Best Foregrips For KRISS VECTOR PC


Kriss Vector has an unique recoil system to help mitigating recoil, and adding a foregrip can enhance handling of the gun even more.

In this accessory buying guide, let's take a look at the best foregrips for Kriss Vector pistol carbine including angled, vertical and handstop [All for 1913 picatinny].

Out of all the options out there, the BCM short vertical grip is the best and the cheapest option.

At the end of guide, we also gonna cover what's legal or not when it comes to installing a vertical grip to the Vector SDP pistol with a stabilizing brace.

Let's check it out…

Best Vertical Grip For KRISS Vector

BCM Gunfighter Mod 3 Grip - Best Overall

bcm vertical grip short

• Low profile
• 1.9 oz
• Reverse angle grip for increased control

Why this is the most popular - The BCM vertical grip has a slight angle which allows the shooter to reverse direction like a AK grip for a better grip based on personal preferences.

The grip is extremely light and snag free, which is great on a SBR Kriss Vector. The user can easily install the grip from the buttom with a hex key.

TangoDown Stubby QD - Best QD Grip

  • American Defense QD throw lever
  • Internal Storage
  • Premium impact & heat modified polymer
  • 3.65 oz

Why having QD makes life easier - The TangDown QD grip is extremely popular for many weapon platforms for providing steady firm grip and its easily removeable on the go without any tools.

This grip is recommend if you want to make more spaces when transporting your guns, especially for those who like to pack 4 - 5 guns jammed packed into one case.

Fortis SHIFT Foregrip - Best Skeletonized Appearance

fortis shift vertical grip

• 6061 T6 aluminum
• Skeletonized
• 3.4 oz

Why we picked this skeletonized 6061 T6 aluminum grip - The Fortis skeletonized foregrip is a super light weight (3.4 oz) grooved angled grip.

Not sure how to describe the feel unless you physically pick a Kriss Vector up with this grip attached.

It feels very natural and lightweight for the Kriss Vector since it's a front heavy sub gun.

This is a great option for a lightweight Vector setup.

Best Vector Angled Foregrip 

Night Strike Diamondback - Best Ergonomics 

nightstrike diamondback angled foregrip

• 80% Polypropylene, 20% Nylon glass
• 1.5 oz

Why it feels so much more natural - The Nightstrike Diamondback foregip looks funny but feeling sturdy, ultra lightweight and natural on the Vector.

You still get the angled grip, and get to wrap your index finger on the front notch for more natural grip to pull the gun tighter into the shoulder and control the muzzle sway better on full auto Vector.

Feels like a vertical grip - Yes it's a pictainny style angled grip, which you can legally mount on pistols, but it reassembles the feel of a vertical grip.

This is the closest thing to a vertical grip you can find on the market today.

We absolutely love it.

For anyone who isn't sure about this grip, we highly suggest you to try it out and you will not dissappoint.

Best Handstop For KRISS Vector

A handstop attachment for the Kriss Vector helps the shooter index the grip faster, it makes pulling and punching the gun in and out with better leverage, and it prevents the support hand from slipping past the muzzle especially for the Vector SBR, and potentially causing serious injuries if not careful.

BCM KAG - Lowest Profile

BCM KAG grip

• Impact resistent polymer
• Protects support hand from muzzle
• C clamp friendly
• Relieves tension on wrist, elbow & shoulder

The BCM KAG hand stop is the most affordable options on the market.

Simply just reverse the direction on the Vector's bottom rail, and now it's there to prevent accidently slipping the support hand past the muzzle for safety reasons when operating a short barrel Kriss Vector.

Common FAQ

Why Add A Grip To The Vector?

Adding a foregrip to any subgun, shotgun or rifle is an enhancement to the overall weapon system, and adding a grip especially to the Vector SBR helps the biomechanics and give better mobility and handling.

Since gripping the Vector receiver causes people to accidently hit the mag release button, by gripping the gun somewhere else more forward helps eliminate that problem.

Is It Legal To Add A Vertical Grip To A KRISS Vector Pistol?

Of course, but ONLY if the overall length of your short barrel Kriss Vector pistol with the stabilizing brace is over 26".

If under 26", for example a Vector pistol paired with a side folding brace, then adding a vertical grip will turn the gun into a AOW, so NOT legal on a pistol.

How does ATF measure length of pull?

  • From the muzzle to the end of receiver extension or buffer tube.
  • For a side folding Vector, fold the stock first before measuring

For Registered SBR and Vector CRB, you can add anything you want.

Full Auto Vector - Does A Foregrip Really Help Control The Muzzle Sway?


For a full auto 45 ACP KRISS Vector, having a grip on the gun definitely helps control the muzzle from swaying all over the place.

Even though a single 45ACP shot doesn't feel as much recoil, but multiple shots in a short split second can definitely add up the recoil and muzzle sway.

For a semi auto KRISS Vector, having a foregrip on the gun definitely enhances the weapon handling feel.