strike industries CZ scorpion EVO mag release

In this accessory guide, we gonna take a look at the best CZ Scorpion EVO 3 magazine release levers that are 10X better than the factory stock.

Why upgrade?

The default latch style magazine release works and it's reliable, but it has bad ergonomics and geometry for these reasons:

  • Hard to reachable for short index finger shooters
  • No beer can grip
  • Can't do tactical reload 
  • Requires 2 hands to release the mag sometimes

These are inexpensive upgrades, and all you need is some roll pin punch to install them.

Let's check them out...

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Top 3 Aftermarket CZ EVO 3 Mag Release Latches

These aftermarket magazine release paddles allow the shooter to:

  • One handed mag release possible
  • Easier L or V shape tactical reload
  • Beer can grip the magazine to release
  • Super smooth & fast reload experience!

Highly recommend swapping out the original angled pistol grip to a more vertical PDW style grip for improved ergonomics and index finger dexterity. 

strike industries CZ Scorpion mag release
strike industries cz evo mag release

The Strike Industries' extended mag release latch for the CZ EVO 3 is probably the best, because it extends fins further towards the grip for shooters with short index finger.

  • Release the mag with index finger pressing down
  • One handed operation now possible
  • Ambidextrous control
  • Made with high strength polymer
  • Extended paddle for beer can style mag grip

HB industries cz scorpion mag release lever

HB industries makes good stuff for many pistol caliber carbines including the CZ EVO. Their duckbill mag release is similar to the Strike Industries, but you have the option to go with 6061 T6 aluminum for increased durability.

  • One handed operation possible
  • Drop in replacement
  • Available in either 6061 T6 Aluminum or Polymer
  • Fits flush to trigger guard
  • All roll pin and spring included

Gear head works fast paddle magazine release

Gear Head Works' Scorpion fast paddle mag release is another great product. The installation is simple and it's made with 6061 T6 aluminum for increased durability. 

It's overall feature is the same just like the other products we've mentioned above.

It's very fast and efficient once installed on your CZ, and it just feels like a MP5 or AK.

Required Tools For Installation

All you need is a steady platform to hold the lower receiver and punch out the roll pin using a 5/32" roll pin punch.

If you don't have it you can get it here.