Ultimate CZ EVO Scorpion Upgrade Guide

The CZ EVO Scorpion is a whole different animal after adding some simple 3rd party aftermarket upgrades, and in this guide, you gonna see it all!

Our favorite upgrades start with the improved Trigger pull weight for a crisper break, then followed up by improved magazine release and others to enhance the ergonomics and performance.

Whether you are debating to upgrade or not, once you see these new parts, you just can't help but upgrade!

Let's check them out…

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Higher Lumen & Candela | Better Low Light Positive ID | Better Ergonomics

About CZ EVO Scorpion

cz evo weapon lightscz evo weapon lightscz evo weapon lights
  • Place of Origin: Czech Republic
  • Action: Direct Blowback
  • Rate of Fire: 1150 rds/min
  • Weight: 6.1 lbs
  • Barrel Length: 4", 7.71" & 16.2" 
CZ evo scorpion torture test

Referenced AK Operator Union (Watch Torture Test)

The CZ Scorpion EVO 3 is the next generation, super well built direct blowback 9mm CQB pistol carbine available, and it has became one of the most popular gun for its reliability, performance and price.

However, the factory model had many ergonomics drawbacks, until the 3rd party aftermarket parts really changed this gun to what it is today.

With a wide range of super cool accessories available for the Scorpion platform, customization can easily be done with a number of:

  • Stocks, grips & forends,
  • Magazines, safeties & mag release levers
  • Charging handles & improved triggers 

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Upgraded CZ EVO Scorpion In Action

Red dot optics

holosun 510c on cz evo s3 sbr

Almost every optic will work on the CZ EVO, but we have picked out some of our favorites in this guide.

Red dot sight helps increase target acquisition speed and accuracy on pistol caliber carbine. 

Based on profile of the CZ EVO, using a low mount is preferred for the best cheekweld and sight picture alignment.

The CZ EVO 3 is a great gun, but the factory trigger pull weight is almost 9 lbs out of the box, which is very unpleasant for taking accurate long distance shots as well as fast follow up shots.

Upgrading the trigger is probably the first thing you should go for to elevate your CZ Scorpion shooting experience for a much better trigger pull, minimum takeup and reset.
If you enjoy mag dump for fun, please check out the CZ EVO 3 Binary trigger by Franklin Armor BFS 3, which is the closest thing to a full auto fun switch.

Without going into too much firearm laws, this trigger allows one shot to be fired, then another when the trigger is released.

PDW Style Pistol Grip

Grip CZ EVO upgrade

Changing the pistol on the CZ EVO is one of the best upgrades under $30. For the longest time, the steep angled pistol grip is one of the biggest complaint people have and now we have something better.

For the type of shooting most people will do with the Scorpion, a PDW style pistol grip is preferred. We recommend:

inforce wmlx gen 2 on cz scorpion

Features Inforce WMLx

A good compact weapon light should be one of the top accessories for the EVO for low light target identifications and home defense.

We have tested many weapon lights, and the ones with high lumens and high candela are the best for long-range & close range.

Please check out our CZ Scorpion Weapon Light Guide here.

Adding a foregrip on any weapon platform helps the shooter with better recoil control and handling, and it's no different for the CZ EVO 3 pistol, SBR and carbine.

For the pistol version, no vertical grip can be legally attached unless the gun has been registered as a SBR.

Aluminum Handguard

The factory polymer handguard looks very sexy and it gets the job done, but the 922r compliant free float aluminum rail handguard enables the Scorpion to accept MLOK accessories such as QD sling mounts, grips and also accommodate the widest suppressor add-on.

In addition, the free float handguard improves the barrel harmonics for increased accuracy. Unlike the factory handguard where the barrel nut tightly clamps the handguard in place. which can reduce accuracy.

The recommended handguards are HBI and Midwest Industries

Available in 4.25", 6.75", 11.25" and 11.5"

The factory magazine release lever works great, but it requires two hands to disengage a magazine and tactical reload is very hard to perform due to bad factory ergonomics.

However, a bigger and more reachable lever makes changing mags so much easier, faster and fun.

For shooters with short index fingers, we highly recommend the Strike Industries CZ EVO extended mag release paddle, where the shooter can release the magazine using beer can grip, or using just one finger to press down with great contact.

Enhanced Safety Selector

The factory safety selector works, but it annoys shooter's finger because it sticks out too much. Luckily we have enhanced aftermarket safety selectors by HBI, Strike Industries and others here to fix that problem.

The AK style extended safety lever by HBI is probably the best. It's easy to operate, and feels smooth like butter. 

Enlarged Charging Handle

The factory charging handle is very small, feels stiff to pull and it's hard to grab onto firmly if you have big hands or wearing gloves.

This can be a problem if you had to clear jams or other malfunctions.

The enlarged charging handle is bigger and easier to grab & creates more leverage to charge the bolt if the factory one feels stiff...

It also makes the CZ EVO's "MP5 Slap" much more satisfying to play around with!

The HB Industries' THETA charging handle made with T6061 T6 aluminum is probably the best on the market! 

If you're using the HBI's aluminum MLOK rail system, we highly recommend the polymer charging handle to prevent the common metal to metal scraping issues that people experience. 

Manticore Arms Scorpion Carbine Bullpup Kit

cz scorpion bullpup conversion kit

When this thing was first released to the public and the internet, many people thought it was a joke

But it's NOT... It's a real thing.

This is a niche Scorpion Carbine conversion kit that turns a standard carbine into a bullpup style rifle. The user can reuse the factory trigger components, magazine, magazine release and grips. 

If you're interested in buying this aftermarket conversion kit, please get it from CZ USA Authorized Dealers.