5 Best Tactical Lights For Benelli M4 Shotgun

MODLITE PLHv2 on Surefire M600DF body
We have field tested many lights on the market, and here are the best tactical weapon light for the Benelli M4 

Don't waste money buying amature quality lights for this high end combat shotgun, get what the pros are using!

Our Best For Benelli M4 Light Picks

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Surefire M600DF - Best Overall

Surefire m600df on benelli m4 handguard

The Surefire M600 DF 's biggest selling point is its TIR beam that maximizes peripheral illumination that is perfect for shotgun applications.

Increased Lumen - The light can produce up to 1500 lumens using the 18650 battery for higher output, and it can also use 2 CR123A for 1200 lumens. Most of the time, 18650 battery is used when using this light.

Light Head Upgradeable - Want even more throw than the default light head? the MODLITE SYSTEM PLHv2 Head works with the SF M600 18650 body for 2.5X increased (candela) throw with a tight focused beam for long range use.

• PLHv2 1500 lumens (DF replacement head, 54K Candela)

Mil-Spec Durability - All Surefire Scout products are made to mil-spec standards for military applications that can handle heat, rough handling and ensures the light turns on every time.

Tons Of Accessories - The SF600DF accepts all kinds of tail end switches and mount accessories for the most effective ergonomics.

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Inforce WMLx Gen 2 - Most Ergonomical Control

inforce wmlx on benelli m4

What people love about this one -The Inforce WML is a super popular modular weapon light for many tactical rifles, PCC, and shotgun users for its amazing ergonomics.

Made with a glass-reinforced polymer body, which reduced the weight and increased high-impact durability. Great for high recoil firearm like the Benelli M4.

Weighing just 4 ounces, it produces a concentrated light spot, which is far-reaching and provides significant light for situational awareness and long-distance target identification.

What we like the most about this light on the M4 is its angled pressure activation light switch, which felt very natural for the shooters on a modular handguard.

Highly recommended for its durability, performance and price point.

MSRP: $208

Best Price $195

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Surefire M300 - Lightest Size

surefire m300 weapon scout light on benelli m4
Image Referenced Impact Weapons Components

Why People Still Buy Surefire - The Surefire M300C Scout is the ultimate gold standard for all miniature style weapon light on the market. With the right light mount on the Benelli M4, this thing is the best shotgun weapon light you can get on the market besides the M600 (long version).

It runs on a single CR123A battery, which can produce up to 500 intense lumens simply by pressing the tail cap switch.

Depend on how you setup your Benelli M4, whether be a regular 18" or a short barrel M4, you can get the tail cap pressure switch adapter for the M300C to fit your tactical preference.

If getting the best shotgun weapon light for the M4 is what you're looking for, the Surefire M300C is the one to go with.

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Surefire G2X - Multi Use

The Surefire G2X is a virtually indestructible tactical flashlight that can be used as handheld or weapon-mounted (with ring clamp mount).

Its 600 lumens of maximum output plus its Nitrolon® polymer bodies are ideal features for a home defense shotgun light. Powerful, lightweight & affordable.

When high-intensity illumination isn't needed, the user can cycle between 600 and 15 lumens on command.

What we love about the G2X Pro - The tail-cap switch that works very well when mounted on the Benelli M4 with the right ergonomic light mount... similar to the M300 and M600, but it's way cheaper.

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Streamlight ProTac HL X - Best Duty Grade

streamlight protac hl x on benelli m4

The Streamlight ProTac HL X is the alternative option for the Surefire M600DF for the price that pretty much includes everything right out of the box that don't require additional purchases. 

18650 Battery Compatible - The ProTac HLX runs on 2 CR123A or 1 18650 rechargeable battery for higher output and saves more money without buying batteries if you train a lot. 

Compatible With Scout Mounts - The light can be mounted via the popular scout mounts without buying something proprietary

Improved Throw & Color Rendition - The HL beam with neutral color tint delivers a great close up performance up to 120 yards, which is plenty to positive ID subjects with details and gives accurate color rendition.

Serviceable Lens - The light bezel with the built in lens can be twisted off for replacement if it's shattered due to sim rounds during force on force training 

Added Strobe Mode - No other Scout light on the market feature this, and the Streamlight ProTac HL X features it to add unique tactical capability for signaling and disorientation.

Read Detailed ProTac HLX Review Here

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Olight Odin - Best Value

Olight Odin on benelli m4 shotgun
Features Magpul Aluminum M LOK Mount

Why we picked this light - The NEW Odin series light is tough & held up very well to drops, recoil, and water submersion, which puts it on our top list.

The light comes with built-in Scout mounting points so you can use any existing Scout light mounts you have for KeyMod, Picatinny, or MLOK.

If you don't have one you can shop here.

Highest lumen and Candela - 2000 lumens and 22500 candela are hard to find on the market for under $140, and the Odin is that price friendly Scout light best bang for the buck.

Improved Magnetic Pressure Switch - No more complaints about the old magnetic pressure switch cord snag on stuff and come off, the new design allow it to the user to snap the retainer in place and it stays on solid.

USB Rechargeable battery - While other Scout weapon light is still using the CR123A technology, the 21700 3.6V 500mAh rechargeable battery packs a lot of juice for the Odin, and the user no longer need to buy batteries.

QD Scout Mount Included - It's always nice when the mount already comes in the packaging. The mount is very solid and offers two mounting points to orient the Odin the way you want on your Picatinny handguard.

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Recommended Benelli M4 Light Mounts

Impact Weapons Components

Impact Weapon Component M4 scout mount

This lightweight (1.27 oz) part clamps onto the snap ring groove on the barrel lug and can accepts any lights with Scout mounting footprint.

It provides a rock solid mounting platform for the light and places it forward / at about 11 o'clock position for the user to grip the handguard and operate the tail switch.

The mount also includes two anti-rotation QD sling attachment points for anyone adding a sling to it.

Get It Here

Strike Industries Hayl MLOK Modular M4 Forend

Strike Industries' Hayl MLOK handguard was the first M LOK style forend made for the M4.

The HAYL MLOK handguard allows more modular handguard configuration to accept lights, control switches, grips and other sling attachment accessories.

The installation is very easy, just take it out of the box and slide it on right on the shotgun and secure the 4 set screws...done!

This is by far the best because not many companies out there are making stuff for it.

Get It Here

Other Recommended Accessories For Benelli M4

Image Referenced TREX ARMS

Benelli M4 still remains the gold standard of autoloading gas operated 12GA combat shotguns.

Adding red dot reflex sight to the platform to increase target acquisition speed and accuracy.

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