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In this Aimpoint 3X-C magnifier review guide, let's take a look at its core specs, glass quality, durability and overall feel.

Let's see if this goes well with your setup.

Core Specs

Aimpoint 3X-C/FlipMount 39mm with TwistMount Base, 200342
  • Magnification - 3X
  • Objective Lens Diameter - 24mm
  • Eye Relief - 2.2"
  • Exit Pupil - 0.25"
  • Mount Type - QD (non 30mm ring)
  • Diopter Adjustment - +/- 2.0
  • Angular FOV - 6 deg
  • Linear FOV - 37ft @ 100 yrds
  • Dimension - 4.1" X 1.8" X 1.8"
  • Weight - 7.8 oz (No mount)


Aimpoint ships the product in a very simple packaging.

Aimpoint 3xc packaging
Aimpoint 3xc

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Palmetto State Armory (Twistmount included)

Initial Impression

Aimpoint micro 3x front lens
aimpoint micro 3x tucked away

Overall, the magnifier is well made just like any other Aimpoint products. It's simple 30mm tube that requires a ring clamp mount.

This magnifier scope is for tactical shooters, plinkers and hunters.

For this review, we installed it on the Unity Tactical FTC magnifier mount.

unity tactical ftc aimpoint magnifier mount

Main Applications

Mid - Long Range

Extends 1X to 3X in no time for:

  • Better target ID
  • Finer aim
  • Better zeroing

Shooters with astigmatic eye can finally see a much clearer and rounder dot (as long as the diopter ring is properly adjusted relative to the shooter's vision)


aimpoint 3x c magnifier with aimpoint micro h1

Just tuck the 3X magnifier away and resume to 1X red dot.

Finer Zeroing Process

36 yard zero

Finer red dot zero when your reticle is magnified for a better view

Magnification & Glass Quality

The glass quality is superb. We can tell by the edge to edge clarity, no fisheye effect and no tint shown below:

aimpoint micro 3x c rear lens
aimpoint micro 3x c diopter ring

The diopter is adjustable to focus the image relative to the shooter's eyesight, and it's also very easy to dial with minimum stiffness.

aimpoint 3x c pov

~ 724 ft (241 yard)

The 4X magnification is not much different than a 3X magnifier, and it's is a great tool for positive target identification during the day and night. 

As long as the diopter ring is adjusted relative to the shooter's eye sight, it's good to go!

Eye Relief

The eye relief distance is pretty standard as other magnifiers. 

Just bring the optic to the eye and aim. Its slim outer body that doesn't obscure the view. The shooter still needs to place the eye inside the eye box, and keep centered as much as possible. Otherwise the scope shadow will occur.

Move a bit back, or move a bit forward will not induce too much scope shadow.

Overall Build Quality

The construction feels very solid.

The entire body is anodized to make it durable and corrosion-resistant. 

aimpoint micro with 3x magnifier scope
aimpoint 3x c magnifier scope unity tactical ftc
aimpoint 3x c magnifier tucked down

Magnifier tucked to the right

The overall size is longer than these popular Vortex Micro 3X magnifiers on the market.

It will be interesting to see when will Aimpoint release a much more compact 3X model in the future.

Aimpoint 3X-C/FlipMount 39mm with TwistMount Base, 200342

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Palmetto State Armory (Twistmount included)

Final Verdict


  • Much cheaper than the original Aimpoint 3X
  • Clean glass without any tint
  • Durable 
  • Works with Unity Tactical FTC 30mm ring mount
  • Non stiff diopter adjustment ring


  • Doesn't include a mount

See other similar 3X magnifiers: Vortex Micro 3X