Here are the 6 best flashlight pressure switch upgrades to configure your weapon light & laser setups. It's important to get right switch with the right cord length for whatever setup you're going for and make sure they are snag free.

These are much more advanced switch products than what we have seen in the past 10 years. They are reliable, modular to go on MLOK or Pic handguards.

New switch comparison guide - ModButton VS HotButton VS Surefire

Tactical Flashlight Pressure Switch Setups 

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flashlight pressure switch
Image Referenced LaRue Tactical

The Surefire XT07 remote switch works with the SF X300U, and turn a pistol light into a compact long gun light, and control it with any Surefire Plug pressure switch.

Just swap the factory battery access door with the SR07. Now you can control the X300 or XH30 with the same remote switch.

The light features a momentary switch & a round constant on switch kinda like the Surefire DS00. We like the simplicity of the design so the user know exactly which button does what.

remote pressure switch

It works for Streamlight TLR 1 or 2 & ProTac. It's just like the Surefire XT07 switch, but made for Streamlight products.

For Streamlight TLR series pistol profile lights, you need the Remote door/Switch assembly, and the TLR pressure switch coil

  • Control the light with switch on the remote door & pressure switch
  • Pressure switch needs to be zip tied to the hand guard rail.

This switch is pretty much the same thing as the Surefire SR07.

hrf dual ramp modbutton laser and surefire plug hrf dual ramp modbutton laser and surefire plug angled

rifle flashlight pressure pad

Features HRF Concept dual ramp - Hosts ModButton Surefire plug & Laser lead

The Unity ModButton is a momentary only Surefire tailcap switch designed to tuck in the wire and make the light setup clean on the handguard.

Highly recommend using the Surefire DS00 tail cap that accepts a cable and offer a push button for support side activation.

The button gives good feedback whether you wear a glove or bare hand. So it turns on every time upon finger push contact.

Another feature we like is that you can reverse this thing if you want the light on the left or right side of the gun. (Rewiring cable required)

rifle flashlight pressure pad
Image Referenced Cloud Defensive

Note: You only need this if your pressure pad doesn't have a mounting footprint.

The Cloud Defensive ST07 mounts are mounting platforms to host pressure switches . It's just a container mount for factory pressure switches.

Available for M-LOK & M1913 rail. It keeps the pressure switch in place & the wire is organized & protects the most critical part of the cord from bending.

In addition, this part is low profile and also allows the user to route the cable through the LCS and exit the other side to balance the slack when needed for your given configuration.

You can play around with a lot of options when using this mount.



Unity Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch (TAPS)

weapon light switch

TNVC takes the night vision game to the next level. Unity Tactical collaborated with TNVC to make this amazing product for the pros.

This is by far the most solid dual function Surefire scout pressure switch product on the market with a good fixed (all in one) M1913, MLOK & KeyMod rail mount.

flashlight pressure switch
  • Mount on M1913 rail without removing MLOK Keys
  • Crane lead is much more tighter fitting so it doesn't push out and get disconnected due to recoil
  • (Select Models) Programmable to set constant-on, always momentary, one for constant on & one for momentary. Adjust to your tactical preference
  • (Select Models) Slave mode to fire both devices at the same time 

Depends on which direction the leads face, the 9" cord gives alot more flexibility for the user to mount in their preferred location on their weapon system. You can program the switches direction for keeping grip & operational consistency.

When you pick this up, you get 3 options:

If you don't want the programmable version, you can get the basic model here on TNVC, Unity Tactical & OpticsPlanet.

Unity Tactical Hot Button - Very Low Profile

flashlight pressure switch

The low profile UNITY HOT BUTTON is a crazy simple design that has a 45 degrees angle, and it's by far the best low profile Surefire M600DF pressure switch available for MLOK and M1913.

No zip tie, No Velcro, No duct tape! Greatly button accessory for Rifles, Shotguns & SMGs!

This angled pressure switch perfectly integrates with modern rifle hand guards. Place it on any side of the rifle hand guard & rewire the cord appropriately.

pressure switch for flashlight

Angled switch button eliminates the uncomfortable thumb strain experienced when using a flat pressure switch while gripping the handguard.

The crenelated bezel protects the switch from accidental discharge, and also gives the user finger index area in the dark. 

ar-15 pressure switch mount

M1913 Model

Available for Black and FDE:

  • MLOK
  • M1913

Tactical Light Pressure Switch FAQs


A pressure remote weapon light switch with integrated Picatinny clamp can go directly onto the rail without any modification.

For ones without built-in mounting feature, this is where something like the Cloud Defensive ST07 or the Magpul Pressure Switch Cover are important accessories to get.


Switch ergonomics matter:

  • Better handguard gripping
  • Easy switch activation for lefties and righties
  • Operate other buttons without shifting grips

Responsiveness & Reliability

Pressure switch does fail in the field, so having a secondary activation button is always a good choice.

As newer lights with higher outputs hit the market, pressure switches with thicker wires for better electrical contact.

Dual Switch For Light & Laser

light pressure switch

Pressure switch unit can control two devices.

crane plug tape switch

One controls the light, and the other controls the laser.

The most common dual switches on the market consist a Surefire Scout light plug and a Laser plug.

The Unity Tactical TAPS is by far the best on the market.

Cord Length

Is the cord too short or too long? It can be an issue when you want your setup to be as slick & snag free as much as possible.

Adjust to your own preference.

Highly recommend the LaRue Tactical IndexClips to retain wire along the rail so they don't move around. 

Which Light & Laser Devices Accept Crane Lead Plug?

A mil-spec crane lead can fit NATO standard laser devices for L3, Insight, EOTech, Steiner, BE Meyer, Wilcox & Others.

Will The Pressure Switch Work For Their EDC Series Flashlights?

The most common pressure remote switch on the market are made for Surefire Scout light port.

It will not work for lights that aren't designed for rifle mounted use.

Does The Surefire XT07 Remote Switch Work For Surefire XH35?

Yes, the Surefire XT07 works for XH35, XH30 and Surefire X300T