Review Guide: Surefire M600DF [Dual Fuel] Scout Weapon Light

Surefire m600df external packaging

In this review guide, let's check out the latest SureFire M600DF (Dual Fuel). If you're new to weapon lights, this will be the product that the Surefire brand is known for.

The SF M600 Dual Fuel model uses the latest 3.6V 18650 battery technology that the weapon light industry is pushing towards in its wider body & slightly longer in length that is capable of outputting 1500 lumens & 16000 candela.

In addition, it can also use 2 CR123A batteries for up to 1200 lumens & 12800 candela.

As the light industry is pushing for more lumens & candela, the SF M600DF is born. Does it deliver the performance? Is it durable?

Let's find out...

  • 1500 Lumens & 16000 Candela (1X 18560 Battery)
  • 1200 Lumens & 12800 Candela (2X CR123A Batteries)
  • 1.125" Bezel Diameter
  • TIR Lens
  • Recoil isolated electronics
  • Mil-Spec Hard Anodized
  • IPX7
  • 5.56" Overall Length (varies based on end cap selection)
  • 5.15 oz
  • 6061 T6 Aerospace Aluminum

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What's Included In The Packaging

Surefire m600df packaging backside
Surefire M600DF black packaging

The SF M600DF comes in a nice premium quality packaging that is currently the new standard for all Surefire products.

In the package you will receive:

  • Surefire M600DF
  • Thumb screw mount
  • Z68 tail cap switch
  • 1 18650 battery
  • USB charging cord
  • Surefire sticker
  • 18650 battery manual
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Who Benefit From Using SF M600DF

Surefire m600df military use
surefire m600df light beam pan

The Surefire M600DF scout light is the perfect light for long gun applications within 50 - 70 yards with a wide spill & hot spot to positively identify things in low light & use as a non lethal tool for personal defense for disabling incoming threat's visual horizon.

  • Law enforcement
  • Low light training & drill
  • Home defense
  • Hunting

Core Features & Performance

Lumen Intensity

Surefire m600df disassembled
benelli m4 surefire m600df light on

The M600DF has 1500 lumens when using the 18650 battery, and 1200 lumens on CR123A.

Lumen intensity is the brightness measurement at the light bulb, and it's what the manufacturer uses to promote their products, but it's not the most important thing to look for until you examine the light's Candela rating, which we will talk about next.


Since the M600DF is generally the go-to weapon light for long gun applications, the Candela is actually the most important spec that the pros actually care about for having useable light for positive identification at long ranges & it also gives the shooter non-lethal capability to disrupt the human eye.

Candela is the light's ability to maintain its beam intensity & hotspot at a standardized distance.

The M600DF's 16000 candela can throw as far as 250 meters as marketed but based on testing, the most effective range is about 120 meters before it completely dims down, and it performs quite well for anyone using this light for home defense or hunting within about 70 yards.

For anyone using this light for home defense or doing any close-up night shooting drills, the M600DF is a great option no doubt.

If you want more candela for distances up to 100 yards or more with a more concentrated hot spot without the light intensity dimmed down, please check out the MODLITE PLHv2 head or the latest Cloud Defensive REIN.

Beam Pattern

The TIR lens has the widest and the brightest spill based on our testing among other weapon lights on the market.

Surefire m600df close up beam pattern

For home defense use within 50 yards, the light's wide spill provides the shooter plenty of peripheral illumination to identify the surroundings in low light conditions without having to point the hot spot at everything the user tries to identify.

Surefire M600DF - Wider and brighter close up flood

Surefire M600DF light beam pattern

Warehouse corridor, much wider flood

surefire m600df TIR lens wide spill

Much softer light beam, weaker hot spot, but it can lit up the room close up very well

Solution for more throw

The MODLITE PLHv2 is compatible with Surefire M600DF 18650 body

Surefire M600DF vs MODLITE PLHv2 head

MODLITE PLHv2 - More Throw

MODLITE plhv2 head light beam

Much tighter hot spot that throws far. Great for threat control while keeping a safe distance.

MODLITE plhv2 light beam indoor

Throws brighter flood indoor

modlite plhv2 throw outdoor

Much more concentrated beam than regular lights

Here is the default M600DF head using 18650 battery (full charge)

Surefire m600DF throw outdoor

~ 156 ft, less bright than MODLITE PLHv2

The hot spot is much greater than the previous generation of M600 Scout light, but the hot spot isn't strong enough past ~80 yards especially when the shooter needs to identify objects hidden behind trees lines or other obscuring objects in the vicinity under low light.

Based on our testing, the Surefire M600DF is great for indoor use and outdoor use within 50 yards while

Light Head & Upgrades

Surefire m600df vs m600 scout
surefire m600df light outter bezel

The SF M600DF's light bezel is completely redesigned compared to the older 600 lumen M600 Scout light head.

So the New M600DF head features the TIR lens that provides a wide spill for close up peripherial illumination and better punch compared to the old M600 Scout where Candela rating is important, which we have already covered above.

Surefire m600df head vs original m600 scout head
surefire m600df head connector

Even though the old M600 Scout was a great weapon light, but it's falls short on the ability to punch the light far for a long gun for target identification under low light especially with the increase use of magnified optics.

The weapon can reach far, so we want the light to illuminate as far as what the optic on max magnification can see.

In order to upgrade the M600DF, the user can purchase compatible MODLITE OKW or PLHv2 heads for higher candela output.


surefire 18650 rechargeable battery for SF m600df

The new 18650 battery is probably our favorite thing about the new SF M600DF. In fact it's what we want to see more in other weapon lights in the future because high drain devices drains the battery juice fast.

Not everyone goes through boxes after boxes of batteries, but if you train a lot with a weapon light for a class or at home you will easily go through 170+ batteries a year just by adding up all the times you tap to activate the light throughout the training (About $320/yr)

The rechargeable 18650 battery provides much higher output & saves money compared to using the old CR123A battery technology.

We recommend getting 2 backup 18650 batteries from Surefire & a USB portable battery bank to keep this light topped off & ready to go at any time.

Tail Cap Attachments & Switches

Surefire m600df on benelli m4 handguard

One of our favorite things about the Surefire Scout light is its ability to accept various end cap attachments for better light activation & also customize the light as modular as possible.

Surefire makes a few end cap attachments & tap switches that the users can buy separately which include:

dbal with surefire m600df on mk18

The user can also purchase other aftermarket pressure switches from reputable brands that make durable & responsive light activation switches for the Surefire Scout weapon light

Some of these products include:

  • Unity Hot Button
  • Cloud Defensive LCS

Overall Durability & Feel

Surefire m600df on MK18

The Surefire M600DF feels sturdy just like any other Surefire weapon lights. It feels solid and the finish feels high quality.

The only thing we would change prior to mounting it on a rifle would be swapping out factory thumb screw mount with a high quality scout mount, which you can check out more here.

The thumb screw tends to get loose after rapid fire, so a dedicated scout mount secures the light the best.

Torture Test

Under normal use, the light will last for a long time. However, the SF M600DF is designed for military use, so the light must survive some physical abuse illustrated in this video below:

The light can survive drop and typical rough handling, but the lens do crack if receiving a direct hit from airsoft bbs or simunition rounds at about 350 - 600 fps.

If the bezel experiences repeated hard impacts, it will crack the lens, battery and destroy the light, but under normal circumstances this would mostly not happen unless being crushed intentionally.

Since everyone wants to know how the light can handle extreme torture tests before it eventually goes out, we recommend you check out this video below:

sfm600 df torture test

Final Verdict


  • Tough built
  • Wide spill that lights up the whole surrounding
  • 18650 rechargeable battery to save money
  • Increased lumen & candela output than previous model
  • Same scout mounting footprint
  • Effective light beam without a doubt within 50 yards


  • Dimmed hot spot for targets beyond 80+ yards
  • 16K Candela still not strong enough for low light 100+ yards application

The Surefire M600DF is the next gen full size Scout light optimized for long gun applications with higher lumen & candela than its previous model.

The new rechargeable 18650 battery technology finally enabled the Surefire brand Scout light to having a higher output for better low light target identification that otherwise wouldn't be possible while sticking with CR123A batteries.

The light beam quality using the TIR lens combined with higher output makes the M600DF great for indoor & outdoor within 50 yards before it loses its effectiveness.

The M600DF Scout fundamentally stays the same as the previous M600 Scout as far as the overall body profile & design.

All existing scout mounts and tail cap accessories still work.


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Common FAQ

How Good Is Surefire's Warranty Policy?

If you damage the bezel glass, tail cap, or the body, Surefire will replace your light at no cost period except for intentional damages.

How Long Does It Take To Charge SF18650B Lithium Battery?

The Surefire SF18650B battery can be charged via the micro USB type B cord that came with the light. The charge time for a fully depleted battery can be over 5 hours via the micro USB cord.

Once the battery is connected to a power source, the 2 LED indicators display the current charge state:

  • RED means charging
  • GREEN means fully charged

If you want to speed up the charge speed, please use a dedicated 18650 CC-CV compatible cradle charger.

Can The Factory Thumb Screw Mount Be Uninstalled?

Yes, the thumb screw mount that comes with the Surefire M600DF Scout can be uninstalled by removing the two hex screws.

The user can install other Surefire scout footprint mounts to the light based on preference.

How To Spot A Fake Surefire Product

Fake Surefire products generally have the wrong dimension, slightly questionable brand logo and body profile. It's very easy to spot for people who actually own real Surefire products.

When buying Surefire products online, please purchase it from reputable vendors.

When purchasing the light from Amazon, please be sure the seller on the product page is from a reputable vendor as well.