaller than 407C as far as width, and its great for sub-compact and full size pistols. Is this really necessary to buy?

When you already have higher end red dots... it's up to you. What's unique with the 507K is the new side battery access design, so the user doesnt have to remove the sight to replace the battery everytime.

Weighing only 1 oz, which is about 50% lighter than the HE407C. For conceal carry people, shaving down any weight is a plus. The overall size reduction is one key buying decision for some optic users, and it really doesnt make much difference, in fact, a bigger optic is better for picking up the reticle faster and easier.

As far as durability goes, the optic is as strong as an HE407C or Trijicon RMR, made with 7075 T6 aluminum with the same amount of mil spec level quality. The optic is still new on the market, and let's see how this thing performs.

If you had to pick a red dot for a carry gun, I would personally recommend going with the HS407C or HS508T instead as they have been proven to last for many years, and people trust it.

MSRP: $341

Best known price $289 at OpticsPlanet

Other Trijicon RMR Alternatives

The Trijicon SRO has many new features, but the most important thing you need to know is that this optic has the same mounting footprints as the Trijicon RMR, so you don't need to worry about any Compatibility issue.

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New Holosun Reticle Patterns Trijicon RMR Doesn't Offer

Many micro red dot sights on the market in the past and now offer the traditional center dot reticle from 1 MOA to 6 MOA.

The Holosun 508T now offers a 2 MOA center dot reticle (green or red) with a 32 MOA ring for faster target acquisition and long range hold over points.

Trijicon RMR or even the SRO still don't offer that, which we expect to see in the future.

The benefit of having the chance to alter between 2 MOA to 32 MOA ring reticle on the 50T is so the shooter can pick the ideal reticle for the job at hand.

How Many G's Can Holosun HS508T Hold?

Holosun 508T the top pick on our list, and it's built to survive 5000G force. To put things into perspective, a 50 BMG is about 1500G, and the 508T can hold zero almost 4X more regardless of the recoil.

If you're shooting anything lower than a 50 BMG, you never have to worry about optic losing zero due to repeated recoil.

Titanium Housing Stronger Than 7075 T6?

7075 T6 aluminum belongs to the aluminum alloys classification, and the grade 5 titanium belongs to the titanium alloys.

Titanium is stronger than 7075 T6 as far as hardness and tensile strength, almost 2X more.

Titanium has a very high melting point up to 3000 degrees F, which makes a good optic for mounting on handguns and AK gas tube that gets super hot.

According to Holosun's official website, the Grade 5 titanium produces unparalleled strength and durability, and it's 5X the fatigue strength of 7075 T6 aluminum & lighter weight.