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As light bending technology for manufacturing scopes advances, smaller size magnifier scopes are available without compromising magnification.

This is a Vortex Micro 3X magnifier review guide, and we will take a look at this compact size red dot magnifier from all angles, then take it to the range to hit some steel targets at 100 - 200 yards to extend our 1X red dot sight capability.

Let's check it out

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Vortex Micro 3X Core Specs

trijicon rmr with vortex micro 3x
  • Magnification - 3X
  • Objective Lens Diameter - 22mm
  • Eye Relief - 2.64"
  • Angular FOV - 7.28 deg
  • Linear FOV - 38.2ft @ 100 yrds
  • Length - 2.9"
  • Weight - 9.55"


vortex micro 3x box
vortex nation welcome

Vortex Optics ships the Micro 3X in a very neatly packed box that doesn't feel cheap. Inside the box you get:

vortex micro 3x unboxing
  • Vortex Micro 3X magnifier (Mount included)
  • Riser plate
  • 2 tall screws for riser plate
  • 2 short screws
  • Allen key
  • Lens cap
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Manual

Initial Impression

vortex micro 3x front lens
vortex micro 3x logo on top

This thing is rock solid.

When you pick this up it feels rigid AF, and the spring tension on the side flip mount feels rock solid enough to go on a carbine.

vortex micro 3x mount base riser

The package comes with a riser plate for raising the scope height for better cheek weld or leave it as is based on the ergonomics of your rifle.

Definitely not a low quality product!

So far so good, now let's look through the glass and mount it behind a red dot.

Main Application

Mid - Long Range

EOTECH exps3 reticle outdoor
vortex micro 3x and aimpoint micro h1


vortex micro 3x on mk18 with aimpoint micro h1

Improved Zero

65 moa ring reticle

Finer red dot zero when your reticle is magnified for a better view

The Vortex Micro 3X magnifier scope supercharges the capability of a 1X holographic or reflex red dot sight to hit mid and long range targets.

Shooters can transition between 1X and 3X easily while staying compact.

Magnification & Glass Quality

vortex micro 3x ocular lens

The 3X magnification is a decent for positive target identification, and it's the standard magnification level

Build Quality

Works with EOTech, Aimpoint, Trijicon, Holosun and many more!

eotech and vortex micro 3x side view
eotech exps3 and vortex micro 3x to view
eotech exps 3 vortex micro 3x flipped
vortex micro 3x logo on top
vortex micro 3x diopter ring
vortex micro 3x made in china

The product is labeled "Made In China". At this point many products are made overseas and the product we get is definitely rock solid, and I couldn't tell the difference among other high end products.

x95 with holosun 510c
iwi x95 with holosun 510c

The construction of the Vortex Micro 3X is rock solid no doubt. Pick it up and it feels like a $500 optic, but it doesn't cost you that much.

The overall size is very compact for a 3X, thanks to the advancement in optics technology where you can have the same capability but in a smaller size. 


Just Rock Solid !

vortex micro 3x qd lever
vortex micro 3x mount base
vortex micro 3x mount bottom

Just don't mount the optic too back because the QD lever might interfere with the grabbing of charging handle if there is one.

vortex micro 3x qd lever getting in the way of charging handle

When this happens, just move the optic forward so there is room for the finger to work around the charging handle bar.

Or we recommend using a large size latch charging handle, which you can find more options here

vortex micro 3x qd mount on top rail

The user can flip the magnifier scope on or off to the side when transitioning between mid and CQB targets. The flip mechanism spring quality is top notch, it doesn't wobble or can be easily flipped unless applying some hand strength.

Pick one up you if this is your first time buying, you wouldn't disappoint.

Final Verdict


  • Small and compact
  • Very clear glass
  • Diaopter ring helps adjust to user's eye sight 
  • Very solid mount
  • QD lever for fast detach
  • Works with aftermarket mounts
  • Horizontal & vertical Knobs to center the reticle  


  • Hard to adjust tension screw without a proper tool

For the price this beats EOTech's G33's price point. You get a rock solid product for $299 instead of something like the Aimpoint for $700, this is a steal!