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In this detailed review guide let's take a look at the Olight Warrior X Pro. It's the upgraded model from the original Warrior X with a thicker body, tail switch, increased magnetic strength & higher LED output.

The light features crenulated strike bezel & high performing lumen & insane candela rating for long distance low light illumination and tactical use.

Olight has been raising the bar on making high end flashlights more and more, and the Warrior X Pro is one of its kind on the market made for people looking specially looking for a powerful USB rechargeable handheld light that can be used in a wide range of low light applications.

In this short review, we gonna check out its packaging, specs, build quality illumination performance, and various ways this light can be used.

Let's check it out...

Olight Warrior X Pro Core Specs

olight warrior x pro back side
Warrior X Pro side front
  • Lumen Intensity - 2250 Lumens (Turbo Mode)
  • Candela - 62500 Candela
  • Throw Distance - 500 - 600 meters
  • Beam type - Focused Hot Spot & Wide Spill
  • Battery - 3.6V 5000 mAh
  • Length - 5.87"
  • Bezel Diameter - 1.54"
  • Weight - 8.43 oz
Warrior X Pro Black 1


Who Is This Light Made For

The Olight Warrior X Pro is a powerful medium sized tactical flashlight for self defense, search & rescue, law enforcement, military & hunting.

The light's insane throw performance makes it great for rifle based applications and other long distance low light illumination.

What's Comes In The Box

Olight warrior x pro packaging outside
olight warrior x pro included items

The light comes in a nice iPhone alike packaging and includes the following:

  • Olight Warrior X Pro
  • 21700 Battery
  • Light holster
  • USB Battery Charging cable
  • Steel pocket clip
  • User Manual
  • Lanyard
  • Tactical Grip Adapter

Core Selling Points - Why People Love It

Lumen Intensity

Olight warrior x pro handheld low light

The Olight Warrior X Pro features 2100 lumen intensity output on the Turbo mode at the CREE LED bulb providing the user the brightest light beam among other medium sized Olight tactical light series.

The tail switch also allows the user to activate 300 lumens by pressing the switch half way down for appropriate lighting needs.

Throw Distance (Candela)

Olight warrior x pro throw distance

The 600 meter throw capability of the Olight Warrior X Pro is the core feature performance we want to highlight in this review.

On Turbo mode (Full Press) the light can output up to 62500 candela, which is about 3.5X more than most lights you can buy from the internet or local hardware stores.

It's absolutely great for low light search, hunting and other rifle based applications.

The increased depth & diameter of the reflector has lot to do with the high candela output.

Olight warrior x pro throw outdoor

Based on our testing indoor and outdoor shown below, the tight focused light beam maintains the hot spot without any issue identifying objects and target silhouette up to 100 - 300 yards (No ambient light or fog), then the intensity starts to fade as the distance increases.

Olight warrior x pro throw outdoor close up

The 600 meter marketed throw rating is what the light can do, but it doesn't underline how much usable light there is left when shining at something that far away. So to get the most amount of usable light beam before it fades off is about 0 - 300 meters give or take.

Light Beam Pattern

olight warrior x pro vs olight odin beam pattern

The Olight Warrior X Pro has a focused light beam and a definitive wide spill. The focused beam combined with 62500 candela can punch the light beam as far as it can in low light conditions.

For close up applications, the Warrior X Pro's reflector gives the beam a super wide spill that can illuminate about a 16 - 20 feet diameter right in front of the user without panning the light side to side for search.

The spill pattern is very similar to the Surefire M600 Scout TIR lens, but it's much brighter due to the higher lumen & candela output.

For long range applications up to 50 - 80 yards, the hot spot can lit up a deer size target and the user will visually make out all the contrast and details of the subject in the dark.

For distances up to 200 yards, the beam can lit up a whole side of a small house and be able to make out all the details in low light.


Olight warrior x pro disassembled

The Warrior X Pro ships with a 5000 mAh 3.6 Volt 21700 rechargeable battery capable of lasting 8 hrs on just 300 lumens.

But most people will resort to the turbo mode, which will last about 2 mins on constant on, then it will drop lumen intensity due to the built in temperature safety feature, which we will talk in the next section

One nice feature we absolutely love is that the user can charge the battery by sticking the USB magnetic cord on the tail cap without taking out the battery.

Temperature Regulated Output

Since the light is capable of high lumen & candela output, the temperature regulated output prevents the light from overheating.

So 2250 lumen intensity will last about 2 minutes, then drop down to 1000 lumens for about 100 minutes, and eventually it will power down to 300 lumens for 23 mins.

It saves battery and prevents overheating. Once the light has cooled down, the lumen intensity goes back to normal.



The Olight Warrior X Pro is a beefer version than the original Warrior X. Based on the image shown below, the light is slightly longer and thicker for increased durability.

The light can survive 3 meter of drop test, but through our throw test, the light stays functional after tossing about 12 feet in the air with inevitable impact scratches.

The crenulated strike bezel is strong enough for striking and it doesn't seem to affect the light at all as long as the it doesn't make contact with the lens.

In case the crenulated strike bezel is deformed due to excessive force, it can be replaced.

Activation Switch

The basic operation of the activation switch is the same for most Olight products.

  • Half Press - 1000 lumens
  • Full Press - 2250 lumens
  • Hold & Release - Momentary
  • Quick firm press & release - Constant on

The tail cap switch has been upgraded from the original Warrior X model with 3 extruded small wings to prevent accidental thumb press.

In addition, the strength of the magnet on the tail cap has increased for the USB charge cable and to stick the light on steel surfaces without falling.

Ways People Can Use It

olight warrior x pro on backpack holster
  • Use it for hunting
  • Mount it on a rifle
  • Personal defense
  • Outdoor adventure
  • Utility

  • Optional Accessories For The Tail Cap

    The Warrior X Pro can also accept the original magnetic picatinny pressure switch for rifle based application for better user ergonomics.

    However, the original design doesn't lock onto the tail cap, which can easily get disconnected.

    The newest Olight Odin series and the Olight Warrior X Turbo feature the new tail cap design that accepts the Olight ROD 7 lockable pressure switch, but it's NOT compatible with the Warrior X Pro.

    So that will be the only downside we discovered when testing the light for rifle use.

    Other Included Accessories

    The Tactical Grip Ring can be installed on the light for better grip and it can also be used as a grip stop to prevent the light from slipping.

    If the light is to be used on a rifle, you need a ring clamp light mount. You can get that from Impact Weapon Component.

    We recommend them because there are available for picatinny, MLOK and Keymod systems.

    Final Verdict

    The Olight Warrior X Por is one hell of a tactical light that is very bright and versatile for various applications especially for long range low light illumination.

    It's tough built, rechargeable and great for outdoor use. The light can also be used as a weapon light for those that are looking something with more candela rating in the range of 50K+, which makes the Warrior X Pro one of the top products among MODLITE PLHv2 and Cloud Defensive OWL as far as illumination performance goes without spending over $140.

    Or check out the Olight Odin series light.

    We wouldn't consider the Warrior X Pro a everyday carry light because it's big for pocket carry, it doesn't have lower lumen modes for low profile low light tasks. Instead we recommend you to check out the Olight M2R Warrior Pro for EDC use.

    Overall it's a superior light at a great price point.


    • Increased durability than previous model
    • Improved tail cap magnetic strength
    • Increased Candela rating for long range illumination
    • Super tight hot spot & wide spill
    • Rechargeable
    • Allows for pressure switch use


    • Magnetic tail cap doesn't accept lockable ROD7 pressure switch (Only available for Olight Warrior X Turbo)
    • A bit heavy for rifle based application compared to Surefire, Modlite or Olight Odin

    Where To Get The Best Deal

    Olight warrior x pro items

    Please check out OlightStore and use the coupon code [OLIGHTSTORE10] for 10% OFF, or check out the price on Amazon.