Review Cloud Defensive REIN [Insane Throw Performance]

The wait is over! In this review guide we will take a look at the NEW Cloud Defensive REIN full size model.

The REIN is a highly anticipated weapon light following the overwhelming popularity of the Cloud Defensive OWL. The REIN is more modular and ever more powerful to give what the communities have asked for.

So...Is the REIN as good as what it has been hyped up to be? or is it just another attempt to beat the Surefire Scout

Without wasting your time... let's get into it.

Core Specs

  • CANDELA 60,000
  • LUMENS 1,400
  • RUN TIME 120 minuntes
  • LENGTH 6.172″
  • HEAD OD 1.40″
  • WEIGHT without battery 5.29 oz.
  • WEIGHT with battery 6.91 oz.
  • BATTERY 18650
  • WEIGHT with pic mount only: 6.14 oz.
  • WEIGHT with 18650 only: 6.91 oz.
  • WEIGHT with 18650 + pic mount: 7.76 oz.
  • COMPLETE KIT WEIGHT remote switch + 18650 + pic mount: 8.54 oz.

Overall weight of REIN remote switch with 5” wire & tail insert

What's Included In The Packaging

cloud defensive rein packaging
cloud defensive rein all included items

Items included in the complete REIN packaging are:

  • Cloud Defensive REIN
  • 18650 Battery
  • NITECORE UI2 USB Charger
  • Tail cap control & Pressure switch
  • Sticker

What Applications Is REIN Best Used For

The Cloud Defensive REIN is great for:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Military
  • Long range low light identification (Especially up to 200 yrds)
  • Home Defense
  • Hunting

There are tons of unique features of this light that will fundamentally change how weapon lights will be designed in the future and we will cover all of it in this review guide.

We're going to cover its core specs, unique features, configurable modularity, durability and most importantly its lumen & candela performance.

As we go over each feature of the light, the more you look at it the more impressive the REIN will be. In the next section, we're going to dig more into it.

Cloud Defensive REIN Unique Selling Points

cloud defensive rein full size light disassembled
  • Beast thrower even more than the MODLITE OKW 
  • Super durable bezel construction
  • Serviceable and thickest 3mm lens 
  • Flexible wiring routing

The tactical flashlights technology has came a long way from the days of just 120 - 300 lumens to what it is today.

Cloud Defensive took all positive things from traditional weapon lights over the years that people liked & redesigned the things people didn't like about the scout variant lights, and have built the REIN from scratch.

Unlike MODLITE heads that are designed to screw onto a Surefire M600DF for better output, the Cloud Defensive REIN is a brand new light from the top to the bottom that has everything in one package.

Lumen & Candela Performance

cloud defensive rein light stream
cloud defensive light beam at night

The Cloud Defensive REIN can outputs up to 1400 lumens & 60K candela on a fully charged battery.

Out of all the features we will cover in this review, the Candela rating is the number one thing that people are going crazy about the REIN. 60K candela rating is the highest rating exist today for a rifle mounted weapon light.

The user can use this light to illuminate an target area as far as 150 yards with a tight and bright focused beam to positively ID the target & the reflector

cloud defensive rein with eotech exps3

We love the fact that Cloud Defensive markets the importance of Candela rating better than any other companies out there.

The use of one single 18650 battery enables much higher output than using 2 traditional CR123A batteries. At the time of reviewing the REIN, the tactical light industry is slowly transitioning away from CR123A and more 18650 type tactical flashlights will be introduced in the future.

Beam Pattern & Color Tint

Cloud Defensive REIN light pattern 18650
Cloud Defensive REIN light beam and throw

The REIN has an incredible candela rating that can throw the focused light beam very far in low light to ID areas of interest.

At closer ranges, the reflector on the REIN can illuminate the surrounding to maximize situational awareness, and it can also throw the spill a bit further down range to provide more illumination that other lights with focus light beams can't.

cloud defensive light beam color tint

During out testing, the REIN's light beam does seem to have a warmer tint that reduces the color contrast of the area of interest under low light, which isn't a neutral white tint or cool tint.

Neutral white tint is the most preferred light beam color tint, which gives the user more accurate color rendition under low light.

cloud defensive rein on mk18 indoor

Here is why...

Too warm or too bluish cool color tint can often skew the perception of colors in the dark.

Such as white looks like blue, red looks like black...etc

It can be an issue for law enforcement & military applications where positively identifying things in the dark is paramount whether be a person or a building among many other color variations in the environment.

Configurable Tail Cap

cloud defensive rein tail cap modurality
cloud defensive REIN tail cap switch

Another cool feature of the Cloud Defensive REIN is its end cap design that allows for better cable management and tail cap push button switch for added reliability redundancy.

Pressure Switch & Cable Management

Cloud Defensive's LCS (Light Control System) is an unique pressure switch system designed for the Scout lights, and it's now integrated with the REIN to offer even more cable management support.

cloud defensive rein tail cap switch
mk18 with cloud defensive rein pressure switch

The REIN invented the tail cap to have the cable stick out from the side of the light, and it also allows the user to switch its orientation based on where the light is mounted on the handguard.

  • No more force swing the cable around the switch to the other side
  • No more snag hazard & zero exposed cable
  • No more bending stiff switch cable that could degrade voltage flow
  • No more excess cable sticking out
  • No more zip tie
  • Perfect for clean SBR handguard setups

Unlike traditional weapon light setups on top of using a laser device, the "rear exit type" light cables tend to stick out on the rifle handguard. Sometimes cables can pose snag hazard.

Even though there are many companies out there making better pressure switches like Unity Tactical's Hot Button, where the cable is bend to tuck the cable in closer to the handguard, but Cloud Defensive came up with something completely new for the REIN.


cloud defensive branded USB battery charger

The REIN uses 18650 battery that provides much higher outputs. One thing to note about the REIN is that it can accept various types of 18650 batteries.

Since not all 18650 batteries are made the same, especially length-wise. In order to solve this issue, the added battery jack inside the body allows the use of a wide variety of batteries from unprotected cell to rechargeable.

As 18650 battery becomes the new standard for weapon light use, it's has a much higher discharge rate (~50% more) and battery capacity than 2 brand new CR123A batteries.

A typical 18650 battery is good for about 300 deep cycles that costs about $9-11 and it's rechargeable, while a non rechargeable CR123A costs about $1.

Not only the 18650 battery runs longer and harder, it saves tons of money and can be recharged on the go if you go one step further by using a USB solar battery bank, and the user no longer has to rely on the power grid.

Mounting Points

The Cloud Defensive REIN has built in scout mounting footprints, so any scout light mounting accessories from Surefire, Arisaka, IWC...etc can be used with the REIN (Works for KeyMod, Picatinny & M-LOK)

cloud defensive REIN and Surefire M600 scout mounting footprint
cloud defensive rein on mk18 outdoor
Cloud Defensive REIN on SCAR17 KDG rail

Since there are already tons of scout light mounting systems available on the market, and it has been around for a long time, they work and most people like them. So we are very happy to see that the Cloud Defensive REIN is compatible with it.

Serviceable Lens & Bezel Durability

cloud defensive REIN lens bezel threads

The Cloud Defensive REIN features a serviceable lens, and the bezel is made with S7 tool steel to significant beef up the durability of the light.

Since weapon lights are hard-use tools that subject to impact, shock, recoil & other physical abuse, the S7 tool steel has about 53 Rockwell rating and is the same type of steel used to make jack-hammer bits.

It's hard enough not to bend or crack.

Since the lens is one of the most common failure points historically speaking, the REIN features a 3mm thick glass lens that is thicker than anything else out there right now.

cloud defensive rein serviceable lens 3mm

Because the lens is much more durable, it can withstand multiple hits of 5.56mm simunition rounds at point blank distance. It's very strong and it's isolated from sharp vibration.

However, it will still break if dropped hard on its head or placed next to a side blasting muzzle brake. Cloud Defensive understands that damage will happen and they want to make it as easy as possible for the end user to fix, which we will talk about next.

If the lens break, all you have to do is to replace the lens by disassemble the bezel in less than a minute give or take.

The user never have to contact customer support or send the light to Cloud Defensive. So no waiting around or mess with any warranty.

Final Verdict - Get It or No?

cloud defensive rein in rain

Definitely get it!

The Cloud Defensive REIN is the next generation field grade weapon light optimized for any rifle based applications. If you're looking for your first high-end weapon light for training or home defense, the Cloud Defensive REIN is one of the top products to get today.

Just a recap! there are 4 things that REALLY makes the CD REIN stands out:

Insane 60K Candela For Far Reach - The use of rechargeable 18650 battery technology is a game changer that enables higher output lumens & candela to make target identification much easier at long ranges that not many weapon lights on the market today can offer.

Compatible With All Scout Mounts - People love the scout lights and the REIN is compatible with all popular scout light mounts that are readily available on the market today

Configurable End Cap For Better Cable Management - The 90 degree cable angle can be adjusted in 4 different positions based on where the orientation of the light mounted on the handguard. In addition, it eliminated annoying cable snag hazard and provides a clean setup.

Serviceable Lens For Easier Damage Replacement - It makes lens replacement much easier by eliminating the need to contact the warranty department & wait time.

Where To Buy

If you're interested in the Cloud Defensive REIN and loved everything you've seen so far in this review guide, you can visit Cloud Defensive to purchase the light directly (They offer military discounts)

Or check out OpticsPlanet (Discount codes offered & OP bucks can be earned).