Here are the best handgun laser sights featuring green or red aiming lasers.

A high-quality laser sight also helps new shooter to train finger control, and provide aiming assist in improvised shooting positions.

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Best Laser Sight For Compact Pistol

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Viridian X5L Gen 3 - Best Overall

1911 with viridian x5l
  • High Lumen Light - This laser and light combo is perfect for personal defense. It features the most powerful green laser gun sight on the market
  • Built In Camera - Records muzzle POV video
  • Built-In Strobe - Increased high-intensity strobe light for dark environments as well as giving the aggressor nowhere to hide
  • Compact Size For Carrying - Reduced the weight burden and carry it on you longer

Crimson Trace Rail Master - Best Activation

Crimson Trace Rail Master Green Laser Sight, Black, Universal Fit CMR-206
  • Fast Activation - This thing features the best activation switch upon gripping the gun even for the clumsiest person. If you are looking for the best red dot laser for a pistol, this is one of the options.
  • Rail Mount Or Grip Panel - Crimson Trace also makes grip panel laser module for guns without railed mounting slots
  • Programmable Laser Control - Customize among 4 operational modes including laser with a strobe light, included Auto Shut Off feature to conserve battery life

Viridian C5L - Best Size

viridian c5l on springfield hellcat
  • Same Powerful Laser as X5L But Smaller - Even in a smaller size than the X5L Gen 2 for subcompact handguns, using only one CR2 battery for over 4+ hours constant on and projects 5 mW green laser up to 100 yards in daylight and 2 miles at night
  • Powerful White Light For Darkness - Ready for any lighting condition, the included 100 lumens constant on and 140-lumen light keeps you operational in the dark as well as keeping your enemy scared of you for personal defense

Streamlight TLR 2 HL G - Best Laser Light Combo

CZ 75 with streamlight tlr 2 hl g
  • Now Ready With A Green Laser - The hottest selling product from Streamlight, powered by 2 3V CR123A lithium batteries, instantly attach to any handgun rail mounts in seconds to be rated as the most intense bright, virtually indestructible tactical light and laser combo
  • Works For Lefties & Righties - Easily access the activation switch with the ambidextrous momentary switches from both sides to instantly light up the target and engage


Handgun Laser Sight Pros and Cons 

Here are the pros and cons of a handgun laser sight:


  • Instantly place laser on the target without fixed sights [CQB only]
  • Aim without sight if laser dot is visible
  • Great dry firing training for steady trigger squeeze


  • A dead battery will cause a malfunction
  • Not for long range aiming
  • The green laser is expensive
  • Require custom made holster
  • Offset holdover training

Use For Improvised Shooting Positions

Whether you're a policeman, military or every day conceal-carry users, shooting accurately in improvised shooting positions is important in self-defense situations and laser sight is here to help.

If you're shooting on the move, run or on the ground trying to get back up. You will not always use your fixed sights in a reactive situation.

Once the laser is on, just aim and shoot and a majority of shooters have reported that they placed a more accurate shot group on the target with the laser assist.

Constant Offset Zero 

The best zeroing technique for a firearm laser sight is to use constant offset zero. The reason is that the laser shoots straight, but bullet path drops. So a constant offset zero ensures the laser is not intersecting the bullet path and diverge completely off course.

You can use a laser bore sight in conjunction to zero your laser.

Activate Laser Without Fumbling

Learn how to activate the laser consistently without fumbling takes practice.  The easiest option is the Crimson Trace's Instinctive Activation technology to turn on automatically upon picking up the weapon.

Laser Sight Helps Beginner Learn Faster 

In a learning environment, new shooters can master their grip, aim and trigger control by watching how much the laser is moving on target.

Very often students get immediate feedback and understanding on how poor trigger control can throw off a shot in the distance.

This showing them how the smallest amount of jerking movement affects accuracy.