Best KRISS Vector SMG Upgrades Guide

kriss vector smg with aimpoint rds

Kriss Vector SMG is one of the single most popular weapon seen in movies and video games due to its unique looks and the super V recoil system.

Its existence has attracted so many younger generations of people into firearms over the year, and that's awesome!


The KRISS Vector was first designed in 2006 by a formly known company Transformational Defense Industries (TDI).

This weapon system is designed to be a rapid firing submachine with its unique Super V downward recoil mechanism to reduce perceived recoil and muzzle climb.

Other than its unique design, the weapon system is extremely easy to field strip by only using 4 push pins for maintenance, and it uses Glock magazines.

Available first for 45 ACP, now it has evolved to GEN 2, chambered for 9mm, 40SW and 357 Sig.

kriss vector super v recoil system


Choose from various modifications and add on accessories for your KRISS Vector, weapon lights, pistol braces, fore grips, red dot optics and more.

Mod Your KRISS VECTOR With These Accessories...


Red Dot Optics

  • Aim faster!
  • Shoot more accurately
  • Faster target acquisition
  • Shoot with 2 eyes open possible
  • Just point and shoot!
Eotech exps3 on kriss vector

Weapon Lights

  • Better Low light Target identification
  • Better Low light threat control
  • Higher lumen output
  • Activate light using pressure switch easier
  • MUST have for home defense


  • Increased weapon handling
  • Even better recoil control
  • Increased muzzle control on full auto
  • Increased ergonomics
Kriss Vector 45ACP with Eotech

Pistol Braces & Stocks

  • Skip NFA headache
  • Fire KRISS Vector pistol from shoulder
  • Totally legal to attach on pistol
  • Transport a short barrel pistol across the statelines
  • Looks great
  • Saves MONEY & TIME from the ATF!
kriss vector folding stock