Best KRISS Vector Weapon Lights & Accessories

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The most useful accessories you can get for the VECTOR is a great optic and a weapon light so you can aim better and identify targets in low light situations.

In this list, we cover some of the best weapon lights for Kriss Vector, the ones with great lumen intensity, small size and optimized ergonomics.

The most common issue with pairing a light to the Vector is finding the best ergonomics due to limited mounting spots and hand placement so we have to get creative.

We also gonna cover a few tips on light mount and light activation for SBR and ones with extended rail handguard.

Let’s check them out below…

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Best Weapon Light For Kriss Vector (SBR & CRB)

The Vector receiver features a top rail, side rails and bottom rail for attaching accessories.

The best light for Vector is similar to the ones used on other tactical weapons, but what we are looking for is best light with the best ergonomics.

You can buy additional mounting rails here if your Kriss doesn’t come with them.

Surefire EB1 Kit

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NOTE: GEN 1 ONLY Discontinued

BUT you can still get the AIM Sport Light Kit Here JUST for the mount for the Gen 1 Kriss.

The EB1 is a handheld flashlight, but you can convert it with an aftermarket mount so that it fits inside the Vector GEN1 right above the barrel assembly.

Gen 2 model Vectors can’t accept this light be be installed inside the receiver body.

Without increasing lateral profile by mounting the light on the side rail, the EB1 on the Vector makes everything compact. When installing the light, a little modification is required to wire the pressure remote switch through the receiver, so the user can operate the light.

The EB1 features a MaxVision 400 lumens light beam for wide angle illumination, which is combat effective when assess threats in low light conditions.

Inforce WML

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Inforce WML is one of our favorites weapon light for its unique ergonomics that allows the shooter to naturally place their thumb over the pressure switch at an angle while maintaining proper shooting.

The light can produce up to 400 lumens of vibrant concentrated white light in the center and flood beam for max room scale illumination. When mounted on the SBR or the carbine length Kriss Vector, the WML Series light is ultra-compact and lightweight.

Based on personal preference, mounting the light on the top rail 12 O’ Clock in front of the optic is the best ergonomics for operate the light without breaking the grip.

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Inforce WML White – Gen 2 Inforce WML White – Gen 2 No ratings yet

Surefire X300U

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If you had to pick the most durable weapon light on the planet for the Kriss Vector, the X300U is the one.

When using the X300 on the Vector SMG, its best to mount the light on the top rail, and use dedicated Surefire XT07 pressure switch taped on the right side of the gun, and also activate the light with your thumb.

The X300 ultra model produces up to 1000 lumens using the TIR flood lens design, which is great for max situational awareness.

The X300U-B also features the T-slot mounting design, which allows the user to mount on any rail including ones that are out of spec.

In the next section we talk about how to mount everything for the best ergonomics.

Surefire Scout M300

The Surefire M300U Scout light is compact and great for long guns and SMG in general. It’s the gold standard for all miniature style weapon light on the market.

It runs on a single CR123A battery, which can produces up to 500 lumens of blinding light to lit up a dark area or to impair the threat up close.

It comes with integrated picatinny rail mount Depend on how you setup your Kriss Vector, the M300U can be mounted on the top rail and side rails.

The best thing to do is to mount the light on a angled light mount facing downward.

Whether you grip the Vector using a vertical grip or by the receiver, you can operate the light using the tailcap or pressure switch.

Streamlight TLR 2 HL G

The TLR2 HL G rail mounted flashlight comes with a (<5mW Class 3R) Green laser and a 800 lumen white LED light.

What’s cool about getting the TLR2 HL G for the Kriss Vector is the added laser helps with close range acquisitions without looking through the optic or estimate holdover.

Mounting the laser on the side rail is recommended because it is closest to the axis of the bore without TOO MUCH offset.

Just like the Surefire X300U, you can purchase add-on pressure switch to the gun to make light activation & grip ergonomics consistent and effective.

If saving money is important to you, and also want something like the Surefire X400 on the Vector SMG, then the Streamlight TLR 2 HL G is the product you don’t want to miss.

Kriss Vector Handguard Accessories The new line of Kriss Vector comes with extended MLOK rail, which is a huge rail space improvement for the Kriss Vector CRB models.

More rail real estate for mounting lights, lasers and other accessories.

How Much Lumen Do I Need?

Picking the right lumen intensity is the same for other guns just as same as for the Kriss Vector.

Lumen intensity is about how much total output of light, what’s more important is understanding Candela and lens pattern that you need for your tactical Vector applications. If you want to learn more, we got a deep dive on the topic of how many lumens do you really need for a weapon light.

Mostly for home defense

Use Extended Handguard For Extra Weapon Light Mounting Real Estate

Kriss vector crb with MK1 modular rail
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The use of extended handguard provides more space to grip the SMG a bit more forward like other tactical sporting rifles, and it also gives more light mounting space for a full 16″ length Vector PCC.

As we mentioned earlier the original releases of the KRISS vector only have three short 1913 picatinny rails on the forend, and as well as the monolithic top rail.

So there isn’t a lot mounting real estate for a stuff and also allow the shooter to maintain proper grip and light operation ergonomics.


If you have the Kriss Vector CRB Gen 2, This is a must have item. I can’t even image how people in the past not have this upgrade for so many years.

What seems to be the most popular is the the Vector MK1 modular rail that accepts these 7-slot picatinny rail sections.

NOTE: The MK1 DOES NOT fit the Gen 1 Kriss. MK9 will fit GEN 1.

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Use Pressure Switch For Light Operation

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The use of pressure switch is very important on the Kriss Vector SBR since there isn’t a lot of flexibility with keeping the ergonomics consistent.

Check Out: Top 6 Remote Pressure Switches For Tactical Light & Laser

Some users find using tape switch the most ergonomic for activating the light with slight pressure while grip the weapon firmly.

The best way is to Mount the light away from the charging handle, and place the tape switch to a spot, which you can mostly keep the grip consistent and also operate the light without breaking the grip awkwardly.

KRISS VECTOR SBR Light Mount Options

NOTE: Mount light on the right side of the gun to avoid interference with the left side charging handle for short SBR models

For short SBR models, there isn’t a lot of space to mount the light, and the only spot is the top rail and the right side rail.

For Vector pistol users who can’t legally add a vertical grip to the gun, the best is to mount the light on the top rail as long as it doesn’t obscure the optic field of view.

Rifle Length Vector CRB Light Mount Options

Mount grips and light just like how you would with an AR15

The 16″ full length CRB model is the best one to add an extended handguard rail like the MK1 so the user can grip further forward on the gun for better stability, and also operate the light without breaking the grip.

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