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Let's break down the difference between 65 and 68 MOA ring reticles.

Are they really that different?

65 VS 68 MOA Major Difference

There is NO difference!

68 MOA is for a standard 5'8" tall human size target, and 65 MOA is for a 5'5" tall human based on just looking at the number. 

  • 68 MOA is the outer ring diameter spec
  • 65 MOA is the inner ring diameter spec
EOTech EXPS3 Reticles Choices
eotech exps 3 vs holosun 510c

Holosun markets as 65 MOA, and EOTech markets as 68 MOA. Not sure why but they are the same size with slight difference on the hash marks 

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Confirmed by EOTech customer support

There aren't any helpful answers on the internet, so we reached out to EOTech directly, and here is the answer we got:

Eotech email reply 68 and 65 moa reticle

68 MOA Reticle Applications

eotech 68 moa ring

The 68 MOA ring reticle is designed for fast target acquisition and range estimation. Works extremely well for CQB type applications.

The center 1 MOA dot provides a precise aiming point and the 68 MOA ring around it serves as reference points for holdover and target distance estimation on a known human size target (5'8" ~ 68" tall).

The 68 MOA ring stretches 68" across at 100 yards. Shooters can use this information to estimate range based on a known target size for quick reference.

Depend on how you zero this reticle, the ring can serve other holdover purposes based on your specific applications.

In addition, the 68 MOA ring can be used to represent shotgun pattern (Based on shell and choke selection)

For example: A 36 yard zero makes the bottom of a 68 MOA ring the point of aim & point of impact at 7 yards for CQB shooting.

How Does The 68 MOA Ring Range Estimation Work?

The 68 MOA ring is very simple to use.

The center 1 MOA dot is just like any other dots out there to help you aim much more precisely, and the ring helps estimate distance simply by placing it within the ring.

See example below:

eotech 68 MOA ring reticle range estimation human size target

If you have astigmatism, we recommend getting a magnifier scope so you can see the reticle clearly without corrected lens.

Note: The solid ring can sometimes obscure targets down range if the brightness is dialed up. We have a product recommendation below worth checking out to mitigate this problem.

BDC Dots

EOTech's recent EXPS line of holographic sights has built-in bullet drop compensators, and each model has its own specific BDC designation for various ranges.

68 MOA ring reticle BDC dots

If you are buying one and you might see something on the box like: EXPS2-0 or EXPS2-3...etc

  • -0 [1 MOA dot]
  • -2 [2 BDC dots]
  • -4 [4 BDC dots]
iwi x95 with eotech exps3


Open Section Reticle - Minimum Reticle-Over-Target Obstruction

The new Vortex AMG UH1 GEN 2 offers a similar reticle design as the EOTech, and it features a open section design to help shooters better identify targets with minimum reticle-over-target view obstruction.

The bottom triangle aiming point is much more obvious and visible for CQB holdover.

amg ebr cqb reticle
vortex uh 1 gen 2 pov
vortex amg uh 1 gen 2 on AR15

Vortex AMG UH 1 Gen 2

Can You See The Dot Clearly?

Astigmatism and other eye related problem can affect reticle clarity A LOT.

eye shape astigmatism

The 68 MOA ring BDC reticle will look so much more crisp for shooters with corrected vision. Otherwise it will be very blurry and hard to see the reticle details.

eotech 68 moa ring reticle bright with cloud defensive rein