4 Best Optics For CZ Scorpion EVO 3 [Updated 2021]

cz evo with russian rds

Got an optic for your CZ Scorpion EVO?

We have tested a few products that we consider are the 3 best red dot sights for CZ Scorpion based on their overall durability, reticle, battery life, and value for money.

They look great on the Scorpion and helps you put rounds on targets effortlessly. You will not go wrong with them!

Let's check them out...

Best Red Dot For CZ Scorpion EVO 3

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NEW: HS512C (Fully Enclosed Body)
  • Features:2 MOA dot, Motion activated, Both battery & solar, 3 Reticle options
  • Benefits:Lightweight, Fast on target, Power never dies, Similar to EOTech @ 1/2 the price

trijicon mro on sig mpx
  • Features:2 MOA Dot, 0.5 MOA /Click, 7075 T-6 Construction, 1X25mm lens, Aftermarket mounts accepted 
  • Benefits:Large FOV with reduced tube effect, Minimized view obstruction, Battle-proven housing design for extreme durability

  • Features:6 MOA dot, 6061 T6 Aluminum housing, 10 brightness settings, 1 MOA / Click, Top loading CR1632 battery
  • Benefits:Large FOV for a micro optic, Works on rifle & shotgun as backup optic, Fast TGT acquisition for speed and accuracy

sig romeo 5 red dot sight
  • Features:MOTAC, 2 MOA dot, 40K hrs battery, 2 NV settings
  • Benefits:Huge battery savings with MOTAC technology, Precision dot for CQB & medium range, Low profile for EVO, Aftermarket mounts accepted

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Holosun 510C - Best Overall

CZ scorpion EVO 3 micro with holosun 510c

Referenced CZ Forum

Why buy the HS510C - This sight is kinda like an EOTech with a slightly different aesthetics. The raised optic height sits perfectly on the CZ EVO that gives the shooter perfect cheek weld rest.

Looks Slick - HoloSun's first Open reflex optic with a unique outer profile, perfect for a slick, fast action shooting Pistol caliber carbine and rifle setups

Near Infinite Battery Life - Solar failsafe technology extends the battery life longer to keep you in the fight longer without ever changing the battery

Fast Target Acquisiton - Large CQB 65 MOA reticle circle for range estimation, perfect for accurate close-range shooting with a rapid holdover reference point

Multi reticle system to fit your aiming need, The shooter can be cycle through each reticle at the push of a button. Better yet, the same LED projects both reticles, so no re-zeroing is necessary.

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Aimpoint Micro - Best Durability

Why get the Aimpoint Micro - Aimpoint is the Lamborghini of the red dot world. If you want what the pro use on their guns, then this optic is the best.

Bomb proof Repeatability & Durability - The optic is built like a tank to take on battle field level rough handling, and the forged 7075 T6 aluminum housing protects the internal components from shock and sharp recoil to keep the zero intact.

Accepts Various Aftermarket Mounts - Mounting the Aimpoint Micro on different optic mount is important for different gun configuration, the flexibility of using different mount on the CZ Scorpion helps adjust cheek position

Long battery life - 50,000 hours with just 1 CR2032 battery will last you almost 4 years. The red dot is always ready and on!

IPX8 Rated - IPX8 is the highest underwater rating for withstanding pressure and waterseal, increased durability with mil-spec IPX8 standard is another way of saying the Aimpoint Micro is bomb proof and the dot will not die in any circumstances

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Trijicon MRO - Largest Field Of View

CZ Scorpion evo 3 with trijicon mro

Why shooters love MRO - The Trijicon Miniature Rifle Optic has the largest field of view among other tube style red dot optics for max situational awareness.

Increased Situational Awareness - One thing unique about the design is that the brightness adjustment is on the top of the optic, which eliminates view obstruction on the sides, and it also made it ergonomical for lefties and righties.

Large Field Of View - The tapered body design allows the tube to remain small while giving the shooter a wide view.

Battle Proven Durability - The optic is built with 7075 T6 aluminum body, the toughest material the industry has to offer, which can withstand a lot of rough handling especially if you like to run your gun hard.

What people think of the MRO - In the past, people if anything like this exist it will fly off the shelf almost immediately because Aimpoint Micro cornered the market.

For the price, the MRO is a better option for anyone just got started with shooting. If you're new and want something as tough as the Aimpoint but without spending over $800 please check the best price by clicking on the button below.

Holosun 503GU or HS503R - Best For Money

holosun 503GU on CZ EVO SCORPION

Features YHM Aluminum Rail - Highly Recommended Over Mounting On Polymer Rail

Why we pick Holosun 503GU - If you can't afford the Aimpoint Micro, the 503GU It looks and feels like an Aimpoint Micro at 1/3rd the price, and the battery lasts about 50,000 hrs like the Aimpoint.

As far as durability goes, the HS503GU is made with 6061 T6 aluminum body instead of 7075 T6. The optic shares the same mounting footprint as the Aimpoint Micro so you can use the same mount.

Besides the obvious, the HS503GU features its 65 MOA ring with a center dot for faster CQB target acquisition than just a 2 MOA dot. The user can also switch to a 2 MOA dot for eliminating reticle obstruction by holding the "-" button for 3 seconds. Vice versa

The optic can retain zero perfect when handling 9mm recoil, so use this with confidence on your CZ EVO.

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Common FAQ

Polymer Top Rail Is A Problem - TRY THIS FIX!

WARNING! DO NOT over torque the mount on the polymer top rail. Over torquing will deform the receiver and causes irreversible damage!

The CZ Scorpion EVO is a freaking awesome 9mm sub-gun, but its polymer top rail design is a problem for securing an optic and here is why...

When the clamping force is applied to the polymer picatinny rail, the rail will deform over time, and causes the mount to get loose.

As far as optic mount goes for the Scorpion polymer top rail...

  • Do not use a QD lever mount
  • Do not apply aluminum rail torque specs on the polymer rail

If you've ALREADY tighten the mount, then for some weird reasons that you find yourself STILL be able to torque it after a few hours -  this is the sign that the rail slot is deformed slightly.

Here is the solution that we recommend!

Holosun 503GU on YHM rail CZ EVO 3

Use the 6061 T6 aluminum hardcoated Yankee Hill 6" extension rail! Get it here on Amazon

Always mount an optic on an aluminum rail for absolute zero retention and reliability!

In order to protect the polymer top rail from clamping force damage, please do the following:

  1. Replace the factory handguard to an aluminum version (We recommend products from HBI MLOK Handguard OR Midwest Industries MLOK Rail Handguard)
  2. Install the 6061 T6 aluminum hardcoated Yankee Hill 6" extension rail ON THE HANDGUARD!
  3. Mount the optic on the aluminum riser extension 

We like the Yankee Hill 6" rail extension because it extends back far enough with about 10 available rail slots for flexible optic mounting locations, and it's low profile and it solved the problem.

Since the riser extension raised the mount height by about 0.5", we recommend going with a super low optic mount for the perfect cheek weld with the perfect sight picture alignment.

What's The Best Optic Height On CZ Scorpion?

hot asian girl with cz evo in combat movie

Movie Helios (Buy CZ EVO Here)

The absolute co-witness height works the best on the CZ Scorpion, and it's just about the right height with proper cheek weld position.

When choosing a mount for the red dot sight, an absolute co-witness or a lower 1/3 co-witness height mount will be just fine.

Depend on the stock you're using, if you're using the Magpul ACR stock, then you might have to use a mount riser because that stock's cheek weld sits a bit elevated.

Shop Over 400,000 Products For Your Passion & Profession
Shop Over 400,000 Products For Your Passion & Profession

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High Sight Bore Fix

co witness CZ scorpion EVO 3 rds
The Scorpion EVO's top rail has a height over bore distance of about 1", where the point of impact is about 3" lower than the point of aim.

To fix this problem, raise the height of the rear sight or mount the factory rear sight on a riser adapter.