Can You Put A Red Dot On A Beretta 92fs? – [New Ways In 2021]

LTT RDO beretta red dot slide mount
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Can You Put A Red Dot On A Beretta 92fs (M9)? It doesn’t look like it can, but there are ways…

The easiest way is to use a Dovetail rear sight adapter, and we recommend the Sight Mount Gunsight

Another way is to buy a Langdon Tactical 92FS optic ready slide.

In this article, we have listed a few popular mounts and red dots for the M9, and all you need is some basic gun smith tools to install them in no time.

So, Let’s check it out…

Interested in buying your first pistol red dot sight?

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Best Beretta 92FS Red Dot Mounts

The dovetail beretta 92fs red dot adapter mount replaces the rear iron sight without using the rail mount plate or milling the slide.

Unfortunately, Beretta has not released ANY optic ready 92FS style handguns whatsoever including the NEW Beretta 92X.

beretta m9 sight mount pictianny


  • Features:6061 T6, Dovetail Pictianny Mount
  • Benefits:Simple installation, Replaces rear iron sight, Pistol recoil proof

Other Beretta 92FS Optic Mounting Plates

The following options are dovetailed adapters that require no milling on the slide at all. All of them are fitted to go on top of the slide and it doesn’t conflict with the trigger block.

Make sure to use some Loctite to secure it on the slide.

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All you need is to push out the rear sight post and install the dovetail sight adapter.

SightMount is a piece of Picatinny rail that replaces the rear sight assembly on the slide. The difference is that the middle rail cross-section is cut for three-dot sight sight picture acquisition.


What we don’t like about this type of mount is that the optic sits too high on the slide.

Everything looks bulky…

[New] Langdon Tactical Elite 92FS Optic Ready Slide

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Thanks to Langdon Tactical for finally making a low mount Beretta 92FS slide available to the market in 2020.

In fact, a few years ago, Beretta released the Elite LTT model in partnership with Langdon Tactical, incorporating many of the performance upgrades

It was a difficult upgrade, but Ernest Langdon at LTT has figured it out!

LTT RDO is the official name and you can check them out on Langdon Tactical’s website here.

Why we didn’t see this upgrade before – The original 92FS has the firing pin block protrudes out of the top of the slide. The extractor is long, situated high on the slide, and, it’s basically impossible to install a red dot into the slide like a Glock.

What we like about the slide upgrade – Langdon Tactical trimmed the safety lever. In another word, they decided to sacrifice the rear sight dovetail to free up more real estate on top of the slide and incorporated an integral backup rear sight into the red dot’s mounting plate.

  • The optic sits low compared to dovetail mount
  • No reliability compromise
  • 5 new redesigned parts:
  1. Firing pin & Firing pin block
  2. Extractor pin & Safety levers
  3. Safety plunger & additional red dot adapter plate.
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Langdon milled out the slide as low as possible (0.14 inches), leaving just enough material above the extractor channel, then modified the extractor pin accordingly. And they re-engineered the firing pin and firing pin block to take up less space, so that they can function properly underneath the mounting plate.

This places the red dot as low as physically possible in the Beretta 92 slide. LTT measured the distance from the center of the bore to the center of an RMR’s window at 0.85 inches.

3 Best Beretta M9 (92FS) Red Dot Optics

The Beretta M9 pistol continues to be one of the most iconic semiauto handguns on the market today.

As the military is replacing the M9 with Sig Sauer M17, the gun is still fun to shoot, especially if you find a way to mount a red dot on top.



CARRY OPTIC: HS507KMount Included

  • Features:2 MOA dot (Red/Green), Motion activated, Fully multi-coated lens, Grade 5 Titanuim housing, CR2032 Battery, 1 MOA/click adjustment
  • Benefits:Stronger than 7075 T6 optic, Fast on target with wide field of view,  Provides ~100K hours

Mount Included

  • Features:6 MOA dot, 6061 T6 Aluminum housing, 10 brightness settings, 1 MOA / Click, Top loading CR1632 battery
  • Benefits:Works on rifle & shotgun as backup optic, Fast TGT acquisition for speed and accuracy, Top loading battery design without sight removal


Mount Included

  • Features:3 MOA reticle, Side activation button, Side button OPS, 1 MOA / Click, CR1632 battery
  • Benefits:Fast CQB shooting for handguns, Pinpoint accuracy with speed, Automatic brightness sensor to match environmental conditions

Rail Mounted Beretta 92 Scope Mount

This might NOT work for all the Beretta M9 series handguns. It will for the railed framed version such as M9A1, 96A1, M9A3.

The rail-mounted sight adapter will make your M9 handgun look like a competition pistol.

This concept is pretty popular even for other striker-fired pistols.

It reduces g-force on the red dot sight, and it allows better dot tracking for a faster followup shot.

FAQ: Beretta 92 Red Dot Sight Mount

Is Beretta M9A3 & 92X Red Dot Ready?


By default the new Beretta M9A3 & the Beretta 92X series pistols don’t have any redesign attempt to accept a slide mounted red dot.

However, the rear sight is adjustable and removable, which means a dovetail rear sight adapter is your best option for adding an optic.

Another way is to send your slide to Langdon Tactical for a total make over of your slide to accept a red dot sight.

Any Company Offer M9 Slide Optic Cut?

There are many companies out there. However, no one has slide milling service for the M9 besides Langdon Tactical.

They offer slide cut service for:

92 Elite LTT

* Will not work on Wilson Brigadier Slide

Why The Slide Of Beretta CANNOT Be Milled Easily

The Beretta M9 or 92FS slides can’t be milled like other striker-fired handgun slides.

1. Not enough room for a base mounting plate
2. Milling the slide milling will destroy the gun
3. Firing pin, Firing pin block, Extractor & Safety lever get in the way

Milling the slide inproperly will destroy the critical functionality of the Beretta M9!

Please check out Langdon Tactical for more slide cut info

Wrap Up!

The Beretta 92FS, 92X and M9A3 are not optic ready like some of the striker pistols on the market today.

The dovetail adapter is the cleanest and the cheapest way to set up an optic.

Now Langdon Tactical has released their unique slide modification service to the M9 style handgun to accept an red dot, and that’s an exciting service that many people wouldn’t skip.

When you get a chance, be sure to check out their service here.

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