Tired of the factory Glock 19 slide? If you want something a little more custom, this guide goes over the 9 best Glock 19 optics cut slides you can buy online.

We picked these red dot ready slides based on looks, weight, and overall functionality to build the dream Glock you want.

For Glock 19C (compensated) - Must use a slide with open top window cut that CLEARS the barrel ports

Note: Some slides may not perfect fit the holster made for the factory slide profile. Some do come with firing pin channel liner and some don't.

Best Glock 19 Red Dot Slide

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strike industry lite glock 19 slide

Strike Industry has been making some very innovative gun parts in the recent years. I picked up The LITESLIDE aftermarket Glock 19 red dot slide because of the Strike Industry brand, and the slide cut is machined with unique pattern in mind. It's an affordable slide upgrade for the factory G19 pistol.

Faster Follow Up - Lighter slide than the factory one to reduce recoil momentum to reacquire the sight

Serrated Slide - Just like other aftermarket Glock 19 slides to aid slide manipulation

All Kits Included - All necessary screws and posts included for most optics

Better Optics Compatibility - RMR, Burris FastFire 3, C MORE RTS/STS, Doctor, EOTECH MRD, Holosun 507C, DeltaPoint (Non pro version) Sig ROMEO 1, Swampfox Kingslayer/Liberty/Justice, Vortex Viper/ Venom

*Channel Liner is required


  • Tons of optic options
  • Cycles smoothly using standard 115gr 9mm
  • Affordable for most G19 users


  • Serration pattern could be more aggressive
  • No channel liner

Lantac Razorback - Best Aesthetics

Lantac Razorback slide

I love the unique slide cuts on the Lantac Razorback; they give it a sleek and comfortable feel, not like a bulky 2 X 4.

I personally like the slide machined from pre-hardened 17-4PH stainless steel in an H900 condition. The company blast it to create a smooth satin surface finish. To protect it, they applied a special coating using our proprietary Lithium-Ferro process.

Lantac designed this slide specifically for Gen 1-3 or Gen 4 Glock 19 pistols, and we offer slide lightening cuts as well.

*Channel Liner is required 


  • Very slick serration pattern
  • Nice finish


  • RMR only
  • No channel liner
Faxon Firearms Glock G19 Hellfire Pistol Slides G19BCHFRMR-DLC Gun Make: Glock, Gun Model: Glock 19, $19.95 Off  w/ Free Shipping

The Faxon Glock 19 slide is very similar to the Lantac Razorback, but at a better price point. It's cut for RMR or Holosun 507C. I feel like for the price difference, the Faxon is a better option that offer similar slide cut design. In fact, I like the Faxon a lot more.

The window cuts and serration cuts is a bit more aggressive than Lantac. But both In my experience provide good grip texture.

*Channel Liner is required 

TRYBE Defense - Best Design For The Money

TRYBE Defense Glock 19 Pistol Slide, Glock 19, Gen 3, RMR Cut, Black, SLDG19G3RMR-BN

TRYBE defense products are hot selling and their Glock optic ready slides have more definition than Brownell's product we have listed below.

Gen 3, 4 and 5 - Multiple slides available for Glock gen 3, 4 and 5.

Cover Plate Included - All optic ready slides come with cover plates

Show Off Barrel - Side windows shows off the slick custom barrel you have

Lightening Cuts - Improved for fast cycling and aggressive serration under $300

Better Optics Compatibility - RMR, Vortex Viper, Venom, DeltaPoint Pro

*Channel Liner is included

*Get a TRYBE Defense threaded match grade barrel here


  • Great design for a good price
  • Serrated slide
  • Channel liner installed
  • Includes optic plates
  • Mount more than just RMR


  • Comes with no iron sights

CMC Kragos Slide - Best Press Check Serration

CMC Kragos slide

The CMC Kragos Glock 19 slide has similar features as the Lantac, but I think this is by far the most aggressive front serration slide design I have ever seen. The serrations are angled & full side length serration pattern for better press check grip and slide racking surface contact.

Prevents Snag - 45 Degree chamfer edge makes in and out of the holster much smoother

Works With Factory Parts - The KRAGOS accepts factory or aftermarket barrels and parts. It's a great upgrade piece to get for a stock Glock 19 with existing components.

*Channel Liner is required

Optics Compatibility - RMR footprint only


  • Very easy to perform press check
  • Slick serration pattern


  • RMR only
  • No index post
  • No channel liner

Primary Machine - Unique Slide Front Cut

Primary Machine G19 slide

Primary Machine offers several aftermarket Glock slides mostly for Trijicon RMR/SRO or Holosun 507C. The slide cut pattern is very minimum without super aggressive press check serration on the front of the slide.

This slide is basically a more slick looking version of the factory slide with lightening cuts to reduce the slide weight & Cerakote to keep the surface long lasting.

*Channel Liner is preinstalled

Optics Compatibility - RMR footprint only


  • Unique slide front cut
  • Window shows the internal barrel
  • Smooth cycling
  • Comes with cover plate


  • RMR only

ZEV Z19 CITADEL - Best High End Build Option 1

ZEV Z19 citadel g19 slide

ZEV is the Lamborghini custom match grade Glock slide upgrade. The same slide is used on their factory complete OZ9C 9mm pistol.

The company offers many G19 slides for Gen 4 and Gen 5. The slide cut is very similar to other products we have listed above, but one thing that stands out is the angle of the serration & slide channels on the top of the slide to reduce glare to maintain sight picture. (It's not a necessary feature to have, but it's nice that it's there).

Channel liner comes installed in all Glock compatible slides

*Channel Liner is preinstalled

Optics Compatibility - RMR footprint only


  • Good price for the brand
  • Channel liner pre installed
  • Angled serration cuts for better grip
  • Comes with cover plate


  • Expensive

Agency Arms (AOS) - Very Slick Optic Plate Design

Agency Arms G19 slide

Agency Arms was the original custom slide maker that people remember back in the day. Agency Arms first come up with custom Glock builds that went popular online with that signature "A" milled on the side of the slide.

agency arms aos plate

Use Different Optics - The AOS system allows different optic plate with screw index posts to mount on the slide for different footprint red dot sights other than the Trijicon RMR.

More Secure Optic Mount - Screw index posts lock in the optic tight, which gives the thread more room & depth to secure the optic

For the most part, Agency Arms Glock slides are like ZEV products. They are collection worth and great looking gun parts for users with disposable income.

If you want more optic choices besides the RMR, go with the Agency Arms over ZEV.

AOS Optics Compatibility - RMR, DeltaPoint Pro, Vortex Viper, Aimpoint ACRO, Holosun 509T


  • Very innovative optic plate system
  • More optic choices
  • Channel liner installed


  • Very Expensive
brownells g19 slide

Brownells Glock 19 RMR slide are for Gen 3 models for Trijicon RMR and Holosun 507C optics. The cocking serrations are very simple like the Primary Arms. The pattern pretty much follows the existing serration on the factory slide.

CNC Index Posts - It helps secure the RMR even more to hold zero

Brownells offers stainless nitride fully enclosed slide and the one with lightening cut. All factory or aftermarket barrel and internal parts work on this slide.

*Channel Liner is required

Optics Compatibility - Buy best Glock red dot sights


  • Very affordable
  • Offers long slide that fits G19 frame
  • CNC index post makes RMR mounting more secure


  • Only for RMR
  • May not fit your Kydex holster
  • No channel liner


Does The Serial Number On The Custom Slide Has To Match The Frame?

The serial number on the slide doesn't have to match the one on the frame. In fact, most custom slides don't come with serial number like the OEM Glock slides.

You can still buy custom slides if you live in states that only allow the conceal carry holder to carry the firearm they have registered. 

Where To Get Firing Pin Channel Liner?

Please check the slide you are buying to see if it comes with preinstalled firing pin channel liner. If not please get one below to complete your slide :

glock channel liner

Do Custom Slides Come With Preinstalled Iron Sights

No, most stripped Glock 19 slides come without iron sights.

Be sure to get a good sight pusher. Most cheap ones look like they work, but they are difficult to work with once you get it.