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modlite full size on mk18

In this side by side comparison guide, let's check out Surefire M600DF VS Modlite PLHv2. I have used both lights extensively for low light training, and I slightly lean towards the PLHv2 for its impressive long range performance than the Surefire M600DF.

Essentially they are similar lights made to be interchangeable. Modlite PLHv2 offers higher candela output for long range illumination than Surefire M600DF

Let's check them out and see which one is right for you

Specs Comparison - Surefire M600DF VS MODLITE PLHv2

Surefire M600DF

Max Output 1500 Lumens / 16000 Candela
1200 Lumens / 12800 Candela (CR123)
Runtime~95 - 120 Mins
Weight w/Batteries5.15 oz
BatteriesCR123A or 18650

Modlite PLHv2

Max Output 1350 Lumens / 54000 Candela
Runtime~90 - 120 Mins
Weight w/Batteries5.4 oz
Batteries 18650

Size & Weight

Surefire M600DF and Modlite 18650 bodies are very much identical as far as dimensions go.

The Modlite has slightly different machining profile without lot of markings on the body. Both light bodies feature scout mounting footprint to accept mounts that are already available on the market. 

The weight of both lights are pretty much the same, and Modlite is just 0.3 oz heavier, and it's not significant enough to feel the difference if the light is the only accessory you have on the firearm.

Biggest Buying Decisions:

Get Surefire M600DF

  • Mil spec weapon light right out of the box 
  • For long gun & sub gun use
  • Want everything Surefire

Get Modlite PLHv2 for:

  • Higher beam and candela output
  • 3 popular heads to choose from (IR as well)

Lumen & Candela Comparison

Lumen intensity is important, but Candela is king for throwing the beam far to identify targets.

Higher candela output can punch through fog and overcome photonic barriers, and this is where the MODLITE PLHv2 absolutely beats the default Surefire KE2DF light head.

The way PLHv2's reflector is designed can throw the light far to help id targets at further distances.

modlite plhv2 in action 35 ft

PLHv2 in action

The default Surefire KE2DF head is great for CQB and mid range illumination.


The best part about both of these lights are the interchangeability. Simply just swap the light heads and you are good to go.

Flood Beam



PLHv2 head has a much tighter beam with just enough flood beam to see what's around, but the Surefire M600DF definitely has a wider and brighter flood beam to lit up everything. 


Surefire M600DF

Standing at the same spot, now we can illuminate the area near by much better

Top Down Aerial

benelli m4 with m600df TIR beam

Surefire M600DF in action on Benelli M4

For personal defense engagement distance, the Surefire M600DF and Modlite PLHv2 work perfectly for ID targets in the dark.


Modlite PLHv2

Both lights have neutral beam tint for accurate rendition in low light.

Modes Of Operation


There are tons of pressure switches available for the Scout light body. 

The Surefire DS00 tail cap is highly recommended. It features allows pressure switch pad connection along with a secondary activation button.

The tail cap can also accept many other pressure switches like the ModButton, Hotbutton and TNVC TAPS 


Features TNVC TAPS


Features Unity Tactical HotButton

Click here to see more pressure switch products

Mount & Rail Keys


Any Surefire scout mounts will work. See more here


Both Surefire M600DF and Modlite bodies are aerospace grade aluminum construction. Under normal use the light will last you a long time.

The most vulnerable part is the light head, and almost all light heads get shattered when experiencing direct BB or simunition impact.

The threads are much tighter on the M600DF to secure the light head and tail cap.

The light heads are removeable, and the Surefire M600DF has a much beefier body than Modlite.

Overall, Surefire provides better warranty service if the lens breaks, and they will send you a new head. Same goes with Modlite.

Check out Modlite's warranty policy on their website here

Final Verdict

Surefire M600DF and MODLITE bodies are durable and parts are interchangeable. The key comparison here is the light head options.

PLHv2 head is way better for long range illumination with that high 54,000 candela output

Surefire KE2DF head is better for close range illumination with that bright flood beam.