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Here are the 4 best EOTech Clone options based on durability, reticle, battery life and legit usage.

These are NOT cheap EOTech replica or airsoft knock offs that are floating around online.

Let's check them out below:

4 Best EOTECH Alternatives

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Vortex AMG UH1 Gen 2 - Best Overall

vortex amg uh 1 gen 2 on AR15

Why This Is The Best - The Vortex AMG is the best EOTECH alternative sight available. It's the only holographic sight on the market that matches the feel of an EOTECH. The Gen 2 model has gone through many improvements listed below:

Larger Viewing Window - Rear window is larger than Gen 1. No lens hood 

No Glass Tint - No visible glass tint this time for better clarity during day and night

Spring Loaded Base - Functions like the ELCAN SpecterDR to retain zero and damp out receiver recoil impulses 

NV Mode - Works with night vision goggles 

vortex uh 1 gen 2 pov

Better Reticle Visibility - Open section reticle avoids target obstruction down range. 

Read UH1 Gen 2 Review Here


  • Very clean glass
  • Open section reticle provides much better visibility
  • QD Lever is adjustable 
  • Fits on any M1913 rail


  • Battery life is still the same as EOTECH

HOLOSUN 510C - Best For The Money

*Red Dot (Not Holographic)
eotech exps 3 vs holosun 510c

Why Use HS510C - This looks and feels like an EOTECH, but it's actually an open emitter red dot sight with the an forward lens hood design to look more unique.

Widened Field Of View - It's a much larger field of view red dot than a standard EOTECH HWS

sig mcx with holosun 510c

Multi Reticle - Choose between 2 MOA center dot like an Aimpoint or turn on the 65 MOA ring for target range estimation (2 in 1)

Adjustable Settings - Adjust through 16 brightness settings to work under any lighting situation.

Motion Activated - The sight turns off on its own in idle to save battery juice even when it's already rated for 50k hours

QD Lever - Similar adjustable QD lever mount with locking tab as the EOTECH


  • FOV bigger than EOTech
  • 65 MOA ring is the same as EOTECH 68 MOA
  • QD Lever is adjustable to fit out of spec top rails


  • Open emitter isn't good dealing with rain, mudd or dirty environment 

Check out more red dot optics here.

Why use what IDF uses - This is Israeli IDF 's EOTECH equivalent FOV but a red dot sight for CQB intensive real world applications. Looks similar to EOTECH EXPS3's overall profile, but with completely different features.

Smart Technology - HUD data projection experience showing battery status, compass, sight tilt angle

Longer Battery Life - LED red dot emitter lasts way longer than a holographic reticle that uses a laser to power

NV Mode - Use with night vision goggle without decrease in FOV

Auto Zero - Stores up to 10 zeros for different firearms. It makes optic swap much easier

Multiple Reticles - Rapid target acquisition with both eyes open with 4 reticle patterns


  • Auto zero & zero saves are very innovative designs
  • 4 Reticle options
  • Auto shutoff saves battery


  • HUD data may not be absolutely needed
  • A bit bulky looking

Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec LQD - Best Innovative Design

*Red Dot (Not Holographic)

The Sightmark Ultra wide angle reflex sight is for anyone new to firearm. Overall it's a beginner grade red dot sight that has the feel of an EOTECH like the Holosun 510C.

It features the same 65 MOA ring reticle with a center 2 MOA dot like the Holosun. It's rated at IP68, which means it can handle up to a 50 BMG.

QD Lever - Mount and de mount the optic in the field without tools

Auto Shut Off - Low battery indicator is built in to remind the user to swap battery

NV Mode Built In - 6 Night Vision brightness mode to select from

SunShade (Retractable) - Reduces glare and reflections in super bright outdoor conditions to see the target & reticle better.


  • Great optic to transition from airsoft to real steel
  • Retractable sunshades is a smart design 
  • Auto shutoff saves battery


  • Low battery life for a red dot design


Is EOTech The Only Holographic Sight ?

No. EOTech is not the only holographic sight manufacturer. Vortex AMG is the second best option we have listed above.

Difference between red dot and holographic sight [Low light performance]

Most EOTech alternatives we have recommended are not always holographic (besides Vortex AMG UH1) even they the housing unit looks like an EOTech.

Both systems have the "HUD" alike parallax free reticle aiming experience. The shooter can aim with both eyes open and be target plane focused.

The major differences between a red dot sight and a holographic sight is the reticle projection method and power efficiency.

Check it out:

How holographic sight works

A holographic sight uses a laser emitter and collimator reflector to emitter the reticle to the shooter's eye.

Since it's powered by a laser diode, it drains the battery faster than LED.

This is why a red dot can be left on for over 50,000 - 100K hrs, where most holosights only last up to 800 - 1000 hrs.

eotech 68 moa ring reticle dimmed with cloud defensive rein

However, a positive thing about a holographic reticle is that it doesn't cast any emitter reflection on the glass in low light, because it projects the reticle back to the shooter's eye (No forward mirror projection like an red dot). 

eotech 68 moa ring reticle bright with cloud defensive rein

This makes an EOTech holographic reticle much less distracting to use even if the brightness is cranked up high under low light.

Now, let's check out a red dot sight!

A red dot sight uses LED emitter to project the reticle onto the front lens, Then the reticle mirrors back to the shooter.

holosun 510c vs eotech reticle brightness

When the brightness is turned up on an red dot sight, the emitter starburst becomes visible and the glare covers up the whole FOV.

It's not a problem during bright day light, but it can be distracting at night if the reticle brightness setting isn't properly adjusted. 

It can also be a problem when PID targets down range (Just crank it down, and you'll be fine)

You can learn more about them here on our site