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This article will discuss the simple process of using a recommended carbon removal solvent to clean carbon off a weapon light.

Ways To Clean Flashlight Lens For Firearms

  • Rubbing alcohol, cheapest option
  • Carbon removal solvent
  • Toothpaste

Every time you discharge a firearm with a tactical weapon light mounted near the muzzle, carbon build-up will inevitably fog up the lens.


Even with a fully charged battery, a fogged flashlight lens reduces the lumen intensity and reach, rendering the light less effective and frustrating during both training and real-life shooting situations.

Whether you've fired over 200 rounds or 1000 rounds at your local gun range or during a training class, carbon fouling accumulates throughout the day.

The primary method for eliminating solidified carbon build-up from the flashlight surface involves applying a few drops of carbon removal solvent to the lens's surface and allowing it to soak for a few seconds.

Then use a Q-tip, gun cleaning cloth or Dremel polishing tool to clean off the carbon.