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unity tactical hotbutton m1913

In this side by side comparison guide, let's put Unity Hot Button, ModButton and Surefire pressure switches side by side, and compare them with a ton of pictures.

No more Velcro, tape or zip ties!

See the setup below and go with what you like.

ModButton VS Unity Hot Button VS Surefire

Core Features

Biggest Buying Decisions:

They only work for Scout light tail caps

They DO NOT work with Streamlight Pro Tac HLX, Olight, Cloud Defensive or other lights.

Check out other remote switches here

surefire sr07 d it switch on ddm4v11 left surefire sr07 d it switch on ddm4v11 tilted

  • Been around on the market for a very long time
  • Dual switch capability for scout light & laser activation
  • Constant on, Momentary

Get Surefire SR07 for:

surefire sr07 on daniel defense ddm4v11 rail left surefire sr07 on daniel defense ddm4v11 rail tilted

  • Only activates scout light
  • Works with Surefire XT07 tail cap for X300U, XH30 & XH35
  • Constant on, Momentary

Get ModButton for:

hotbutton angled and flat modbutton switch modbutton angled and flat switch

  • Works with various Unity Tactical FUSION adapter mounts
  • Mix and match with HotButton
  • A simple clean mount in one convenient package to save rail space
  • Flat, Angled & Dual Ramp ergonomics (HRF Concept housing)
  • Support high output electrical connection & Much tighter
  • Thicker wire to allow maximum lumen & candela output
  • Pre angled plug to reduce wear & tear due to bending
  • Laser plug available 
  • MLOK & M1913

Get HotButton for:

unity tactical hotbutton on benelli m4 left unity tactical hotbutton on benelli m4 left angled

  • Angled ergonomics ONLY
  • Same plug & wire specs as ModButton (All made by Unity Tactical)
  • MLOK & M1913
  • Minimal rail space requirement

Modes Of Operation

All of them feature:

  • Momentary 
  • Constant on

However, ModButton is momentary ONLY.

Scout Light Tail Cap Connection

HotButton and ModButton have a much higher quality Scout light plug than the Surefire brand. If you have problems with Surefire pressure switch not working, we highly recommend you checking out these products.

The angled connection to account for bending, and it also tucks in the wire slightly more.

Take a look at this:

  • Thicker wire to ensure the light delivers the lumen output
  • Tighter scout light tail cap connection

Be sure to get a good scout light mount, we have a complete guide covering on some of the newest products. Click here to see more

Unity Hot Button VS ModButton

modbutton vs hotbutton
  • The Unity Hot Button works well especially on SMG without taking up much rail space
  • ModButton can be customized for flat or angled mount, However, it's only momentary
hotbutton and modbutton top view

Mix HotButton Surefire plug with ModButton laser plug together

ModButton Combo

original modbutton and modbutton lite combo

ModButton works the same way as the HotButton, and the wire specs are the same.

Available in 4.5" cable length - For almost all use cases. 7" may be too long.


The Surefire scout remote switches definitely work, but the only down side is the rubberized pressure switch doesn't stay tight on the M1913 rail, and it comes off easily.

Laser Lead Connection

surefire and laser plugs

For a rock solid laser plug connection, it's time to ditch the Surefire SR07-D-IT! It works, but it gets lose under recoil.

The laser plug is also designed by Unity Tactical that provides a much tighter connection, so the wire doesn't come off the laser easily due to vibration and recoil. 

ModButton's Crane style laser plug is the best, and it works for:

  • PEQ15
  • All Steiner DBAL products
  • BE Meyer MAWL
  • Wilcox RAIDx laser

Available in 4.5" cable length - For almost all use cases. 7" may be too long.

hrf dual ramp modbutton laser and surefire plug hrf dual ramp modbutton laser and surefire plug angled

The user can customize the ModButton laser switch on either Flat, Angled or Dual Ramp housing unit (HRF Concept). 

Pressure Switch Button

All of them have great rubberized pressure switch surface. They are big enough for people wearing gloves to operate, and feels very tactile.

surefire sr07 pressure switch on x95
  • Pressure switch gives positive feedback
  • Large area to press along the handguard for users wearing gloves
  • However, it can come off the rail easily

The Surefire SR07 pressure switch provides a large area for the user to activate momentary light, and it also features a constant on button.

The indexed dot helps the user differentiate between light and laser activation.

Surefire sr07-d-it pressure switch surface

The Surefire SR07-D-IT is a dual switch, but it doesn't feature constant on mode. This is where mixing HotButton surefire plug and ModButton laser plug together might be a better option. 

The HRF Concept Dual Ramp provides the user ergonomic improvement over two flat buttons. The opposing angles of the buttons and center gap allow users to differentiate both buttons with ease even in low light. 


ModButton has the best modularity as far as mounting it on different housing units:

mlok modbutton mount
unity tactical modbutton surefire m300c on mk18
  • Flat
  • Angled
  • Dual switch unit
  • MLOK 

Integrate with Unity Tactical's offset scout light mount to minimize rail space usage and to keep things compact, and it also increase the accessory layout options on PDW and subguns like the KRISS Vector & CZ EVO (See pictures below)

HotButton is very ergonomic, but the user can't customize it like the ModButton. 

surefire m300c on kriss vector

SureFire switches only work on M1913 rail. It can be angled either.

Sample Configurations


mk18 with tnvc taps switch

See more MK18 light setups here


Hotbutton on X95 handguard

See more X95 light setups here


unity tactical modbutton on Kriss vector SDP

See more KRISS VECTOR light setups here


modlite plhv2 on cz evo 3

See more CZ EVO light setups here

Benelli M4

benelli m4 with surefire m600 unity tactical hotbutton

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unity tactical TAPS switch on scar 17s

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The Surefire SR07 and SR07-D-IT have been on the market for a very long time. They work, but the only problem is that they don't stay on M1913 rail tight.

ModButton is light, and it's made from injection molded plastic that's fully potted to provide protection against harsh use.

HotButton is also very light, and it's made from aluminum. It's a very integrated design 

Bonus - New Product

unity tactical TAPS FDE

Here is another new product to check out!

The TNVC TAPS is a much higher end remote switch similar to the Surefire SR07-D-IT. Same wire and plug specs as ModButton & HotButton made by Unity Tactical. 

It works on M LOK rail and KeyMod, all contained in one unit. We will see more of this product in the hands of serious users.