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Here are 7 best Surefire alternatives. These lights provide great positive identification capabilities to firearms and daily carry.

If you're looking for some alternative options here are our choices

Best Surefire Alternatives

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Streamlight TLR 1 HL

hk usp streamlight tlr 1 hl

The TLR 1 HL offers the same 1000 lumens as the Surefire X300U, but it has 20K candela (43% more than Surefire)

More candela is recommended on top of having a high lumen light for defensive pistol applications.

The light is very similar to the X300U, powered by CR123A batteries, and can be activated via paddle switches.

Among all other pistol weapon lights, the Streamlight TLR 1 HL is the best Surefire X300U alternative at a cheaper price.

olight pl pro on kimber 1911 rail

The Olight PL Pro is a good Surefire alternative light that feels very similar to the X300U. In addition, the rechargeable capability makes it a very appealing product for most users who don't like to constantly buy CR123A batteries

You can check out the X300U and PL Pro comparison on our site.

Highest Lumen & Candela – Great for home defense and night class training. This 1500 lumen light with 19600 candela can throw as far as 150 meters of throw in pitch black environment.

The controls on the Olight includes

  • constant on
  • momentary
  • strobe

Ambi Control - Operate the light from both sides and also can be used on long guns.

USB Rechargeable - Charge the PL Pro via USB cable to top off the battery on the go, and saves tons of money buying batteries

Cloud Defensive REIN on SCAR17 KDG rail

Why Pick The REIN - The REIN is a thrower beast. Illuminating everything up to 150 yards is a piece of cake. It works just like other lights and it's by far the best.

Insane Candela Rating (Throw) - Throw the light beam as far as 190 yards (60K cd) without dimming down to clearly PID targets.

Uses The Same Scout Light Mount - Use any scout light mounting accessories from Surefire, Arisaka, IWC...etc on REIN (Works for KeyMod, Picatinny & M-LOK)

Improved Color Rendition - Neutral white light beam tint gives the shooter accurate color rendition under low light.

Accepts Various 18650 Batteries - User can use a wide variety of 18650 batteries from unprotected cell to rechargeable. 

Thick Bezel Lens - S7 tool steel bezel & uses serviceable 3mm thick lens (thicker than anything else out there right now) to significant beef up the durability of the light. 

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Warrior X Pro Black 1

Why Olight is our first pick - Want more throw performance out of the SF M600 DF ? The Olight Warrior X Pro has 4X the performance right out of the box for a long gun light or use it as a power handheld light.

Insane Throw Performance - On Turbo mode (Full Press) the light can output up to 62500 candela, which is about 3.5X more than most lights you can buy from the internet or local hardware stores.

For distances up to 200 yards, the beam can lit up a whole side of a small house and be able to make out all the details in low light.

USB Rechargeable - Charge via an USB cable and use and train the light as much as you like and save tons of money buying batteries 

Improved Tail Cap - Upgraded from the original Warrior X model with 3 extruded small wings to prevent accidental thumb press.

Stick It Anywhere - Stick the magnetic tail cap to any metal surface for hands free light support.

Added Strike Bezel - Strong Crenulated strike bezel made for chipping wood, break glass and personal defense


  • Lumen Intensity - 2250 Lumens (Turbo Mode)
  • Candela - 62500 Candela
  • Throw Distance - 500 - 600 meters
  • Beam type - Focused Hot Spot & Wide Spill
  • Battery - 3.6V 5000 mAh
  • Length - 5.87"
  • Bezel Diameter - 1.54"
  • Weight - 8.43 oz

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modlite full size on mk18

Why MODLITE PLHv2 - The MODLITE PLHV2 has more throw performance than the M600DF. You can buy a complete MODLITE PLHv2 or just replace the Surefire KE2-DF head with the PLHv2 head.

Other Options - Besides the PLHv2 head, you can also pick the following replacement heads:

Why the NEW Odin Mini - The new Olight Odin Mini is the best affordable option for the Surefire Scout Mini with 2X the beam performance for indoor applications plus new features.

Included Magnetic Pressure Switch - Locked the tail cap in place simply by pushing the anti-slip knurling ring in place without any tools. 

CQB effective beam pattern - See in pitch black and not miss a thing from your 9 O'clock to 3 O'clock.  

The Olight Odin Mini is only around $135 if you shop on OlightStore.com if you use the 

Exclusive 10% OFF codeOLIGHTSTORE10

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streamlight protac hl x on benelli m4

The Streamlight ProTac HL X is the alternative option for the Surefire M600DF for the price that pretty much includes everything right out of the box that don't require additional purchases.

Improved Throw & Color Rendition - The HL beam with neutral color tint delivers a great close up performance up to 120 yards, which is plenty to positive ID subjects with details and gives accurate color rendition.

18650 Battery Compatible - The ProTac HLX runs on 2 CR123A or 1 18650 rechargeable battery for higher output and saves more money without buying batteries if you train a lot. 

Compatible With Scout Mounts - The light can be mounted via the popular scout mounts without buying something proprietary

Serviceable Lens - The light bezel with the built in lens can be twisted off for replacement if it's shattered due to sim rounds during force on force training 

Added Strobe Mode - No other Scout light on the market feature this, and the Streamlight ProTac HL X features it to add unique tactical capability for signaling and disorientation.

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inforce wmlx gen 2 on iwi x95

Why This One? - Inforce WMLx 's amazing angled pressure switch ergonomics makes it right out of the box one of the best weapon light for rifles and subguns.

The light produces up to and 800 lumens, which is 300 lumens more than the SF Mini Scout at 1/3 the price.

A whole Surefire setup including a mount and a pressure switch can be added up to be around $400. If you're starting new as a broke-ass new gun owner, the Inforce WMLx is actually a better option to start.

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Handheld Lights

olight m2r pro side view

Why people like this one - The Olight M2R is a very popular defensive handheld flashlights and it's rechargeable.

More Throw - Illuminate as far as 190 meters for mid range illumination on Turbo mode, and use it for signaling or blinding

Instant Strobe Mode - Press the tactical tail cap to instantly activate the strobe for signaling or disorientation applications (Once the tail cap switch is configured)

Stick It Anywhere - Use the magnetic tail cap to your advantage. Stick it to any metal surface for hands free light support.

Low Lumen Option - Use as little as 1 lumen for low profile tasks in the dark that doesn't blind the eye for search and assessment

Rechargeable Battery - Use as much as you like and just recharge it

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