Here are the 4 best HK VP9 threaded barrels on the market for anyone who wants to add a compensator, or suppressor. 

We picked them based on price and thread pitch specs, so you don't end up buying the wrong barrel for your suppressor or compensator.

*Note: Selected barrel may not be legal in all 50 states, please check your local gun laws before purchasing. Badassoptic is not responsible for unlawful possession

Best HK VP9 Threaded Barrels

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Silencer CO VP9 Threaded Barrel - Best Overall

SilencerCo Threaded Barrel For HK VP9 AC1549 Color: Black, Finish: Nitride, Threads per Inch: 1/2x28, 10% Off  w/ Free Shipping

Silencer CO makes top 416R quality stainless steel suppressors, and this is their company branded HK VP9 threaded barrel for 1/2X28 threaded suppressor and compensator use. 

The barrel has a tighter lockup tolerance and a better looking barrel profile than the OEM barrel and it drops right in the factory slide.

Caliber - 9mm

Thread Pitch - 1/2-28 Right hand (US Suppressor & Compensator ready)

Twist Rate - 1:10 with button rifled fully stressed relieved

Barrel Material - 416R stainless steel

Heckler & Koch Threaded Barrel, HK VP9, 9mm 245602 Color: Black, Caliber: 9mm Luger, 14% Off  w/ Free Shipping

This is the factory HK factory VP9 barrel made in Germany (13-PTB-HKTBV9-245602). Everything is the same as the OEM barrel profile and spec.

Caliber - 9mm

Thread Pitch - 13.5X1 Left Hand (Suppressor & Compensator ready)

A thread conversion adapter is required to use US spec 9mm suppressor or compensator.

RCM VP9 Barrel LH - Best Left Hand Threaded

RCM VP threaded vp9 barrel

This left hand threaded nitride finished 4140 stress tested VP9 barrel (HKP-16850)

The barrel comes with thread protector and it features the exact tolerance for proper fitment on your VP9.

A thread conversion adapter is required to use US spec 9mm suppressor or compensator.

Caliber - 9mm

Thread Pitch - 13.5X1 Left hand

Twist Rate - 1:10 with button rifled fully stressed relieved


Is 13.5X1 The Same As 1/2-28 Right Hand Thread?

No. They are two different specs.

Most European made 9mm threaded barrels are 13.5X1 left hand threaded, and they will not fit any suppressor or compensator made for 1/2X28 thread.

There are US suppressor companies like Dead Air Silencers, Griffin Armament and Silencer that make 13.5X1 suppressor thread.

Buy thread conversion 13.5X1LH to 1/2X28 adapter