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inforce wmlx gen 2 on cz scorpion

In this review guide, let's take a look at the Inforce WMLx Gen 2 weapon light.

The Inforce Weapon Mounted Light X series is the upgraded model with increased lumen & candela outputs, and one of the hottest selling points is its angled pressure switch control ergonomics that shooters love and the other is the affordable price point.

So is this a light for you?

We are going to go over its specs and light beam performance, and compare it against other weapon lights on the market, so at the end of it you have a better idea if the Inforce WMLx is right for you.

Let's get started.

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Inforce WMLx Core Specs

Lumen 800 Lumens White light
Candela 10,000 candela
Throw Distance ~80 meters (useful light practically)
Runtime 2 hours                       
Battery Two 123A included
Weight 4.0 oz/125 g
Length 5.3 in/13.5 cm
Bezel Diameters 1.13 In/2.9cm

Switch Control Rear Facing Non Slip Button 
Modes Constant/Momentary/Strobe
Lockout System Safety Lever/Head Rotation
Mount Integrated Clamp
Construction Glass Reinforced Nylon
Finish Black or FDE
Waterproof Up to 66 feet/20 meters

Inforce wmlx gen 2 white

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Who Should Buy This Light

The Inforce WMLx Gen 2 light is great for:

  • Range use
  • Home Defense
  • Force on Force training
  • Hunting

What's Included In The Box

Inforce wmlx gen 2 white light packaging
inforce wmlx gen 2 open box

The Inforce WMLx Gen 2 comes in pretty nice and simple packaging, and you get:

Main Features

Lumen & Candela


The Inforce WMLx Gen 2 full size features a light head capable of output 800 lumens and candela (peak beam intensity) up to 10,000 cd.

It's a significant improvement than the Gen 1 model with increased throw distance and brightness.

The Haley Strategic WMLx model offers a verison that can switch between 800 and 400 lumens on their website.

As the flashlight marketplace focus more on lumen intensity as their core marketing effort to push products, over the years, the focus on Candela rating has been more emphasized.

So... as far as beam performance goes for long distance PID (Positive ID), candela is an important spec that enables the light to punch far without dimming down.

Please check out how we tested the Inforce WMLx with 3 other top lights below:

Beam Performance

inforce wmlx gen 2 on cz evo 3 pov

The Inforce WMLx Gen 2 white light has a definitive softened wide flood and center hot spot similar to a Surefire M600.

It can lit up things in front of you and spot things in the dark without any issue.

inforce wmlx gen 2 warehouse ally throw
inforce wmlx gen 2 indoor throw and flood

The beam has a neutral color tint for accurate color rendition, which is what we want for positive ID.

The light can lit up an area fairly well up to 200 ft with bright enough light in the dark, but the center hot spot fades off so much that it's not an effective light for threat control past that distance.

Overall, the light is great for indoor and outdoor applications within 100 ft of effective and useful light.

However, if you want a light that holds a tight hot spot past that 150 - 200 ft distance, we recommend looking into MODLITE PLHv2 or the Cloud Defensive REIN.

Control Ergonomics

inforce wmlx gen 2 on mk18 top handguard

Check out other weapon lights like this one for the MK18 here

The angled light activation thumb button is integrated with the light, and it's an unique design that has never been seen before.

The thumb button is rubberized, it feels pretty solid and positive to operate with

It allows the shooter to mount the light on various rifle handguard locations with natural grip thumb placement to activate the light:

  • 12 o'clock
  • 3 o'clock
  • 9 o'clock
  • 2 o'clock
  • 11 o'clock
  • Other offset locations on a handguard

The mode selector is added to the X series WML to change the light modes between Position A and B via spring loaded lever:

Position A forward with the white indicator facing up, Position B the other way.

Changing the modes feels very positive and fast thanks to the built in spring loaded lever mechanism

  • Constant (Single press on Position A)
  • Strobe (Double tap on Position A)
  • Momentary (Press and release on Position B)

Lockout Systems

inforce wmlx gen 2 safety lever lockout

There are two ways to secure the light from accidental light discharge.

  • Safety lever
  • Unscrew the light head 1/4 rotation

The switch safety lever sticks out from the sides of the rail just enough for the user to flip it up to prevent accidental light discharge

Personally, I think the safety lever isn't a necessary feature to have at all because it's another thing that the user have to worry about that serves no practical purpose.

Battery Performance

inforce wmlx gen 2 full size disassembled

The Inforce WMLx Gen 2 full size weapon light utilizes 2 CR123A batteries to power the light. At the time of this review in 2021, the CR123A batteries have been outdated in the weapon light industry for lacking the juice to power higher lumen & candela outputs, which can make a long gun weapon light PID at longer ranges seriously well under low light.

The new 18650 and 18350 batteries will be the future, and I will be very excited to see Inforce releasing another version of the WML in the near future that uses these new batteries.

Mounting System

inforce wmlx gen 2 on iwi x95

The Inforce WMLx uses spring loaded polymer clamps to lock on the rail with spot tight screw to tighten by tension.

The spring force does feel pretty stiff, and it gives the user the confidence that it can stay on the hardguard tight while withstanding recoil.

In fact, we fired rounds from a SCAR17 and a Benelli M4, the light stays on the gun without any issue.

However, the mounting system gets a grade C for its poor sloppy design to cut cost.

Check out other M1913 light mounts and adpaters

Head Heat Vent

The light head features several heat vent cuts to dissipate heat after long duration of use.

Does it actually work? we will update this section after extensive tests.

Overall Durability

The light feels pretty solid and well made.

The body is made out of glass reinforced nylon, which is a composite material that has roughly 70% more tensile strength compared to regular nylon material.

It's a lightweight construction with increased creep resistance and dimensional stability and service temperature.

However, it's definitely not a light that can handle hard physical rough handling where the light can be easily destroyed from the outside, which can crush the internal components.

inforce wmlx gen 2 on scar 17

One of the weak point that I want to point out is the light head threads polymer threads that can easily crack, and once it cracks, the light head will free spin indefinitely like a stripped bolt and will not stay on the body.

Final Verdict

The Inforce WMLx GEN2 800 lumen is the upgraded model. The light's overall lightweight design and ergonomic control are the two top reasons why people love it.

The angled control ergonomics allows the shooter to naturally place the hand on the handguard while simultaneously operate the light.

The light's 800 lumen capability with that 10K candela can lit up an indoor area fairly good with enough flood and brightness, but it definitely doesn't have the throw punch for long range illumination while mounted on a rifle.

Durability wise, the polymer construction feels solid under normal use, but if the body experiences harsh physical impact it will break, and the spot tight picatinny mounting system needs to be redesigned completely.

The WMLx Gen 2 is lightweight and affordable. It's great for range use, force on force training, but it definitely not a light to use for long range illumination because the throw capability is just not there.

If you are looking for a light that can throw far and survives rough handling instead we recommend the NEW Cloud Defensive REIN


  • Unique design
  • Unique angled control ergonomics
  • Super lightweight
  • Good close range flood
  • Improved mode switcher and safety lever


  • Polymer Light head threads could strip badly
  • Control switch can't be pressed too hard otherwise the light will flicker
Inforce wmlx gen 2 white

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