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Here we have a list of the best weapon lights for Tavor X95. Configure them for tactical training, range session or home defense.

Let's check them out!

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Best X95 Weapon Lights

Streamlight ProTac - Best Overall

streamlight protac hl x on IWI X95

Why we picked this one - The Streamlight ProTac is the alternative option for the Surefire M300 for the price. They have similar performance and features, but slightly different as far as design and lumen intensity.

The ProTac runs on 1 CR123A or 1 AA alkaline battery, which gives the name ProTac Dual Fuel weapon light. It can produce up to 350 lumens that last about 1.75 hours. When on the low lumen setting it’s about 15 hours.

What we love about the ProTac - This weapon light has the same mounting footprint as the Surefire M300C & M600, which means the user can use light mounts made for the Surefire on the ProTac without any issue.

Another great thing is that the light comes with a pressure switch at no additional cost to you. For the performance & best for the money, the ProTac is the way to go.

Surefire M300C - Best Compact Size

Surefire m300c on x95 handguard

Why We Pick This One - The Surefire M300C Scout is the ultimate gold standard for all miniature scout weapon light on the market.

It runs on a single CR123A battery, which can produce up to 500 intense lumens simply by pressing the tail cap switch.

There are tons of Surefire accessories you can buy to customize the mount and activation switches.

Also try MODLITE PLHv2 with a much higher output

Surefire X300U - Best For 12 O' Clock Mount

X95 with surefire x300u
Why people love the X300 - The X300 is the godfather of pistol weapon light and you can also mount it on AR15 and other tactical carbines.

The best spot to mount the X300 on the X95 is the top rail on 12 O' clock... inline with the optic for good grip ergonomics.

The X300 ultra model produces up to 1000 lumen using its LED precision TIR lens (2 CR123A batteries), the bright non lethal concentrated light beam deters threats up close, and also provides extensive peripheral illumination for max situational awareness.

The X300U-B is the same as the X300U-A but with a T-slot mounting design, which allows the user to adjust the tension on the mount even if the rail mount starts to wear out.

Inforce WMLx - Best Control Ergonomics

inforce wmlx gen 2 on iwi x95

The Inforce WMLx is one of our favorites weapon light for its unique ergonomics that allows the shooter to naturally place their thumb over the pressure switch at an angle.

The only complain The light can produce up to 800 lumens of vibrant concentrated white light plenty high-intensity beam fills your field of view for close to mid-range target identification.

Great for night shoot and CQB home defense. The WMLx Series light is ultra-compact, durable, and offers three operating modes: Constant Momentary Strobe Recommend mounting the light on the top rail with

Tips On Setting Up Weapon Light On The X95

The standard 16" barrel X95 has a little bit more rail space to mount the light based on your preferences. The SBR X95 doesn't have much room for accessories, but you can make it work by following the tips listed below:

  • Mount the light and the activation switch for ambi use
  • Mount low profile light on top of the rail as long as you can activate it easily (Surefire X300 works)
  • Mount light at an angle for better ergonomics (No longer Ambi)

Ambidextrous Setup

We recommend the angled Unity Tactical HotButton and SureFire DS00 tail cap. Check this out:

unity tactical hotbutton on x95 rail top unity tactical hotbutton on x95 top rail tilted view

There are other options available like the ModButton, Compare them here

Which ever way you can reach the light and  feel like you can get a positive firm grip, then that's your sweet spot. Then switch hands to see if the control feels the same.