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Here are 8 best RMSc footprint optics for subcompact pistols. These are products that I have purchased and tried on various subcompact optics ready pistols

We picked them based on RMSc footprint and rank them based on overall durability, reticle options, battery life and cost

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Best RMSc Footprint Optics

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Holosun 507K - Best Overall

optics with rmsc footprint

The Holosun HS507K X2 micro red dot sight stands out as the most favored RMSc red dot sight for subcompact firearms such as the Sig P365 and Shadow System CR920, among others. This compact version mirrors the beloved Holosun 507C X2 while retaining all its cherished features.

Fast Red Dot Target Acquisition - Many shooters including me who wants to master proper shooting techniques can swiftly and accurately acquire the reticle.

holosun 507k x2 on hellcat pistol

Smooth Holster Draw - I've noticed its petite profile ensures a smooth holster draw for me. This means my gun slides in and out of the holster without any snags or hitches, making it really convenient and quick to use.

Innovative ShakeAwake Technology - I'm impressed with the innovative ShakeAwake Technology. The built-in motion sensor triggers the red dot reticle. This is great because it helps preserve the battery life of my CR1632 battery by turning it off when I'm not using it.

holosun 507k x2 battery removed

Convenient Side Battery Access - I find the side battery access really convenient. It allows me to easily access the battery from the side, which means I don't have to remove the sight or re-zero it. This saves me a lot of time and hassle.

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Holosun EPS Carry - Fully Enclosed Body

rmsc footprint red dots

The Holosun EPS reminds me a lot of the Holosun 509T, but it's smaller and designed with a K mounting footprint. It even works with an RMSc adapter mounting plate. I also like that this optic is made from durable 7075 T6 aluminum, and I can get it with or without a solar panel, which is pretty cool.

Note: The user must use the RMSc adapter plate footprint (Holosun K footprint has a different footprint than RMSc)

glock 43X MOS holosun EPS carry

Mount on RMSc Footprint - No special pic mount required 

Dirt Proof - I have tested this in snow by dropping the gun into a puddle. No water, snow, wet mud or dust can get into the optic's internals

Great For CCW - The similar size as 507K, and it's now fully enclosed

Built In Rear Sight - Provides backup aiming if the optic unit completely replaces rear iron sight ( Sig P365XL red dot)

Cyelee CAT Pro - Best For The Money

best rmsc red dot

I'm really impressed with the Cyelee CAT Pro - it's an incredible RMSc red dot sight that just hit the market. This optic is built to last, designed especially for duty and professional use, and it handles any environment effortlessly. I've been using it, and it's been nothing short of amazing.

cyelee cat pro battery tray

This sight enhances target acquisition, features user-friendly controls, and comes with cutting-edge electronics for assured self-defense. You can mount the CAT PRO effortlessly on optics-ready slides or mounts that fit Shield RMSc, 407k/507k, or JPoint footprints.

cyelee cat pro window size

In terms of design, the CAT PRO goes beyond aesthetics. It has increased its resilience with a thicker window frame, designed to endure drops and impacts.

The optics deck has been slimmed down, and the rear iron sights reworked, now offering better compatibility with standard pistol front iron sights.

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Sig Romeo Zero Elite - Best Technology

I've been really impressed with the Sig Romeo Zero Elite. It comes with a finger TAP-operated circuit system, which is a fantastic feature. Plus, it's one of the more budget-friendly options for those looking to get into red dot shooting.

With this system, it's so easy to adjust the reticle brightness, especially for people with larger hands. All you have to do is tap the lens hood.

What's even better is that they've upgraded to a glass aspheric lens instead of polymer in the ROMEO ZERO ELITE, making it much sturdier.

In a nutshell, the Sig Romeo Zero Elite is a cost-effective RMSc red dot choice, and it also comes with a protective lens shield for added durability.

Swampfox Sentinel - Best Value

best rmsc red dot

The Swampfox Sentinel is another popular choice among red dot sights. For Springfield Hellcat owners, this optic can be directly mounted onto the Hellcat OSP slide without the need for any index post filing.

swampfox sentinel hellcat pov

It offers a minimal view obstruction, allowing for aiming with both eyes open without a bulky lens frame blocking your view.

Constructed from durable 7075 aluminum, the body is hard-coated to withstand the rigors of charging the slide against belts or hard surfaces.

swampfox sentinel conceal carry

For added protection, you can mount the IRONSLIDES SHIELD (available separately) to reinforce the lens hood against barricade racking, drops, and other physical impacts.

You have two optic options to choose from, including an Auto model that is activated by ambient light.

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Springfield Armory WASP - For Beginner Use

rmsc optics

I've had the chance to check out the Springfield Armory Hex WASP micro red dot sight, and it's pretty impressive. It uses the RMSc footprint and what's really cool is that the whole optic weighs just 0.7 oz, which is lighter than the Swampfox Sentinel, plus it has a sleeker exterior design.

One standout feature is the serrated optic body, which lets you grip it as part of the slide for easy racking. The lens frame is thick and built tough to withstand slide racking against hard surfaces, similar to the RMRcc, and it even comes with a built-in rear iron sight like the Holosun 507K.

What's even better is that it offers a finer MOA dot adjustment of 0.5 MOA per click, giving you better precision when zeroing the optic.

And here's the real kicker: it comes with automatic brightness adjustment. There's a light sensor that detects ambient light conditions and automatically tweaks the brightness to suit both indoor and outdoor environments, so you don't have to fiddle with manual settings. It's a real game-changer!

The micro-compact pistol market has surged recently, driven by the demand for small, high-capacity guns with modern capabilities, including optic mounting. The Shield RMSc red dot sight has been instrumental in shrinking mini red dots to micro size.

Shooters can choose between 4 MOA or 8 MOA reticles for the RMSc, with the glass lens version delivering a clear, sharp dot and no noticeable tint. The glass lens features a hard coating, anti-reflective properties, and no colored coating.

The RMSc is ultra-compact and lightweight, with a minimalist design and no buttons for activation or adjustment, except for the adjustment knobs.

The auto-adjusting brightness works effectively for various scenarios and co-witnesses naturally with iron sights. While lacking manual adjustment may concern some, it's generally acceptable.

The Riton MPRD (#019962531262) is a well-established RMSc red dot sight that's ideal for guns like the Glock 43X MOS, Springfield Hellcat, TP9, and Shadow System CR920.

Compared to the Swampfox Sentinel, it offers slightly better overall quality (though it doesn't have a 7075 T6 body) and features side buttons that are easier to adjust, especially for individuals with large fingers or those wearing gloves.

The sight comes with a 12-hour auto-shutoff function, offers 10 brightness levels for reticle adjustment, and is compatible with night vision at levels 1-2.


Is RMSc Different Than Holosun K Footprint?

rmsc vs k footprint

The RMSc is different than Holosun K footprint. Even though the RMSc has the same screw hole dimensions as the K footprint, but the K footprint has different front index post slots and two smaller index posts that RMSc footprint doesn't have.

Can RMSc Optics Be Used As Offset Optics?

Strike Industries Strike Ambush 45-Degree Optic Mount SI-AMBUSH-OM45 Color: Black, Length: 2.05 in, Height: 2.47 in, $3.00 Off  w/ Free S&H

Yes, please get the Strike Industries 45 degree offset mount to install a wide variety of optics.

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