Best Tactical Weapon Lights For Rifles – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

The best accessories a tactical rifle should get besides an optic is a weapon light with a good throw.

In this buyer’ guide, we will take a look at a list of the best tactical flashlight for rifles like AR15, SCAR and other hard hitting centerfire rifles.

The major difference between a rifle light vs a pistol light is the emphasis on:

  • High candela (More distance throw)
  • Hot spot (Positive ID)
rapid fire ar with surefire scout gif

You rather have those specs on a light, to hot spot a target far away, and put as much lux as possible onto the target, and remove theirs visual horizon and limit their options.

Surefire Scout is the gold standard weapon light for long guns, but we want to show you other great products, including powerful handheld light that can also be used on a rifle.

Let’s check them out…


Best Tactical Rifle Weapon Lights

Modlite OKW – Best Throw Performance

Img Referenced Big Tex Outdoors

Why it’s the best overall – Modlite makes the next level scout type weapon light.

In many ways it’s a better  than a Surefire Scout as far as having modularity and increased throw distance in mind. Whether you shoot more indoor, or outdoor, the OKW will not do you wrong!

Almost 4X more throw – Among all the high candela lights, the Modlite OKW features a 69,000 candela refector, which is about 400% more than a Surefire M600DF and about ~27% more than the Cloud Defensive OWL.

This is perfect for a tight beam for threat control and for PID further out in the distances.

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pid at long distance

Even though the lumen is only 680, throw of this thing for a medium range rifle is outstanding in the dark than a 1000 lumens light with less candela.

Feels like a Surefire & It’s even better – The light assembles the feel of a Surefire Scout, and its powered by a 18650 battery (CR123A Not supported), and the user can swap out the head for:

  • IR
  • PLHv2 head ( 1350 lumens / 54K candela)

If youre already a Surefire Scout DF owner, you can swap the head with Modlite to get the performance Surefire doesnt offer.

While lumen output with this light is similar to the Surefire M600DF head, the throw is much better suited to a rifle mounted application at more than 3X the amount throw than the M600DF.

MSRP – 349.99

Best known price $280, at Brownells

Cloud Defensive OWL

cloud defensive owl
Img Referenced Cloud Defensive

Why we rank this as our #2 – The Cloud Defensive OWL (1250 lumens) is the strongest and most reliable light even more than the Surefire Scout. For anyone shooting in the dark past 150 yards to 200 yards, this is THE most modular light to get for CQB and medium range rifles.

The features we like the most about the OWL is its incredible candela ratings & reversible ergonomics.

The Throw is amazing – The OWL (50K candela) has 2X more than its competitors, which allows the light beam to penetrate far into the distance up to 400 yards, while other lights have already dimmed down at about 200 yards.

Unique Control – The reversible control switch ergonomics feels like the BE Meyer MAWL, in which the control switch is integrated with the light unit, and it’s very much a dedicated weapon light that can be mounted on either side of the rifle, for lefty & righty shooters.

The only cons of this thing is its slightly larger size, which felt like something just sticks out the side of the rifle.

Oh by the way, this thing is literally indestructible… Just watch!

cloud defensive owl torture test
Referenced Real Dirty Reviews (Watch Here)

MSRP – 432

Best known price $280, at OpticsPlanet

[NEW] Olight Odin – Best Surefire Scout Alternative

Why we love the Odin – The Odin is the best-dedicated 2000 lumens rifle Scout light that Olight has ever made to compete with the Surefire Scout.

For the price of 1 Surefire M600 Scout, you can buy two Olight Odin’s if you have multiple rifle setup.

Use Any Surefire Scout Mount – The light comes with built-in Scout mounting points so you can use any existing Scout light mounts you have for KeyMod, Picatinny or MLOK.

If you don’t have one you can shop here.

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Biggest Pressure Switch Improvement – No more complaints about the old magnetic pressure switch cord snag on stuff and come off, the new design allows it to the user to snap the retainer in place and it stays on solid.

If you don’t want to use the pressure switch you can take it off and activate the light using tail cap switch, the same type found on Warrior X Pro and M2R Warrior.

Adjustable Lumen Intensity – Another cool feature the Odin has its the ability to switch from 300 to 2000 lumens for adjusting to your lighting situations.

As much as we love American made Surefire products, but it’s expensive, and Surefire got to be more competitive in today’s manufacturing game because Olight is really breathing down their neck right now with way more powerful products at a more affordable price.

MSRP – 159

Best known price $143, at OLIGHT USA use 10% code OLIGHTSTORE10

Or buy from Amazon

Surefire M600DF Scout

surefire m600df weapon light
Img Referenced Surefire

Why we pick this – it’s the most classic scout light that has been around for a long time, and we like it for its real life combat track record, and now it has been upgraded for more lumen intensity.

The Dual Fuel can punch out 1500 lumens white LED running on 18650 battery, and 1000 while running on 2X CR123A.

Referenced TREX ARMS

Accepts aftermarket parts – If you have read the Modlite recommendation above, the Surefire M600 Scout DF can accept different Modlite Scout light heads.

At anytime, you can decide to swap out the factory M600 Scout head with the aftermarket light head for increased performance. Highly recommended if you run into light performance limitations out in the field.

The 18650 full length scout light body is constructed with 6061 T6 aerospace aluminum, and under reasonable circumstances this light is virtually indestructible.

In addition, all Surefire lights accept pressure switch, which is essential for rifle operators.

MSRP – 299

Best known price $269, at OpticsPlanet

or buy on Amazon

Olight Warrior Pro X


Why it’s so bad assOlight Warrior X Pro is a powerful outdoor utility light with a 96K candela rating, which is perfect for a long gun engaging targets past 500 – 600 yards.

Ridiculously high candela rating – a maximum of 2250 lumens (96,000 candela) and 650 meters of throw, even more powerful than the Modlite OKW head.

Very versatile – The Warrior X Pro is a powerful handheld light, for rifle use you must get the Olight magnetic pressure switch, and the only cons of the switch is that it’s not secure enough.

The Warrior X PRO uses a 5000mAh 21700 battery included in the package with a max run time of 8 hours, and it’s rechargeable through battery swap or USB magnetic charge.

Super easy to operate and it’s one of the best handheld lights that can be used on a rifle or a shotgun.

MSRP – 129

Best known price $129, at Amazon

Why Rifle Light Need More Throw (More Candela)

A Longer throw with a hot center beam can lit up the environment further into the distance, to positively identify targets & control the threat at a safe distance.

Another reason is that a strong light works well in urban environment where the quality of the light wont get affected by fog, ambient light or other light source.

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