Best Red Dot Sights For Springfield Hellcat OSP

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The NEW Springfield Hellcat OSP subcompact pistol is here. It’s a high cap (11+1 or 13+1) conceal carry size handgun competing against Glock 43 & Sig Sauer P365.

If you had a hard time looking for the best red dot sights for Springfield Hellcat is because not many optic’s mounting footprint fit on the slide.

The two most popular ones that Springfield Armory recommends are:

This gun is currently very popular, and the magazine capacity is amazing for a gun this size for concealed carry.

Let’s check it out.


Best Red Dot Sights For Springfield Hellcat Sub Compact

Referenced Springfield Armory

NOTE: Handgun accuracy various from one shooter to another, and it’s all about sight picture alignment, distance, trigger pull & reset.

A red dot doesn’t guarantee the accuracy, but it helps with target acquisition if you learn how to use it proficiently.

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Holosun 507K (Requires Custom Milling) – Great for carry

Springfield hellcat osp with holosun 507K red dot sight
Slight modification required

Why people love Holosun 507K – The 507K red dot sight is specifically designed for CCW single stack pistol with a flush slide fit and it’s even more compact to carry

What CCW people love about the 507K – What people love about this optic is everything that the Holosun 407C has, now onto the 507K & it’s slightly smaller for CCW use.

Snag free holster draw – The NEW Holosun 507K X2 is the next generation micro red dot specifically designed for conceal carry, The rugged exterior housing to withstand wear against clothing and also provides snag-free draw performance out of IWB or OWB holsters.

Activates via motion sensor – Want to save more battery? the Holosun ShakeAwake technology instantly activates the reticle upon sensing motion & deactivates when not in motion to save more battery juice.

Recoil proven – Being able to withstand pistol caliber recoil is absolutely important for accuracy and durability, the sight is rated to handle +P ammo and it can definitely survive that 9mm recoil out of a 3″ barrel micro pistol.

Simple battery change without hassle – The 50k hrs long lasting CR1632 battery (On setting 6) can be accessed from the side tray instead of the bottom, which eliminates the need to remove the sight for a battery change.

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Shield RMSc (Great range optic)

Why use Shield RMSc – The RMSc shares the same mounting footprint as the original RMS red dot, and it fits flush on the Springfield Hellcat OSP right out of the box without overhanging from the sides

The Shield RMS is used with the British regular army and Special Forces, as well as US, Australian, New Zealand Special Forces and other NATO forces. Also used by competitive sports men and women across the globe.

Perfect for single stack pistols – Fits flush on the Hellcat OSP slide with its skeletonized body aluminum housing. Looks great, feels great and built tough.

Polymer glass optic for endurance – Parallax free, clear polymer optic, which can withstand up to 10X greater shock impact than glass optics. The RMS is designed without a red reflective filter on the lens to ensure minimal visual signature

Super lightweight for CCW & general range use – Weighs 0.57 oz with 1 battery installed (CR2032 side loading without sight removal). Everything about the RMSc is weight savings, which is the most appealing part of this optic.

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The optic is powered by one CR2032 battery that lasts about 2 years (recommended to switch out every year). The dot offers 4 or 8 MOA size dots, which are both great for handgun use, especially for the close distance the Hellcat is roughly designed to shoot.

Faster reticle pick up speed with 4 or 8 MOA makes this a great range optic.

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What MOA Size Best For Sub-Compact Conceal Carry Pistol

For concealed carry use, a large MOA size dot is recommended so the shooter can quickly pick up the dot and engage.

3 – 8 MOAs are great for sub-compact conceal carry handguns.

It’s not so much about pin point accuracy, but everything about speed.

Optic Plates – What Other Red Dots Fit The Springfield Hellcat?

The OSP version only comes with a slide cover plates for Shield RMSc & Enterprise JPoint.

If you want to mount the Holosun 507K X2 or the Trijicon RMRcc, then you have to buy the rear sight dovetail mount (AC32097) until more aftermarket slide mount optic plates are released. So be sure to check back this page for more updates.

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