Looking for a perfect scope to go with your AR10 ?

In this scope guide, let's take a look at the best rifle scopes for AR10 for mid-range & long-range shooting. Most importantly, we gonna pick scopes based on the reticles that are effective for precision shooting & hunting.

Let's check them out...

Best Scopes For AR10

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Leupold Mark 5 HD 5-25X56 (Pick Tremor 3)- Best Overall

leupold mark 5 hd 5-25x56 POF ar10

Why pick Leupold Mark 5 HD - This is the next generation precision rifle scope upgraded from the previous models by bringing in what has worked in the past and improved what they didn't do so well.

It's is recommended for the bolt guns as well as gas & piston operated AR10 rifles, and the scope with Tremor 3 reticle is ideal for the hunters, and tactical long-range shooters who want:

  • Shoot past 1000 yards with bolt guns and gas guns
  • Hunting
  • Competition
  • Intuitive / user friendly scope features

Improved rotation identification - Getting lost in the turret is no fun and it causes confusion. The new turret numbering designates the first rotation second & third rotations, the button extrudes on the last rotation so the shooter doesn't get lost in the turret rotations.

Intuitive windage indexing line - Stay behind rifle while adjusting windage without getting over the top of the scope. The new indexing line allows the shooter to work the windage adjustment and stay behind the scope without changing the shooting position

Fast Wind Dot Calibration - Use the Tremor 3 reticle for fast wind dot calibration without math for 308 and any other rifle platforms in the future

Twilight technology - Better color and contrast consistency in low-light environments. Extended up to 30 minutes during twilight and dusk before the sun goes down completely

Reticle Stays True For All Magnification - This first focal plane scope is built for long-range shooting for more turret adjustments up to 100 MOA clicks for elevation and 50 MOA clicks for windage.

Added non-bolt interfering magnification throw lever - Instantly dial the magnification via lever.  It stops at the 1 o clock so it doesn't interfere with the action of the bolt on a bolt gun even if the bolt is oversized


  • Magnification: 5-25X
  • Objective Lens: 56mm
  • Focal Plane: 1st Focal Point
  • Exit Pupil: 1.9 - 8mm
  • Eye Relief: 3.6 - 3.8 in
  • Overall Length; 15.7 inches
  • Weight: 33 ounces
  • Tube Size: 35mm main tube
  • Material: 6061 T6 Aerospace Aluminum
  • MOA Adjustment Range: 0.25 MOA / Click

Vortex RAZOR 1-10X GEN 3 (Pick EBR9C MRAD)- Best For CQB & Long Range

Vortex razor 1-10x on ar

Why pick this low power variable optic - The RAZOR HD Gen 3 1-10X low power variable optics bridges the gap between CQB and long range capability into one super versatile scope. It's a great hybrid CQB and long range scope for the DD5.

Now 10X Magnification - Increased to 10X power to bridge the gap between a mid-range LPVO with a long range precision scope without compromising size, clarity or field of view.

Vortex 1-10x top ranging reticle

Fast 1X Target Acquisition - 3 inward arrows quickly draws the eye to the illuminated center reticle and get on target fast at 1X. 

Moving Target Hold - Get lead on moving target accurately with dotted moving target holds without any guess work 

Range Target Fast - Just superimpose the hashmarked ranging subtension lines for on the target to immediately estimate the target distance as well as holdover and windage corrections.

Best Warranty Policy - You break it, Vortex will replace it at no cost with a lifetime, unconditional warranty.


  • Magnification: 1-10X
  • Objective Lens: 24mm
  • Focal Plane: First Focal
  • Tube Size: 34mm
  • Reticle Type: EBR 9
  • Turret Type: Capped
  • Length: 10.1 inches
  • Weight: 21.5 oz
  • Low capped Turrets
  • Fixed Parallax to 150 yards

EOTech Vudu 5-25X50 (Pick H59)- Shortest Scope Body For Addon

ar10 with vudu 5-25x50 ff1

Why pick the Vudu 5-25X50 scope - The VUDU 5-25X50 is a compact first focal plane riflescope with the shortest overall length on the market today, and it's perfect for a DMR style AR10 rifle.

Add Night Vision Or Thermal - The user can mount thermal and night vision scope addon in front of the Vudu on AR10 rail system with plenty of space thanks to the shortened scope length.

If after dark hunting is more your style, the AR-10 has become insanely popular for hogs and coyotes, especially when paired with a night vision or thermal optic.

Generous Eye Relief - At VUDUs lowest magnification setting, eye-relief is a generous 3.71 inches; the highest magnification setting is almost identical at 3.63 inches.

More Head Movement - A larger exit pupil means the position of the shooter’s head is less critical. Consider this when selecting the right scope; eye relief on a standard scope is about four inches. Greater eye relief offers more room for recoil.

  • Magnification: 5-25X
  • Objective Lens: 50mm
  • Focal Plane: First
  • Length: 11.2"
  • Tube Size: 34mm
  • Weight: 29.5 oz
  • Exit Pupil: 5.5mm (5X) - 2.1mm(25X)
  • Eye Relief: 2.96 - 3.63 in
  • Battery: CR2032
  • Click Adjustment: 0.25 MOA/Click,
  • Turret Style: Tactical

NightForce ATACR 4-16X42 F1 Scope (Pick Tremor 3)- Best For Mid Range

NightForce ATACR 4-16X42 F1 Scope on larue tactical obr predator 308

Why Pick The NightFore ATACR - The ATACR gives big-game hunters the luxury of quick target acquisition & identification in various distances and conditions fast.

Fast On-The-Go Turret Adjustment - Competitive shooters will find the advanced optics and tactile feel of the ATACR turrets to be an advantage. The high-end 16X is ample magnification to shoot long-range, reducing any mirage effects on the target.

Improved Low Light Glass Clarity - Targets are bright and clear at any magnification setting, regardless of environmental conditions. The ED glass delivers sharper target images and contrast in low-light situations. 

Easy to read turret lettering - Enlarged lettering on the elevation turret and focus rings. This improvement draws the shooter’s eye into the essential numbers under stressful situations.

Simple illumination operation - Digillum increases the functionality of the digital illumination platform with a single button. Choose the right setting for your environment from dim to bright, and Digillum gives the shooter the perfect setting.

Fast magnification dial lever- Fast magnification dial with built-in lever. No need to purchase an aftermarket scope magnification ring lever.

  • Magnification Range, 4x to 16x
  • Tube Diameter, 34mm
  • Objective Lens Diameter, 42mm
  • Turret, Tactical
  • Adjustment Increment, 0.25 MOA or 0.1 Mil /Click
  • Length, 12.6 inches
  • Weight, 30 ounces
  • Click Value,.250 MOA or.1 MRAD
  • Eye Relief, 3.5 inches

Burris XTR2 5-25X50 - Most Affordable

burris xtr 2 ar10

Why Buy The Burris XTR 2 is the best budget tactical first focal plane scope for AR10 featuring illuminated MOA based SCR reticle (Special Competition Reticle).

The XTR II is a top of the line Burris tactical scope designed for pinpoint accuracy at long distances with a reticle that allows for fast hold off, range estimation & impact measurement.

Improved Situational Awareness - The 5X zoom system provides the shooter a wide field of view at the lowest power setting for better situational awareness & 25X for crystal clear long-range target identification.

First Focal Plane - Generally FFP scopes can cost upwards of $2K, the reticle on the Burris XTR 2 is on the first focal plane allowing hold off references accurate at any magnification

Superior Low Light Performance - See clearly in low light and shadows with confidence. The improved image allows the shooter to see sharp image under all lighting conditions

Return To Zero Fast - Simply dial the turret all the way to the start until it stops. Eliminates the need to count clicks or get lost in the turret.

1000 Yard Shot Possible - The XTR 2 has up to 25X magnification to see targets clearly far away, and the turrets use a 100 click rotation (25 MOA in one rotation), enough to shots out past 1000 yards in competition

Lifetime warranty - Protect your investment with Burris' Forever Warranty, no paperwork needed even if you got the scope from a previous owner.

  • Magnification - 5-25x
  • Objective Lens Diameter - 50 mm
  • Adjustment Graduation - 1/4 MOA
  • Eye Relief - 3.5-4.25 inches
  • Tube Size -  34 mm
  • Focal Plane - First
  • Length - 16.31 inches
  • Weight - 32.1 oz

Red Dot & Magnifier Combo Guide - Best For Lightweight Setup

Daniel Defense DD5 with aimpoint micro and magnifier

Why use red dot & magnifier while you can use a low power variable optic - If you want to set up a low drag AR10 as a personal defense rifle and also capable of mid-range shooting, then a red dot & magnifier combo is the best choice for saving weight & keeps your rifle looking slick.

Fast Sight Transition - Use any red dot & magnifier available on the market today. Transition between 1X to 3X, 4X or 6X instantly simply by placing the magnifier behind the red dot for mid range engagement or use for target identification

Save Weight - You can remove the magnifier or tuck it to the side as needed to save weight and space.

Learn more by check out this guide.

AR10 Scope Buyer Guide For 308 Ballistics

Effective AR-10 Ranges [308]

The most popular AR10s are chambered in 308, so this guide will focus on that. If you have a AR10 chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, please check out this scope guide.

You can also pick a scope based on the distance you can shoot with an AR10

  • Close Range: <200 yards
  • Medium Range: Between 200 to 400 yards
  • Long Range: 400+ yards


Truth is, the AR-10 isn’t a close-range weapon, but you can if you want to for hunting and personal defense. A low power variable optic will be best suited for this.

  • Magnification: 1 – 4X power


This is the most common shooting distance for the AR-10 on a flat range or for hunting.

  • Magnification: Between 5 – 9X power 


This is the range a 308 chambered AR-10 excels in. In fact, some people have used AR-10s to beat bolt action rifles in sharpshooting tournaments.

  • Magnification: 9X and up

Should You Pick A Caliber Rated BDC Reticle or A Christmas Tree Reticle?

A 308 rated Bullet Drop Compensator reticle is great for hunting & provides quick hold over for fast shooting, but not recommended for precision shooting up to 600 - 1000 yards or more. Instead a Christmas Tree style MOA or Mil grid reticle is recommended.

We highly recommend the Horus H59 or the Horus Tremor 3 reticle. As soon as you understand how to use them, shooting becomes super easy.


Please note that a calibrated BDC reticle is only good for the specific rifle platform the factory has calibrated for. 


As soon as you mount the scope on a slightly different rifle with a different barrel twist rate or barrel length... not to mention a different type of bullet, then the BDC line will not match the ballistics.

Therefore you can't just mount a BDC reticle scope randomly and expected it to be accurate on a rifle you have not tested.

Recommended Scope Rings & Mount

There are plenty of scope mounting systems out there. 30mm and 34mm scope mounts are the most popular.

Since we are mounting the scope on an AR10, we highly recommend using an one piece scope mount that allows for precise alignment without scope lapping, and provides high confidence zero retention if the scope is mounted & taken off constantly.

We recommend scope mounts from:

  • Geissele Super Precision Mount
  • LaRue Tactical QD Scope Mount
  • American Defense
  • MDT Scope Mount
  • Sphur