How To Keep Weapon Light Clean

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In this article, we are going to talk about how to keep weapon light clean. It's a very easy process with the use of recommended carbon removal solvent

Top 3 Ways To Remove Carbon Residue Off Flashlight Lens

  • Rubbing alcohol, cheapest option
  • Carbon removal solvent
  • Toothpaste

When shooting a gun with a tactical weapon light mounted close to the muzzle, it's inevitable that carbon build-up will fog up the lens, for every time you discharge a firearm.


Even with fully charged battery, a fogged flashlight lens dims the lumen intensity & reach, making the light much less effective & annoying during training & real life combat events.

Whether you shot over 200 rounds or 1000 rounds at your local gun range or at a training class the carbon fouling builds up as the day goes on.

How To Remove Hardened Carbon Residue Off Weapon Light

The basic way to remove solidified carbon build up off the flashlight surface is to put couple drops of carbon removal solvent on the surface of the lens & let it soak for a couple seconds.

Then use a Q-tip, gun cleaning cloth or Dremel polishing tool to clean off the carbon.


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