As modern sporting rifles get more modular so as the light mounting solutions.

Here are the 7 best weapon light mounts for rifles applications plus many variations that work for M LOK, KeyMod and M1913.

Users can use them creatively to optimize their light setups.

For Inline Mount

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arisaka inline light mount

Referenced Arisaka

Arisaka Defense mounts are low profile, simple and easy to use. The company offers many different designs, lengths and adjustable mounting holes.

  • Adds 0.6 OZ To Your System
  • Length: 3.4"
  • Height: 0.20"

When Is The Best Time To Use This Mount?

Works For Scout Lights - Works for Surefire M600 and M300 series weapon lights, Arisaka 300 and 600 Series LightsModliteOlight Javelotand the Streamlight Protac HL-X .

Mounting Spot Adjustment - Multiple mounting holes allow flexible mounting locations for micro offset adjustment (slightly up, middle, slightly down)

Offset Mount Capability - Mount on handguards that feature 45 degree angle mounting flats to offset the light. Use it on BCM MCMR, Geissele Automatics SMR MK4, MK8 and MK16, Daniel Defense MFR, KAC URX4 and many more

iwc throntail 2 mlok inline light mount

Referenced IWC

Why To Buy IWC Products?

The Impact Weapon Component LLC makes the best weapon light mounts on the market. They're modular, well made, look good and durable.

They are slightly more expensive however with features the Arisaka doesn't have.

  • Adds 0.711 OZ To Your System
  • Length: 3.210"
  • Height: 0.21"

Use On Handguards Feature Offset Angles - Just like the Arisaka Inline Scout Mount. Directly attaches to any M-LOK compliant rail system

Laser Device & Light Compact Fit - Works well with ATPIAL together in a compact configuration without bumping into each other

Eliminates Muzzle Shadows - Cantilevered mounting design places the bezel of the Scout weapon light above the barrel and more forward to eliminate muzzle shadows in critical low or no light shoot or no shoot situations

iwc throntail 2 mlok inline

Referenced IWC

7 Different Mounting Solutions - Fully ambidextrous and can be reversed for creative mounting solution + 4 light mounting positions provide .276” of light lateral adjustment

Retained Screws - No more lost screws with IWC's exclusive Captured Fastener Design

IWC thorntail extended offset scout light mount

Referenced IWC

Why Try This One ?

  • Adds 0.711 OZ To Your System
  • Length: 3.210"
  • Height: 0.21"

Works For All Scout Lights - Any scout footprint lights will fit this mount.

See more offset Surefire scout mounts

Made For M1913 - Works on M1913 picatinny rail + different lengths available. Low profile enough for SBR config

Extends Forward - Positions a weapon light several inches beyond the end of the forend or rail system allowing the shooter to place the support hand farther forward on the weapon, improving the shooter's control, speed and accuracy while increasing usable space for attaching IR devices, lasers, grips, etc.

Tough Built - Ultra-lightweight THORNTAIL Adaptive Light Mounts are CNC machined from BILLET 6061-T6. Provided screws are well built for tight fit and the threads don't strip easily for frequent mount / demount config change

offset scout mount arisaka picatinny rail

Referenced Arisaka

  • Adds 0.7 OZ To Your System
  • Length: 1.3"
  • Height: 0.20"

Who Should Use This Mount?

The Arisaka OSM-P works on any hard-squared Quad M1913 picatinny railed handguard that needs an offset light mount solution.

Super Low Profile - Low profile at less than 0.20" thick & reduced weight than other similar products

Tight Fit - Well machined mount + tight tolerance screws and threads to make the light mount very rock solid

Minimum Rail Space Required - Use it for a low profile setup while save space for other accessories

Reversible - Flip it over and mount it the direction you want!

larue tactical LT752 scout light qd mount

When To Use This Mount?

LaRue Tactical LT752 QD offset light mount is by far the best quick release light mount for any full length rifle and short barrel rifle setups.

LaRue tactical scout light offset mount on picatinny rail

Referenced LaRue

It works for any lights with scout footprint, and the best part is the ability to mount and demount on the go without any tools.

Optimized Thumb Activation - Positions the light tail cap switch as close to shooter's thumb position while holding the rifle "at the ready"

IWC scout light mount

Referenced IWC

Who Should Use This Mount?

The IWC SMC XL is the solution for ALL Magpul MOE Handguards including:

  • MOE AR15/M4/M16/SR25/M110
  • MOE Remington 870 Original & M-LOK
  • MOE Mossberg 590/590A1 Original & M-LOK

Mirrored Ambi Capability - Place the tail cap of the light in either the 1:00 or 11:00 position

M1913 Capable - Just add a M1913 adapter to use any clamp on weapon lights like the Inforce WML

Clears A2 Front Sight - Works on AR15 rifles with A2 fixed front sight

Works On AK Rifles - Use this to mount a light on a Magpul AKM MOE handguard

Check out more AK light mounts

The light tail cap can go on either the 1:00 or 11:00 position. Add a vertical grip to the AK for better grip/light activation ergonomics.

  • Adds 1.27 Oz To Your System.
  • Includes all mounting hardware, tools and instructions for an easy install.
  • Made in USA

For Non Modular Handguards

For guns without modular or M1913 rail, you can still mount weapon lights with these products


iwc radial universal scout light mount N slot
iwc radial universal scout light mount

Referenced IWC

Who Should Use This Mount?

The RADIAL Universal light mount fits on any hole slot on the hand guard (Not MLOK, KEYMOD). This works for:

  • Standard M4 two piece plastic / railed handguards
  • Troy TRX, Alpha
  • JP free float handguard
  • Many similar handguards

For Muzzle & Suppressor Shadow Reduction

For anyone wanting to position the light a bit more forward to clear the front sight post, muzzle, or suppressor, please try these mounts.

They are the same mounts as the ones recommended above and they just have extra length

TREX ARMS Light Bar (Long)


Referenced TREX ARMS

The TREX ARMS light bar looks like an Arisaka Inline Scout Light Mount, but this one is by far the longest one on the market you can find as of now.

If you use a long suppressor, and you need to minimize the suppressor can shadow, try this product to mount the light more forward.

benelli m4 with surefire m600 unity tactical hotbutton

It can also be used on short barrel shotguns to position the light bezel flush with the muzzle.

Pro Tips

  • Move accessories around to find the perfect mounting spots for your setup
  • Reorient the mount if necessary to free up space and get clearance