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Are you looking for the best tactical flashlights with striking bezels for personal defense?

In this guide, we share with you some of the best on the market.

The striking bezel on a handheld tactical flashlight is for non-lethal self-defense.

It gives the defender tactical advantages in a close quarter hand to hand combat for:

  • Non-lethal vision impairment
  • Striking with the aggressive bezel profile (Its gonna hurt)

A blast of overwhelming bright white light in the face of an attacker, then followed up by a powerful defensive strike… it gives the defender the opportunity to win & escape.

You want something durable stainless steel for striking like the Surefire E2D Ultra with an easily operated tail cap activation switch or buy a something like the Olight M2R Warrior Pro.

Check out some of these cool products below:

Best Tactical Handheld Flashlights With Striking Bezel

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  • Lumen: 100 - 2000 Lumens + STROBE
  • Battery: 18650 Battery + microUSB charging
  • Benefits:Easy control ergonomics, Beam reaches up to 350 meters, NEW CREE XHP35 HD E4 LED for durability & higher beam quality, 5 Modes
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  • Lumen: 5 - 600 Lumens 
  • Battery: 2 CR123A batteries
  • Benefits:ONLY 2 modes (Low & High), 5 Lumen for non-defensive tasks, 600 lumen for aggressive deterrence, Crenellated strike bezel as a weapon 
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  • Lumen: 1 - 1800 Lumens + STROBE
  • Battery: 21700 Battery + Magnetic Charging
  • Benefits:Easy 2-button control ergonomics, Beam reaches up to 300 meters, TIR lens for uniform light, 6 Modes

Klarus Tactical Bezels

klarus XT11GT tactical edc light
Image Referenced IG

The Klarus XT11GT tactical flashlight is the best selling Klarus tactical light features strike bezel, 2000 lumens CREE HXP35 LED light with 4 modes including:

  • Instant turbo
  • Straight 2 strobe
  • Instant low light
  • Memorized mode functionality

The user can configure the light for:

  • everyday use (tactical)
  • outdoor use ( without strobe)
  • Advanced Tactical Setting (one-touch Turbo and one-touch Strobe mode)

Olight M2R Warrior Pro

olight m2r warrior pro light edc
Image Referenced IG @davidof_edc

The Olight M2R Pro Warrior is one SOLID tactical flashlight featuring

  • An aggressive crenelated bezel profile for personal defense
  • Reversible carrying clip for flexibility
  • Different lumen intensity & strobe mode
  • Tail cap 50% press & full press activation & secondary button for adjusting lumen levels & enable Strobe mode
  • Memorize the last mode before shutting off
  • Magnetic charge port & remote switch compatible
  • Lightweight & Durable

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It's a near-perfect tac light with the most favorable feature boxes checked.

It has solved many problems & added missing features that tactical flashlight users have been waiting for.

As far as its illumination capabilities go, the M2R Warrior Pro offers 6 brightness intensity modes & able to reach up to 300 meters:

  • Turbo – 1800 lumens, lasts up 160 mins
  • High – 750 lumens, up to 160 mins
  • Med 1 – 250 lumens, up to 10 hrs
  • Low – 15 lumens
  • Moonlight – 1 lumens, lasts up to 50 days

This light is great for EDC, utility usage & mounting onto a long gun.

If this is your first time buying a light with bezel, we highly recommend shopping by going off the specs of the M2R Warrior Pro.

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Surefire E2D Defender

Surefire E2D Defender
Image Referenced IG @eddieedcrj

We can't conclude this list without bringing up the Surefire product. Surefire is one of the world's best tactical light makers, and the E2D has to be on this list.

The Surefire E2D looks like an M600 scout light, but it's the most simple tactical handheld defensive light featuring:

  • An aggressive strike bezel profile
  • Rear tail cap switch
  • Carrying pocket clip

The user can use it as an EDC light or mount it on a long gun through the use of the M1913 pictainny ring light mount clamp.

The E2D Ultra ( E2DLU-A) Dual Output is recommended over the single output for tactical flexibility.

Unlike other strike bezel featured tac lights, the E2D only offer momentary & constant on modes between 1000 & 5 lumens.

No strobe, No complex functionality

  • 1000 lumens provide plenty of output to momentarily disorient virtually any adversary and gain a crucial tactical advantage. 
  • 5 lumens for close up map reading, search in the dark & other basic low light tasks.

This is a simple, all in one package personal defense light from Surefire. If you like simplicity, battlefield rated durability & you like anything Surefire makes, then the Surefire E2D Defender Ultra is the one to buy.

Practical Applications Of Strike Bezel

  • Self-defense
  • Break glass

How Sharp Does The Bezel Need To Be?

Some bezel designs are more aggressive than others.

But, Attack bezels on a defensive flashlight don't have to be sharp. Otherwise, it pokes around when carrying it in your pocket.

The bezel doesn't always need to be sharp to do damage. When you strike an attacker just with the tip, it's enough to hurt.

If hit by the bezel, it can do more soft tissue damage and draw blood to further limiting the attacker's vision.

How To Fight With Tactical Flashlight

Fighting with a tactical flashlight is about blinding the opponent's eye & find the perfect opportunity to strike.

Check out this video…

How Many Lumens Do You need For EDC Usage?

lumen intensity at night

An EDC tactical light isn't used the same as a weapon-mounted light. As a rule of thumb, at least 100 lumens for an EDC handheld tac flashlight.

The brighter the light the better for personal defense. If the situation arises, and your flashlight has to be used to defend yourself. Make sure it's bright enough to impair your attacker’s eyesight.

The next thing to pay attention to is the Candela ratings. The higher the rating, the further you can stay away from the threat and still be able to control them with the hot beam.

The weaker the candela, the less effective the hot beam will become as distances increase.

We have a guide explaining lumens & Candela on our site.

Removeable Strike Bezel Accessories

Some tactical handheld flashlights allow the user to install & remove the bezel as needed.

It threads on to the flashlight for secured mounting. When not needed, just take it off.

Additional Flashlight Accessories

For a weapon mounted light, depends on how close you mount it near the muzzle, it could collect a lot of carbon residue. Keeping the flashlight lens clean is important to retain full performance of the light.

You can use carbon removal solutions & rubbing alcohol to do the job.

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