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Can You Put A Red Dot On A Beretta 92fs (M9)? Here are ways to install a red dot on a Beretta 92FS and other optic ready M9 models.

The easiest way is to use a Dovetail rear sight adapter on older generation 92FS, and we recommend the Sight Mount Gunsight

Langdon Tactical Technology LTTRDOSFF 92 Elite LTT Red Dot Ready Slide Beretta 92FS 9m

Another way is to buy a Langdon Tactical 92FS optic ready slide.

So, Let's check it out... 

M9 Optic Setup Options

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Langdon Tactical Elite 92FS Optic Ready Slide

LTT RDO is the official name and you can check them out on Langdon Tactical's website here.

Upgrade challenges in the past - The original 92FS 's firing pin block protrudes out of the top of the slide. The extractor is long, situated high on the slide, and, it’s basically impossible to install a red dot into the slide like a Glock.

What we like about the LTT slide upgrade - Langdon Tactical trimmed the safety lever. In another word, they decided to sacrifice the rear sight dovetail to free up more slide real estate on top, and it incorporated an integral backup rear sight into the red dot's mounting plate.

  • The optic sits low compared to dovetail mount
  • No reliability compromise
  • 5 new redesigned parts:
  1. Firing pin & Firing pin block
  2. Extractor pin & Safety levers
  3. Safety plunger & additional red dot adapter plate.
LTT RDO 92FS Slide cut
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Langdon milled out the slide as low as possible (0.14 inches), leaving just enough material above the extractor channel, then modified the extractor pin accordingly.

They re-engineered the firing pin and firing pin block to take up less space, so that they can function properly underneath the mounting plate.

This places the red dot as low as physically possible in the Beretta 92 slide. LTT measured the distance from the center of the bore to the center of an RMR’s window at 0.85 inches.

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Sight Mount Gunsight Mount - 2nd Option

The Beretta 92fs red dot adapter fits in place of the rear iron sight without needing a rail mount plate or changing the slide.

SightMount is a rail that takes the place of the M9's rear sight. It has a special cut in the middle for a three-dot sight view.

However, the optic is too high on the slide.

Get Beretta 92X RDO Or Beretta M9A4

The Beretta 92X RDO or the Beretta M9A4 are factory optic ready M9 series pistols. Simply get the plate and install them as shown below: