Best CZ Scorpion Trigger Upgrade Kits

The factory CZ EVO trigger is very stiff and it’s honestly a piece of junk for being 8 lbs, but with the upgrade kit, we can bring it down to 4.5 lbs that will squeeze the shooting performance out of the Scorpion.

For shooters who want to reduce their split time with the CZ EVO,

The HBI or the MCARBO spring kit is a good starting point to lighten up the trigger pull weight by nearly 45% reduction.

The CZ Scorpion trigger pack has a lot of components that influence the trigger pull.

Best CZ EVO Trigger Upgrade Kits

Most of the aftermarket triggers change the pull weight by changing the geometry and length of pull of the trigger, which lowers pull weight.

But they will do nothing regarding the pre-travel or the over-travel, and its something that can’t be eliminated entirely either.

If changing the trigger shoe improves your trigger performance, please check out the Nelson Precision, HBI, and Shooter’s Element. Out of all these options, the flat trigger bow is recommended for high-speed shooting.


They offer three different triggers in different colors:
• The flat Theta Stock – Same pull length as the stock trigger
• Theta Forward – Increased leverage
• Curved Delta trigger

As far as feel goes, the Theta forward works pretty good and a bit more comfortable.

Nelson Precision

Works for

  • Evo S1
  • Evo S2 Micro
  • Franklin Armory Binary Trigger

The front serrations provide tons of traction when wearing gloves in cold weather conditions and, at the same time, is accessible on the finger when not wearing gloves.

Shooter’s Element

With the improved ergonomics and add leverage of the trigger, we see anywhere from a 7 to 10 % reduction in pull weight with just the trigger, we’re also noticing an improvement in the second most common issue on the gun, the strong side safety digging into a shooters hand.