Are you frustrated with zeroing your rifle optic on the range?

Here are the 5 best laser bore sight to help you get that initial zero as close as possible without wasting time, energy or ammo.

Check them out:

Best Laser Bore Sight For Zeroing

Note: A laser bore sight helps you initially zero your reticle as close as to the trajectory of the bullet coming out of the barrel, you still need to reverify the zero with live ammo later.

LaserLyte Universal Laser Boresight - Best Overall

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If you're zeroing for anything starting at 25 yards, this laser bore sight can get the job done. The point of impact tested with live ammo was about 2-3 MOA off the point of aim.

Remember this won't give you an exact 100% accuracy, only for the initial scope reticle dial.

  • Mount On Any Barrel Sizes - Being able to fit on most barrels is an important feature, a wide range of compatibility with its universal adapter kit that covers 223 all the way to 50 cal to sight in any rifle platform for any distance you want
  • Instantly Zero Your Optic Without Wasting Ammo - Save time, energy and money for now and in the future with this laser bore sight for mounting a new optic inside your home
  • Adapter Kit Included For Pistol Barrel - Zero your pistol red dot sight or laser sight fast inside your home without going to the range
  • Simple Laser Activation Switch - Eliminate unnecessary movement on the laser with its external laser activation rotational switch to get you the best reference zero without constant adjusting
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I recently tried out what is claimed to be the smallest accurate laser bore sighter compared to other brands on the market. Each unit is hand-tuned and comes with a perfect calibration mechanism, which I found ensures top-notch alignment and precision.

From my experience, while it was about 3 MOA off the point of aim at around 60 yards range, it's an incredibly time-saving accessory. As someone who works on multiple long guns a day, this tool has been exceptionally helpful.

One of the features I really appreciate is the green laser option for easier daytime use. It significantly increases daytime visibility and range, allowing me to quickly and efficiently dial in my scope alignment when I'm outdoors.

The magnetic adapter is another standout feature. It's compatible with any barrel, which means I can use it on a wide range of firearms, from handguns to muzzleloaders. This is a huge advantage over the arbor-based systems, as it doesn't require insertion, thus protecting the barrel bore and crown.

However, it's not without its drawbacks. The 3 MOA discrepancy at 60 yards might not be ideal for those requiring absolute precision. Also, while the rugged packaging is designed to protect the laser's calibrated accuracy from drops, vibrations, or bumps, it does add extra bulk, which might not be preferable for those looking to maintain a lightweight kit.

Overall, my experience with this laser bore sighter has been largely positive, with its ease of use and versatility standing out as major pros, despite some minor accuracy and portability cons.

SiteLite SL-100 - Best Precision

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The SL-100 has become a go-to tool for regular shooters, competitors, and hunters alike. Its built-in magnetic arbor insert ensures secure muzzle mounting, which is critical for maintaining consistent accuracy. This feature alone makes it stand out, but its reputation as one of the hottest selling laser boresights on the market, suitable even for up to a 12 GA barrel, adds to its appeal.

One of the most distinctive aspects of the SiteLite SL-100 is its endorsement by the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. It's not every day that a product is selected as a small arm zeroing accessory for such esteemed institutions, and this speaks volumes about its reliability and precision for dead-on accuracy.

But the SL-100 doesn't stop impressing there. This powerful laser boasts a range of up to 300 yards, which is three times more than what other brands offer. This extended range capability ensures that users can achieve precise alignment even at greater distances, which is a significant advantage for long-range shooting.

Moreover, the SL-100 comes with an additional technological edge. It offers a downloadable program that works in conjunction with the laser bore sight. This program allows users to optimize the attributes of their bullet with the laser, providing a customized and precise shooting experience. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who are serious about their shooting accuracy and are looking to fine-tune their equipment to match specific ammunition and conditions.

MidTen Chamber Bore Sight - Best For The Money

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I've found that this laser bore sight is best suited for a quick, rough zeroing of firearms, but I wouldn't recommend it for tasks that demand high precision. While it's convenient and available in multiple calibers, its accuracy doesn't quite match up to the more precise arbor style systems.

One of the main issues I've encountered is inconsistency. Each time I rechamber the bore sight, it seems to give a different point of aim. This variability can be quite frustrating, especially when precision is key. The root of the problem appears to be the tolerance levels of the device. It's not tight enough to accommodate the varying chamber tolerances found in different firearms. This loose fit often results in the laser being off-center, which obviously impacts the accuracy.

So, while it's a handy tool for a quick setup or a rough estimate of alignment, if you're looking for something that provides pinpoint accuracy, this might not be the best choice. The inconsistency due to the tolerance issue is a significant drawback for anyone needing precise and reliable results.

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This is a universal laser fore sight kit tested and recommended by the National Tactical Officers Association and North American Hunting Club.

This product is engineered with precision and accuracy that works on small caliber bore to as large as 12 GA.

The package comes in a nice carrying case with instructions booklet and 3 included batteries.

Types of Laser Bore Sights

Arbor-based Laser Boresight:
  • How it Works: This system involves inserting the laser device into the barrel of the firearm. It uses a caliber-specific adapter attached to the end, creating two points of contact to center the laser with the bore. This method is generally more precise because it aligns the laser directly along the center of the barrel.
  • Accuracy and Use: Arbor-based systems are known for their accuracy, especially at longer distances. They are preferred for detailed and precise zeroing.
  • Cost Efficiency: Arbor-based systems are also more cost-effective in the long run. For around $50 - $80, you can get a system that accepts a wide range of caliber profiles, making it versatile and economical, especially for those who own multiple firearms of different calibers.

Chamber Fitted Boresight Cartridge:

  • How it Works: This type of bore sight is shaped like a bullet and is inserted directly into the chamber of the firearm. It's designed to mimic the shape and size of a specific caliber of ammunition.
  • Accuracy and Use: The cartridge system is typically used for a fast and rough zero. It's convenient and quick to use but doesn't provide the same level of accuracy as the arbor-based system. This is partly because each time you reinsert the cartridge, it might sit slightly differently in the chamber, leading to variations in the laser's point of aim.
  • Considerations: Understanding the tolerance of factory ammo is crucial here. Just as ammunition is made to fit a wide range of rifle chambers, cartridge-style laser bore sights are made similarly. However, this "one-size-fits-most" approach can lead to less precise results. Additionally, if you have multiple firearms of different calibers, purchasing a specific cartridge for each can become quite expensive, potentially costing up to $300 or more.

Bore Sight Effective Range

A laser bore sight generally can project up to 80 - 100 yards or just a little bit further as long as you can see it. Generally speaking, I only use them for initial zero, and I test real ammo for my final zero.

On our site, we have a full guide on How to Use a Laser Bore Sight to Zero a Scope In 5 Simple Steps here.

Laser Boresight Overview and Recommendation

The laser bore sight only helps to establish a rough initial zero. The path of the laser is never the same as the ballistic trajectory of the bullet.

We highly recommend the arbor based system such as the SiteLite SL-100 and the Wheeler Pro.

Yes, it saves time and bullets when zeroing, but the shooter still need to verify the zero with live ammo.

The laser bore sight is helpful for anyone who frequently swap rifle scopes for different applications that need to quickly re-zero the rifle.