7 Best Red Dot Magnifier 2023 - Ultimate Buyer's Guide

best red dot magnifiers

In this buyer's guide, let's check out the best red dot magnifier 2023

As the technology that can bends light and make scopes got better in recent years, more and more smaller size magnifier optics are coming to the market.

Let's check them out:

Best Magnifiers For Red Dots

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Sig Sauer JULIET4 - Best Overall

Sig Juliet 4 magnifier with Aimpoint micro h1
red dot reticle brightness dusk
  • Magnification 4x
  • Objective Lens Diameter 24 mm
  • Eye Relief 2.55 inches
  • Linear Field of View 38.2 feet @ 100 yds
  • Length 4.2 inches
  • Weight 12.5 oz

This is a solid side flip red dot 4X magnifier, and it's very unique compared to others on the market.  

Many people love its price point without spending over $400, and shooters are generally very satisfied with this product.

Aim at long-distance targets 4 times better and retract it to the side when transitioning back to the red dot sight in no time.

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  • Very well built 4X
  • Long eye relief
  • Tight diopter adjustment ring
  • QD side flip mount included


  • Tight FOV

Vortex Micro 3X - Most Compact

iwi x95 with holosun 510c
  • Magnification 3x
  • Objective Lens Diameter 22 mm
  • Eye Relief 2.64 inches
  • Linear Field of View 38.2 feet @ 100 yds
  • Angular Field of View 7.28 degrees
  • Length 2.9 inches
  • Weight 9.55 oz

Why pick Vortex Micro 3X is the compact version of the Vortex VMX 3T. It's a smaller and shorter optic features better eye relief, 28% more field of view, and a built in quick-release mount. 

Recommended for users who like to mount their red dots more rearward to get the best eye relief distance. It's actually one of the best magnifier for ROMEO 5 in one of our red dot guides on the site.

Vortex micro 3x pov with aimpoint micro

Mount this short length 3X magnifier behind any red dot or holographic sights to keep a compact setup.

It also includes absolute & 1/3 co witness height mount to satisfy your specific cheekweld need.

The magnifier pivot mount also allows for right or left-handed use, so if you're looking for a compact magnifier scope the Vortex Micro 3X will not disappoint.

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  • Very rock solid body
  • Minimum FOV obstruction
  • Tight diopter adjustment ring
  • QD mount included


  • Aesthetics could improve

Holosun Magnifier HM3X - Best For The Money

holosun hm3x magnifier on cz evo
holosun hm3x magnifier
  • Magnification 3x
  • Eye Relief 2.75 inches
  • Linear Field of View 37 feet @ 100 yds
  • Angular Field of View 7. degrees
  • Length 3.9 inches
  • Weight 11.6 oz

The HM3X is HoloSun's newest product for the best value.

Fast transition from 3X magnification to 1X red dot seamlessly simply by flipping it to the side with a good detent. 

Clear glass quality and generous 2.75 inches of eye relief are the best one out of all with very minimum scope tube effect. 

In addition, it's scope length is short, which won't take up much rail space.


  • Very rock solid body
  • Very rock solid flip mount included
  • Tight diopter adjustment ring
  • QD mount included


  • Aesthetics could improve

EOTech G33 - Old School

Eotech G33
  • Magnification 3.25x
  • Objective Lens Diameter 1"
  • Eye Relief 2.64 inches
  • Length 3.9 inches
  • Weight 11.9 oz
  • Side STS Mount 

EOTech is the oldest kid on the block. The G33 is one of the most popular magnifiers used both in the military and civilian world. For EOTech users, this is a no brainer perfect match combo.

Tool-free azimuth adjustment with adjustable diopter for eye focusing.

The side flip mechanism is smooth and rugged with adjustable tension on the locking lever to stay on the rifle as tight as possible.

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  • Very rock solid flip mount
  • Rock solid body design
  • Works with Unity Tactical FTC
  • Matches well with EOTECH products


  • Pricey 

Aimpoint 3X-C - Lightest Weight

aimpoint 3x c magnifier with aimpoint micro h1
  • Magnification 3x
  • Eye Relief 2.2 inches
  • Angular Field of View 6 degrees
  • Length 4 inches
  • Weight 7.8 oz

This is the cheaper alternative option for the mil-spec Aimpoint 3X magnifier. Saves you about $400 and the glass quality doesn't compromise.

If you use the 30mm Aimpoint TwistMount, you can freely use it as a handheld monocular.

It works with other 30mm ring mounts as well.

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  • Very clean glass
  • Much more affordable than the mil spec model
  • Works with most 30mm ring mounts
  • High quality coating
  • Wide FOV


  • Not mil spec to lower the price point

Primary Arms 3X LER Magnifier - Most Affordable

Primary Arm 3X magnifier with Aimpoint

Image Referenced Primary Arms

  • Magnification 3x
  • Objective Lens Diameter 24 mm
  • Eye Relief 2.64 inches
  • Linear Field of View 37.9 feet @ 100 yds
  • Weight 7.9 oz

The Primary Arms 3X magnifier is the best red dot magnifier under $100 on this list. For this money you are getting a non-expensive product to extend the range of your red dot sight.

The GEN IV has a longer 2.64 inches eye relief distance compared to the 2.2 inches on the Aimpoint 3X, which many people love.

Also with integrated diopter that provides fast focus ability to keep target image clear.

Rubber sleeve cover protects the body from harsh scratch and impact to last a long time outdoor.


  • Very affordable for casual shooters
  • Very affordable
  • Gets the job done like Aimpoint 3XC


  • Out of spec for some 30mm ring mounts
  • Loose diopter adjustment ring

6X Red Dot Magnifier

Sig Sauer JULIET6 - Most Affordable 6X

Sig Sauer Juliet 6X magnifier
  • Magnification 6x
  • Objective Lens Diameter 24 mm
  • Eye Relief 2.3 inches
  • Angular Field of View 4 degrees
  • Length 5.4 inches
  • Weight 14.7 oz
  • QD PowerCam 90 Degree Flip Mount

Way more economical than getting the Aimpoint 6X for a magnifier exhibiting the same performance and quality.

The eye relief and eye box will be much tighter than a 3X magnifier, but that's expected for an optic with 6X zoom.

The sight includes an rugged PowerCam 90 mount for side flip sight transition or for quickly bring targets 6 times closer.

The built-in recoil lugs guarantee secure mounting on the hardest recoil rifles.


  • Very affordable 6X on the market
  • Same quality as Juliet 4


  • Very tight field of view
  • Not the same as 1-6X LPVO

Are Red Dot Magnifiers Worth It? 

A magnifier scope extend a red dot sight 's capability for long-distance shots, and improves the zeroing process by simply zoom in the aim.

aimpoint 3x c pov

It's very useful within 100 - 170 yards before the shooter really need to get a long range rifle scope

Benefits are:

  • Positively ID targets during the day and night when using a 1X optic
  • Fast transition between 1X & higher power
  • Finer zeroing 
  • Much more clear dot
  • Shoot mid range targets
  • Tuck it away when not in use

Zero Red Dot Sight Better

36 yard zero

Fine-tune the zero with a magnifier scope.

Often times people zero their 2 MOA size dot at 25 or 50 yards with a good group, then they call it good.

A magnifier scope can fine-tune your point of aim simply by zooming in the image and correct as much as 0.2 - 0.5 MOA error.

Generally speaking, you can correct your zero up to +/- 3/8 " more accurate than without a magnifier.

Does Red Dot Increase In Size When Magnified?

Note: Red dot reticle doesn't increase in size when magnified, in fact, it stays the same even though it appears bigger.

Differences In Magnification Power

Between 3X and 4X, there isn't a big difference other than the POV & cost. The most important thing is to know what distance do you typically shoot and pick the best one.

For red dot magnifier combo users, a 3-4X is a good pick for anything within 200 yards, where most of your targets are around 50 yards.

For anyone that shoot mostly targets beyond 150 yards or 250 yards, a 6X scope is a better choice. However, with the increased magnification also means tighter eye box and increased scope length that can take up some rail real estate.

Red Dot Sight & Magnifier Mount Height

Sig Juliet 4 m1913 qd mount on rail

One thing the shooter must properly verify is the height of the two optics, they must align.

If the two optics are aligned, but the red dot is off-center in the magnifier view, then you need to center the magnifier to the zeroed dot.

holosun hm3x magnifier riser and qd mount
holosun hm3x with leupold lco

Some magnifiers come to spacers you can add to your magnifier to lower or raise the height to align with the red dot sight, and some you can't.

Magnifier Scope Mount Options

sig juliet 4 on ddm4v11

Before you pick up a magnifier scope, make sure you know which mount you want.

There are fixed mounts, flip to side mounts or twist mounts.

Flip to the side mount is the most popular because you can basically tug the scope away if not needed, or flip it back when you need it.

leupold lco with juliet 4 magnifier tucked away to the left
eotech exps3 with sig juliet 4 tucked away top view

Note: Make sure the mount allows you to switch mount direction in case you're a left-handed shooter, and you want it to flip to the left instead of to the right.