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In this comprehensive Cyelee CAT Pro review, I will delve into its specifications, mounting options, reticle design, and build qualities. My objective is to provide an initial impression of the optic's overall performance range without subjecting it to excessive stress that could cause total failure that most users aren't likely to encounter. Cyelee did send me this optic for review

To evaluate if they are suitable for duty carry or only for use at the range, I have tested various red dot sight optics under normal usage conditions. 

Let's check it out my likes and dislike about the Cyelee CAT Pro.

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Cyelee CAT Pro Review - Specs

  • Magnification: 1X
  • Reticle: 2 MOA + 25 MOA Ring
  • Turret Value: 1 MOA / Click
  • Footprint: RMSc
  • Window Size: 0.65" X 0.83"
  • Construction: 7075 T6 
  • Type: Open emitter
  • Weight: 1 oz
  • Battery Life: 50,000 hours

Who Should Buy This Optic

cyelee cat pro springfield hellcat

While there are many great RMSc red dot sights on the market already, the Cyelee showed up by offering something that's a bit more polished than other budget options. Cyelee CAT Pro is for anyone looking for a high quality RMSc red dot for their sub compact P365, Glock 43, Hellcat and Mossberg without breaking the bank.

There are some positives and also negatives that I would like to address this guide.

Cyelee CAT Pro Video Review

Cyelee CAT Pro Window Size

cyelee cat pro window size

The Cyelee CAT Pro offers an enlarged sight window when I first tried it, and I was surprised on how much bigger it is than similar optic like the Holosun 507K and EPS Carry

In terms of sight window height, Cyelee CAT Pro is slightly bigger.

Window size: 0.84" X 0.64"

cyelee cat pro red dot sight window


The Cyelee CAT Pro features a multiple reticle system. It has a 2 MOA center dot and a 25 MOA ring. In my personal shooting experience, I liked the single dot a lot more.

cyelee cat pro glass quality
cyelee cat pro buttons

All I had to do to cycle the reticle option is to press and hold the "+" button for 4 seconds, and then lock it in place. Speaking of the lockout mode, the Cyelee CAT Pro does feature the ability to set the reticle in lockout mode so no accidental button press can change the settings. 

The overall glass quality is very clean unless I accidently smear by finger over it, which will eventually happen, but that's not a huge concern.

Brightness Adjustment

The Cyelee CAT Pro has lot of brightness adjustment, and the buttons are very responsive. During daylight, the dot brightness is plenty to see unless facing direct sunlight, which most shooter will have trouble seeing the dot if there are too much glare.

Battery Life

cyelee cat pro battery tray

Based on my research on the internet, many have suggested to swap the CR1632 battery with a DuraCell, so I can last as long as 40000 hours. So far, the optic has been on using the one supplied by Cyelee.

The battery can be easily loaded and unloaded from the side tray like the Holosun 507K. This eliminates the need to remove the optic or re-zero. While many red dot sights now days feature this design, I'm glad that Cyelee CAT Pro has this as well.

The built in shakeawake technology is good feature to have, but it's not necessary since the optic's battery lasts a very long time. It serves as a way to save battery juice, but 99% of the time if the battery goes out, I will have a spare battery ready to install. 

Build Quality

cyelee cat pro rmsc footprint
cyelee cat pro top view

When it comes to build quality and overall finish of the Cyelee CAT Pro. They are superb with black anodized finish, and it's better than anything else I have seen.

The glass window frame leans forward and it feels like a hood to cover the front lens to block glare. The overall shape of the lens frame is very thick and sturdy compared to something like the Swampfox Sentinel 

Turret Adjustment

cyelee cat pro turret adjustment

After zeroing the Cyelee CAT Pro on the range, here are a few things I liked and disliked about the optic. The good things I liked is that the turret click is audible, so I never had to overshoot the click. The bad part is that I had to use a small flat head to adjust the turret. 

Thankfully, Cyelee has provided a tool in the box, which made adjustments much easier and more precise.

Final Verdict

cyelee cat pro p365

Overall, the Cyelee CAT Pro is an impressive RMSc red dot sight that has similar features as other higher end micro red dot sights. One thing that I think it stands out is that for the price, this one features multiple reticle system and the ability to lock out the brightness control, where many budget options don't offer this feature. 

The battery is easy to install, and the footprint is easy to install on most RMSc optic cuts. Overall there is nothing bad to say about the Cyelee CAT Pro besides the tiny flat head tool required to adjust the turret.

This is only the initial review of the Cyelee CAT Pro, and more live ammo testing is required to specifically test to see if the optic can withstand a tight shot group without losing zero. As more results coming in, this blog content will be updated. 

Meanwhile be sure to check out the video review of the Cyelee CAT Pro and leave a comment, so I can continue to improve our review process

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