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In this comparison review, we check out two weapon lights: Olight PL Pro VS Surefire X300U

I have used the Surefire X300U for almost a 12 years, and it's one of my favorite pistol light for low light training and a carry light. However, I also find Olight PL Pro's design with very similar ergonomics and USB rechargeable features appealing.

Two of these products are very popular, and here are what I liked and disliked for each product.

Olight PL Pro VS Surefire X300U Comparison

When it comes to lumen and candela outputs, the Olight PL Pro is the better option !

When it comes to mil-spec durability and holster options, Surefire X300U is a better deal. 

Light Beam Differences


Both lights have center hot spot and wide flood spills that are very common in pistol weapon lights for peripheral illumination.

  • Olight PL Pro (1500 lumens)
  • Surefire X300U (1000 lumens)

The Olight TIR reflector lens(1500 lumens) has a stronger beam because the increased candela rating (13800 cd) than Surefire (11300 cd).

odin mini outdoor at night

Note: First time Olight PL Pro users, please press and hold both switches at the same time for about 2 secs until the brightness increases, indicating it has exited lockout more. (PL PRO ships in Lockout mode)

When it comes to which light performs better if ambient light and back lights are present, the winner has to be the Olight for the higher candela.


Higher candela light have a easier time punching through photonic barriers, and it's something low light training talks about alot.

Learn More: What's Photonic Barrier

However, the Olight has a built in temperature control which will regulate the lumen output to a lower setting. It depends on how you use your light and how much you use it, the reduced lumen is not favorable.

Holster Options

Surefire X300 has more holster options - Need a holster? There are more light holsters made for the surefire and streamlight products than anything else.

The Olight PL Pro however, just doesn't have many holster options at all. If you want to carry your light with you, the X300 is the better light to get and you don't have to run into holster issues.

This doesn't make Olight PL Pro a bad light. In fact, it's a great weapon light for home defense, and there is no need to get a light holster for it.

Mount Differences

Olight PL pro vs surefire

Both mounts are effective, but there are some differences to consider. The Olight PL Pro features a QD lever-style mount that is easy to operate, while the Surefire X300U offers both rail lock and T-slot mounts. For the X300U, we recommend using the T-slot mount.

However, the QD lever on the Olight PL Pro may be prone to snagging due to its protruding design. Additionally, the Olight has a muzzle safe mounting design that eliminates the need to slide the light from the front of the muzzle back and put your hands over the muzzle.

While this isn't a major concern as long as basic gun safety is observed, it is worth noting. The Surefire X300U boasts a cooler-looking mount and is generally considered superior to the Olight in this regard.

Control Differences

Surefire x300u vs olight pl pro control switch

The Surefire X300 boasts superior controls. While the Olight PL Pro shares some similarities, it is essentially a copycat of the Surefire X300, but with a better control switch design.

The Olight PL Pro features constant on, momentary, and strobe modes that can be accessed from both sides. However, the electronic push button on the Olight senses the length of time you press it before performing the corresponding function.

This design is inferior to the rocker type switch found on the Surefire X300 because there is a delay and you cannot quickly activate momentary mode with a simple tap. Instead, you must hold the button down, which can slow you down and potentially affect your motor skills during high-stress situations.

3V CR123A VS 3.6V Li Ion Battery

olight pl pro usb charging vs surefire cr123A batteries 1

Olight has achieved a new 1500 lumen output by using their new 3.6V battery that can be recharged through USB. The basic idea behind most modern weapon lights is that higher voltage results in higher lumen output, which is why newer batteries are being used to produce more lumens.

With the trend of intensities exceeding 1000 lumens, the 3V CR123A battery can no longer support the high output. The Surefire X300U still uses 2 CR123A batteries to power a 1000 lumens light, which is sufficient for most tactical applications.

However, if you require higher lumen and candela output, then the Olight PL Pro is the optimal choice. Additionally, you can save money on batteries if you use the light frequently.

Overall Durability

The Surefire X300U weapon light is designed for duty use and is preferred by serious users for real-world scenarios over the Olight.

The Surefire brand is targeted towards government agencies and law enforcement, while Olight is aimed at the consumer market. On the other hand, the Olight PL Pro has better battery consumption and allows for unlimited training without burning through a lot of batteries.

Both lights are durable and can perform well under normal circumstances without physical abuse, but the Surefire light feels slightly higher in quality.

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