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Holosun has released a tons of good products including the 507K X2 micro red dot for sub compact pistols.

In this Holosun 507K X2 review guide, let's check out its specs and see if its worth the money to buy this small optic for sub compact CCW handguns.

Let's check it out

Core Specs

holosun 507k x2 pov
  • Magnification - 1X
  • Reticle - 2 MOA + 32 MOA Ring
  • Adjustment - 1 MOA / Click
  • Brightness - 10 DL&2 NV (Features Lockout Mode)
  • Construction - 7075 T6 housing + Anodized
  • Submersion - IP67
  • Body Dimension -1.6" X 0.98" X 0.95"
  • Window Size - 0.58" X 0.77"
  • 1 oz


holosun 507k x2 unboxing

You get:

holosun507 k x2 unboxing inside

First Impression

holosun 507k x2 angled view

The Holosun 507K X2 is small! I have never imagine we would ever have something like this during all these years using an Trijicon RMR.

Right out of the box, it looks and feel very solid and it's straight cut, thick lens frame and rounded corner edges are for diverting impact stress away from the lens to greatly increase durability.

It's basically a baby Holosun 507C for sub compact handguns.

what else is there?

Let's check out more...

Core Features

Window Size

holosun 507k x2 front lens
holosun 507k x2 rear view

I know what you're already thinking!

  • How big is the sight window?
  • Can I find my dot easily?
  • Is this sight going to making sight acquisition even harder than regular size pistol red dots?

The window size is: 0.58" X 0.77"

holosun 507k x2 pov
holosun 507k x2 outdoor pov
holosun 507k vs 507c sizes

Here is the deal: The  507K X2 is the baby 507C, it's just slightly slimmer than an full size RMR and Holosun 507C, but it doesn't seem like the window is any much smaller from the sides or the top.

Practice is still required!

Shooters with good draw presentations of a small sub compact pistol can pick up the dot fairly easily.


The Holosun 507K X2 features the same 2 MOA dot + 32 MOA ring just like the Holosun 507C X2. It's big enough for shooters to pick up and especially for sub compact pistols with 1911 style grip angle.

32 MOA is big enough to acquire even if the center dot is completely off center, the shooter can still see part of the ring as a reference to re-adjust to center the optic. 

However, the 32 MOA ring size looks very different based on your eye distance to the optic. When aiming with two hands extended all the way forward, the 32 MOA reticle felt like 50 MOA to the eye, which will skew your hold. 

2 MOA is a clean dot for anyone shooting long distance without all the clutter in the window.

When I mounted this on the Springfield Hellcat, I was able to pick up the dot fairly fast and very consistently without missing the dot.

For the most part, if you can't find the dot, it's not the optic.

The pistol's PDW style grip angle helps a lot for dot tracking and alignment upon draw presentation

If you still can't find the dot, we got couple unobvious tips you can check out to help you find the dot on pistol easier.

Battery Life

holosun 507k x2 battery access door

The battery compartment can be accessed from the side in an small tray (Use provided allen key to open).

It takes a CR1632 battery to power the sight, and it lasts about 50,000 hours.

holosun 507k x2 battery removed

It's plenty of battery juice to last you almost 4 years before consider changing it, but we highly recommend you to replace the battery every year just to top it off.

holosun 507c x2 battery tray screw

Just becareful with the screw because its very small.


holosun 507k x2 on handgun slide

Even though it's small, it's made tough specifically for small conceal carry handguns.

The body is made of 7075 T6 forged aluminum, the highest grade material for field grade optic up to date. The lens frame has that straight cut and the corners are rounded to withstand reasonable amount of physical impact and divert it away from the glass:

  • Drop
  • Repeated recoil to hold zero
  • Slide racking
  • Every day carry wears and tears

On the bottom, there are mounting lug cutouts to secure the optic offered by various optic plates

holosun 507c x2 chwps plate for hellcat

Features Springfield Hellcat with CHWPS plate


1 MOA / Click is all you get with this optic. It provides plenty of adjustment for what it is designed for - CQB

The elevation and windage adjustment knobs are recessed to prevent accidental adjustment.

Mounting Footprint

holosun 507k x2 mounting lug slots

The footprint of the Holosun 507K X2 is the slightly modified Shield RMSc footprint. 

Unlike the Holosun 507C X2 that shares the same base as the Trijicon RMR/SRO, the 507K X2 DOES NOT share the same base as Trijicon RMRcc.

So far the only complaints people have is that the footprint is close to a RMSc but not exactly due to the front and rear mounting lug slots. This means the user has to file down the lugs on the slide and do tons of DIY work before installing this optic.

Holosun 507k x2 on springfield hellcat

If you have a Hellcat, Glock 43X MOS or other custom sub compact guns, be sure to purchase appropriate mounting plates for this optic.

If you have a P365 XL, the good news is that the 507K X2 will mount directly to the P365 XL right out of the box.

For installing it on other sub compact guns, please check out CHPWS Plates

Use For Conceal Carry

holosun 507k x2 conceal carry

Is the optic small enough for conceal carry?

Of couse, and this time the Holosun 507K X2 is truly a carry optic for being slim. 

It only works with holster with optic cutout.

However, the only downside of an open reflex sight is that stuff, dirt, hair and other things can fall into the opening while holster under your cloth even if you're a super clean person.

holosun 507k x2 conceal carry appendix carry

Overtime, things can build up without cleaning, can affect dot clarity or potentially block the emitter.

As far as being slim for conceal carry, this gets a 10/10 score!

Final Verdict

If you have been looking for a duty grade carry optic for a sub compact size pistol, the 507K is here to serve you.

The window size is just a bit slimmer than a full size red dot, but with the right grip and good draw presentation, the reticle is fast to acquire and just as good as any other reflex sights.

At this price point, the Holosun 507K X2 ($289) is the best on the market next to the Trijicon RMRcc, which will run you at least ~$500.


  • 7075 T6 durability with rounded edges to divert impact stress from the glass
  • Great for carry
  • Non snag body profile
  • 32 MOA circle helps dot tracking even if the dot is slightly off center
  • Side battery loading without sight removal


  • Need a super small flat head for dial and battery tray access
  • Not 1:1 RMSc footprint, which requires modifying slides and buy adapter plates

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