Review Surefire XH30 Pistol Weapon Light [A Better X300U]

In this Surefire XH30 weapon light review, let's take a look at its new features, specs and compare it against the older Surefire X300U.

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Core Specs

m9a3 black with xh30
  • Lumen: 1000 or 300
  • Candela: 11300 cd
  • Strobe: Yes
  • Runtime: 1.5 hrs on high
  • Beam Type: TIR
  • Throw: 120 meters of useable light before completely fades off
  • Length: 3.7 in
  • Weight: 4.8 oz
  • Waterproof: IPX7
  • Construction: Aerospace aluminum & Mil-Spec hard anodized


Packaging Surefire XH30


You get:

  • SF XH30
  • 2 Batteries
  • Sticker
  • Manual
  • Surefire Catalog
  • Mount key

Core Features

Lumen & Candela

1911 surefire xh30

The Surefire XH30 H series pistol light has the same lumen and candela ratings as the Surefire X300U (1000 lumens & 11300 candela), and now it features a 300-lumen mode for law enforcement & military applications where a dimmer light is more appropriate such as up close search in the dark without blinding yourself or others around.

Whether you need to lit up a room, or a hallway this light will do that for you as good as other lights period.

Beam Pattern

indoor xh30 light beam

The hot center is pretty strong for a pistol light with a soften beam corona. The beam appears to have neutral color tint for accurate color rendition in low light. the spill is enough to lit up a room.

surefire xh30 lightbeam pattern

After testing a bunch of pistol lights, the Surefire's TIR lens has the widest spill among all other pistol weapon lights out there.

The tight hot center gives the user couple tactical advantages:

  • Throw the light beam far to ID targets in low light
  • Better threat control with a concentrated beam while staying at a safe distance

This particular beam pattern is the same as the Surefire M600DF long gun light.

Battery Life

surefire xh30 battery access door

The XH30 still uses 2 CR123A batteries the same way as the X300. It works and we also believe USB rechargeable will be the next thing coming to the SF X300 style lights in the near future, giving the users the freedom to train as much as they like without having to buy batteries.

Control Switch

surefire xh30 control switch

The Ambi control switch is the same as the ones that come with the Surefire X300U with slight serration changes. The switch operation is mirrored for both sides, and they are very responsive, feels very rock-solid, and work well with two hands.

  • Up & down - constant on
  • Push in - Momentary
  • Grip Activation - The Surefire DG grip switch is compatible with the XH30.

It works the same way in strobe mode.

However, the only complaint people have is that the button needs to be longer so the shooter can easily operate it with one hand using their index fingers.

Another issue is that the switch is very stiff, which it's very difficult to operate sometimes with one finger. If you want to check out a duty light as good as the Surefire, but with a better switch, please check out the Streamlight TLR 1 HL.

Overall Construction

Surefire xh30 on fnx 45 tactical
surefire xh30 external body
glock 17 with surefire xh30

The XH30 is made the same way as the X300 with aerospace-grade aluminum. The unit is IPX7 rated (submersion proof), and it can handle everyday rough handling, drops, recoil, and kicks without falling apart.

The only difference is the Cam-slotted bezel that locks onto the special MasterFire Rapid Deploy Holster.

MasterFire Holster

We didn't have a MasterFire Rapid Deploy Holster at the time of doing this review.

We will update this section in the future.


surefire xh30 screw mount

The T Slot mount can go on any rail system, and it has the ability to be tightened. It's just a rock-solid mounting system as a part of the light, and it works very well.

surefire XH30 t slot mounting system

Unlike the traditional mount where the user has to slide the light onto the rail and locks on by tension, which can wear out the parts over time.

The package comes with a M1913 rail key and a Glock rail key. To install it, just unscrew the mount and pop the piece in.

Mode Selector

surefire xh30 strobe control module

The mode selector module is added to the bottom of the XH30 to provide strobe feature and different lumen intensities.

The strobe mode is a good for tactical disorientation, but it overrides the normal light function until the strobe mode is disabled. So you can't cycle quickly between normal white light and strobe without having to touch a button.

During stress, this design might fail you if you forget to re-configure the setting. It's just another thing to remember, and people will forget.

If you want a system that can do both without touching any button, we recommend the Streamlight TLR 1 HL.

Side By Side Comparison: Surefire X300U-A & XH30

Surefire X300U vs XH30 front
side by side comparison surefire xh30 and x300u
surefire XH30 and X300U front lens bezel
surefire xh30 vs x300U back side

Final Verdict

For personal defense use, this duty light is by far the best to mount on a carry gun, duty pistol, or nightstand gun.


  • Familiar design as the Surefire X300U
  • Widest spill to cover anything that could be in the shooter's peripheral
  • T Slot mounting system fits on any rail system with adjustable screw tension
  • 300 lumen for non-blinding up-close applications


  • Stiff control switch for one-handed operation
  • No significant candela increase
  • Strobe mode requires additional button pushing to enable and disable